1. iran login problem

    iran ip has a problem with login, we are stuck in authentication phase. its been almost a week with this problem. and we cant use vpn bec it will get us banned, there is a lot of ppl having this problem right now pls do something about it

  2. Yeah, its been a few days since we could login so I mean what happened that caused this? I really don't like playing with VPNs or other similar things

  3. i used vpn to login and got banned for it, had to email them to unban me

  4. same here... stuck in authentication :) who the heaven filtered ?!

  5. I also have the same problem so if you could please look into that. or at least give us a message or something to let us know whats happening that would be great

  6. Same here
    Been having the same problem aswell
    Please fix this :((

  7. You people don't like searching before you post, do you?

    Nobody can "fix" stuff if it's not broken on their end.

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