1. May 16, 2022  

    AzeriteUI Inspired UI for WOTLK

    AzeriteUI Inspired UI For WOTLK

    Copyright: The first thing I would like to say is that I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE TEXTURES THAT ARE USED IN THIS UI, everything is the property of Lars Norberg, Daniel Troconis, and Goldpaw who made AzeriteUI in the first place. The textures used in this UI will be downloaded directly from the retail version of the addon.

    About the Project
    Hello everyone, my name is Nethanos, you may have seen some of my other work on the Wago.io and in this forum, like NaowhUI which I've made with Lunminas(joaodaspica), ToxiUI, and NethanosUI.

    Because I love AzeriteUI on retail and I wanted to use it also now when I play WOTLK on private servers, F**k Blizzard, I tried to look for AzeriteUI for 3.3.5 version. Well there was none, so I thought why not try to create something using the assets from AzeriteUI with Weakauras and Elv-UI. The UI being created with Elv-UI in mind, you can move stuff around and the Weakauras will move with the Elv-UI frames.

    Before you continue I would also like to tell you that the UI here is mainly made only for Leveling/Dungeons/Casual Content, Raid frames are not done, and I don't think I will do them any time soon if ever

    Below you can see a preview of how the UI looks but for better view of the UI and it's features, you can go to https://wago.io/e_1bkHaeS and look up the screenshots.

    Installation Process

    There are multiple steps you will have to do in order for the UI to work, so have patience please.

    Step 1. Addons Required(click on addon to download)
    1. AzeriteUI by GoldpawForever
    2. AzeriteUIMedia I edited a tga file to create tga files for coins
    3. ButtonFacade by BKader
    4. ButtonFacade:Diabolic by GoldpawForever (Backported by me)
    5. SharedMedia by BKader
    6. Elv-UI by Bunny67
    6.5. Elv-UI No Backdrop Portraits File - download this if you already have Elv-UI installed, and just unzip the Elv-UI folder over the Elv-UI folder you already have in Addons. It will make the portraits have no backdrop.
    7. Elv-UI Enhanced by Bunny67
    8. Elv-UI No Backdrop Portraits
    9. Weakauras by Bunny67

    Step 2. Installing Addons
    After you downloaded all the addons do the next:

    - Unzip the AzeriteUIMedia folder inside the AzeriteUIMedia-main into the Addons folder

    - Open the zip with AzeriteUI addon from retail -> AzeriteUI folder -> front-end folder -> media folder -> copy all the tga files in there inside the AzeriteUIMedia folder you just unziped inside the Addons folder of WoW

    - Unzip the rest of the addons you downloaded and make sure that they appear inside the game in the Addons (except AzeriteUIMedia)

    Step 3. Import Elv-UI Profile
    Please copy and import in Elv-UI the profile string: AzeriteUI WOTLK 3.3.5

    Step 4. Edit Elv-UI Profile's unsaved settings

    Tip: When you change something in Elv-UI, you are not obliged to hit Yes after each change
    After you have installed all addons and you imported the profile from here, you will have to do some manual steps as it seems they are not saved in the profile, as shown below:

    - Open Elv-UI -> General(Right Menu) ->Scale UI -> 0.71

    - Open ElvUI -> General(Right Menu) -> Media -> Set CombatText Font: FuturaPTBold -> Set Name Font: FuturaPTBold

    - Open ElvUI -> General(Right Menu) -> Chat Bubbles -> Set Chat Bubbles Style to: Remove Backdrop -> Set Font to: FuturaPTMedium> Set Font Outline to : OUTLINE

    - Open ElvUI -> Enhanced(Right Menu) -> BlizzUI Improvements -> Minimap -> Check Minimap Button Grabber

    -Open ElvUI -> Enhanced(Right Menu) -> Unitframes -> Player -> Check the Detach From Frame
    - Same thing for Target -> Check the Detach From Frame

    - Switch to ActionBars(Left Panel) -> General Options -> LBF Support(All the way down) Check the Enable
    - Switch to Buffs And Debuffs(Left Panel)-> LBF Support -> Check Enable

    - Type /bf in chat and select in the Skin Settings the Diabolic Action Bars skin.

    Step 5. Importing Weakauras
    Click on the links below, it will take you to different pastebins. From there copy the strings and import them in weakaura

    1. Player's Frame
    2. Target's Frame
    3. Pet's Frame - If you play a pet class
    4. Party Frame
    5. Combo Points/ Runes/ Castbar
    6. Choose only one of these two: ManaCrystals OR ManaOrbs
    7. Party Frames
    8. Minimap

    If you have any problems while running the UI please contact me on the Elv-UI Discord @Nethanos or write here.

    Thank you for using the UI.
    And don't forget to check this forum post from time to time
    in case something has been patched
    Edited: May 20, 2022

  2. May 25, 2022  
    Overall, not bad, but not as good as the original. In the original, the hero does not have a portrait of the character, instead of them, mana or a crystal.Mana Orb and Mana Crystal are not separated by character classes. This can be configured via weakauras. There are also no other settings, for example for focus. But about the minimap, it is not the same as in the original. There it is round and with its own texture.
    Edited: May 25, 2022

  3. May 25, 2022  
    1. This is "AzeriteUI Inspired UI" not AzeriteUI. I did not want to make a 1:1 copy of AzeriteUI since there are alot of things that I don't really like about how the frames are on retail.
    2. Player having a portrait is something I personally like, to have mirrorlike frames.
    3. Mana Orbs /Mana Crystals are not separated in Azerite UI neither. You can freely choose whichever you want to use.
    4. Focus? What class has focus?
    5. Minimap, to have the circle one would involve telling the players to download another addon like SexyMap and edit that. Which I didn't want to as it brings confusion, so I just left it to the square one and made a texture in Photoshop from the textures available.
    6. As for the round xp hover and stuff like that in the minimap, I don't know how to do that. But feel free to take the weakauras and change them to your liking. I don't mind :)

  4. 1 Week Ago  

    looks Different

    Hey, I have implemented all steps as described. Unfortunately, the UI doesn't look like the pictures. What could I have done wrong?

  5. 2 Days Ago  

    Thanks. Its almost the same as my retail UI ^_^ now


  6. 1 Day Ago  

    Finally Close enough

    Here is my retail UI comparison

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