1. what's the horde / alliance ratio ?

  2. what's the horde / alliance ratio ?
    In the morning A 44%/H 56%

    now it's A 39%/H 61%

  3. PVP balance at BGs

    Well, today we encountered a group from Blackrock at WSG BG, 8-9 players top PVP geared and we are only 5 days old. Something does not work as intended.

  4. They completely destroyed us in arenas with their 500-600 resil fully enchanted and gemmed gear. Again another pvp season in frostmourne ruined. I have been farming honor and pvp items since launch and THEY STILL are far ahead. Im done.

  5. Guys, its PVE server, and it is 1 week in. Surely there is planty of other things to do than join BGs/Arenas. I mean if you are eager to do it, do some games on BR. FR server never had chance in that que even before the reset during the whole prvious season. I mean you always had to be mid to hardcore on a server where you need to grind to get to the level (even close) of the ''starter'' level in BR. It is just now that the ''gap'' is insane. We also ended up the other day vs some resi stacked Preg pala, he was basically soloing 5 of us melees.

  6. So you mean that 78 quest gear is "Top PvP gear" ? Can you show me one player in top50 from blackrock that is "Top pvp geared" please ?


  7. It was said there would be announcements about mythic dungeons once players hit level 80. We've been 80 for almost a week now. What is the news for mythic dungeons?
    I didn't see any other thread with this information.

  8. It worked perfectly you mean

  9. I am guessing mythic dungeons will be released at the same time as Naxx raid, which is next reset, wednesday (27th)?

  10. My best would be that they are released once raids are opened. I would've hoped for bit more communication about them in general though. Like how do they work, how you turn them on and so on

  11. Perhaps i missed the annoucement , but when the first raiding content will be released ?
    also is there any informations about the mythic dungeons ?

  12. out of curiosity when does Trade go live on Frostmourne on the website?

  13. No prescription in winter keys,engineering. Ultra-precise arkanite transducer.

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