1. June 6, 2022  

    Required Class for a fresh start

    Hello everyone,

    after years playin every class/spec on icecrown, i wanna give lordareon a try.

    Which classes are most required at the moment? The role doesnt matter to me cause i enjoyed every role... (tanking,healing,dpsing)

    P.s. also im interested if u would decidet to play on horde/alli side.... most important thing for me is a social base, but i think both sides got some good and even bad social people playin.

    Thx for reading and i am excited about your opinions....

  2. June 6, 2022  
    good tanks and healers are always in short supply, but if you do opt for those... keep in mind the gameplay will be... quite different than what you're used to from Icecrown.

    most notably, if you play a prot warrior, you'll be good, up until the exact moment you set foot in ICC, where you will be outclassed by a paladin with 500gs less than you.

    for faction I can't tell you much, horde has the better tryhard racials, alliance has some decent cooperation between top guilds (don't know if horde does as well)

  3. June 6, 2022  
    More raids are on Horde side. Horde side is more mature from what I've heard. For DPS, any ranged caster will fetch you a spot fairly quick. Along with a tank and a healer ofcourse.

  4. June 6, 2022  
    Thanx for the first replies...
    So you would suggest to go for mage lock boomy or sp?

  5. June 6, 2022  
    Thanx for the first replies...
    So you would suggest to go for mage lock boomy or sp?
    SP or Boomie, since you got a healer/tank option with the DPS one.

  6. June 6, 2022  
    Thats a good point.... hybrid specs offers better flexibility

  7. June 7, 2022  
    I don't really follow the point about maturity. Never played horde on lord, but Alliance has definitely a big group of absolutely great people/players.

    As a long time Lord(A) player i can assure OP that holypaladin will provide you with instant spot for most raids, resto shamans and discs are more common but still sought after. Resto druids are used only on couple of encounters so you will be aske to go boomie and respec for them.
    Similar with tank BDK and Prot pala - instant raid slot. Regarding dps, boomies with resto OS seems to be always sought after together with demolocks, sometimes hunters. Mdps it's usually rogues that are missing, or fdk for low end raids.

    And also regarding the server. People are quie unforgiving regarding mechanics and some strats common on icecrown are different hereso try to be docile and ask how are they doing things.

    In the end, as always, pick what you enjoy. If you are great at some class, people in guild will notice it.

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