1. Switching from Lordaeron

    Hello everyone, I want to switch from Lordaeron x1 to you, so the question arose of who to play with, experienced players guide me - I can be ppal, hunt or enha shama, I have a pretty good experience on each of them, who is more in demand in the current realities ?

  2. PVE, RHC ques as dps are 30 minutes, as tank always Instant. During some hours it is a bit better for the DPS. Horde has huge overwhelming PVE advantage, after the RHC phase it would be ez to find an average good guild and roll it up.

    If you are referring to PVP, just dont go Horde, you will face 80% of the time Alliance team combined of 8-10 BR players, which are full decked at the ilvl in PVP gear. Your team will be combined of several average blue-ish few epics dudes, cool guys just like you that qued BGs at 300 resi (thats even optimistic), big mistake.

  3. Dps queues arent 30 minutes. More like 10.

    Enha shamans are decent this tier if you find them lackluster in Lordaeron.
    Hunters arent bad either and their md is always needed.
    Prot palas are good, but most guilds already have their tanks.

    Pick the class you like most. Neither hunter or enhashaman is in demand but they arent super popular either

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