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    Good morning everyone, im new to server, i wanted to ask 3 Questions..

    1) Is it possible to buy Gold via coins?
    2) Items like weapons will appear after i levelup my character? i mean i got one character level 6 the biggest, i m new.. i dont see neither armor neither weapons on Store.. i just dont get it thats all..!
    3) account bided items, like weapons or armor from level 1 to 80 are available?
    Edited: April 22, 2022 Reason: forgot 1 thing

  2. 1. Yes, you can buy gold from other players in TRADE section
    2. No there is no such items in STORE on Lordaeron, you can buy some BoE items from other players in TRADE section
    3. Yes, you can get them ingame

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