1. cant login

    hi. after few days with authenticating issue problem i just found a way (waiting for few mins and then it'll go to game)
    but today after i logged out from the game and tried to log in after few hours it says "you have been disconnected from the server" in "Authenticating" and "Handshaking". i tried all the ways (used Taklol, checked for DNS(got nothing), deleted cache, checked "Config, Realmlist.wtf", and ETC) and found nothing problem. anyone else got this problem and fixed it?

  2. all the iranian players are unable to login. i dont think warmane can do anything about it and using vpn will get u banned in warmane. so probably not gonna be able to play here anymore

  3. lol. you know atleast 1/4 players in the warmane is iranian ppl? if they wont do anything so they'll miss atleast 4k player in every realm. then anyway if someone know anyway to fix just say please. thx

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