1. May 19, 2022  

    Cannot acquire certain hunter pet

    Hello, I'm fairly new here. I rolled a hunter on WotLK Frostmourne with some friends, and have been attempting to get a ghost saber in the Darkshore area as my hunter pet as it's always been a favorite of mine. I know how the process is done, which is by activating the cat statues in the northern ruins that are surrounded by naga. You usually get a cat figurine, but there's a small chance of a ghost saber being summoned (I believe 5%?). They have been in WoW since it first released, and were in until Cata, at which point you could still time travel back to get one. So they are still available in retail, and have been since launch.

    I have spent hours clicking on these cat statues, and have quite literally ended up with hundreds of cat figurines in my inventory by the time I call it quits over multiple nights. I have also gone from being the minimum level for taming the ghost saber (20) to out-leveling the area where I don't even draw aggro now and can just stand by a statue to repeatedly click on it when it respawns. Just trying to show that I have spent a LOT of time in this one area for this pet.

    I've looked through the forums as much as possible for an answer or any mention of ghost sabers, but haven't had much luck. There was someone who was showing off one of these back in 2016 on one of the Warmane servers, which isn't super helpful. And there were a couple of posts in 2020 asking for help as there were players then that also were unable to find this pet after numerous (100+) attempts. I've easily opened over 300 of these things with no luck at a minimum. And have only been able to find the same 3 statues that appear and respawn in the area over all of those attempts.

    Is there any way to find out if I just have abysmal luck, or if there was something that somehow got adjusted in the server that the admins didn't realize that affected that particular item and creature spawn? I know it's a mob that isn't very common, and in an area that is not particularly popular. But it's driving me a bit crazy not being able to find this thing.

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  3. May 20, 2022  
    Well that's annoying and enlightening. Thanks for finding those big reports for me. With as old as those are, looks like I'm SOL in regards to getting this thing.

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