1. Hi. I'm a really old player

    I won't be playing again but I will be checking out the forums for a lil while. How's Warmane these days? I played it molten since almost the very beginning, and I was here for moltdown too. I've brought gf's here and have even found gfs here. This private server has been in my life for a rather long period of time. So I decided to stop by and check out the forums for a bit.

    How are all of you doing? For those of you that are new here, I wish I could meet you back when I played. I woulda yelled at you in bgs (sorry to everyone I yelled at in bgs) but I woulda been really nice to you anywhere else lol. You can look between the past parts of this account or Nazty and see some of the time I spent here.

    Anyone play here that's on like all the time? No lifers like I was? Lol

  2. Hi, really old player. I'm dad.

    But seriously, I've been here on and off since 2011 back when it was Molten and when the server was 20x. I log in game and go on forums occasionally these days.
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  3. 1 Week Ago  
    I used to play molten too, ive heard that the accounts carried over and so do the points but i cant seem to login to my old account. Any ideas?

  4. 1 Week Ago  
    Only if you did it sometime after the new realm. It's no more possible to get old accounts back.

  5. 5 Days Ago  

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