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    Sigil for dk tank

    So what sigil should i use as dk tank?Dodge or 200 strength?

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    I'd say it boils down to reliability.

    200 Strength are always working, meanwhile dodge is a stat that, while overall gives a better result when it "procs", is unreliable by its nature.

    Unless someone better says otherwise, I'd vote for the str one between those two in particular.

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    You should use the 200 dodge one. Dodge is far superior tham strength for any tank. User above is probably a troll.

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    None of the above. Switch between (you can do that in combat, without losing sigil procs/stacks)
    and keep both stacks up

    Dodge is far superior tham strength for any tank. User above is probably a troll.
    As death knight strength = parry which is far more superior than dodge especially in icc where your dodge chance is reduced
    3/3 strength sigil converts into 55 parry rating and in additional you gain better threat and increasing the chance of your http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/spell=49145
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    You also have an option to get Sigil of the Frozen Conscience, which will boost your Icy Touch threat by ~10%.
    You could say that you really dont need extra single target Threat as a DK Tank, and while that is in fact true, you could use that Extra Threat to squeeze in couple of extra Death Strikes before you have to Icy Touch again.

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    https://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=40714 will also increase both your dodge and parry by additional ~0.45% for the next 30 seconds which may not sounds a lot but is basically free boost. The sigil above is good indeed especially on start of the fights where you can lose the boss focus because procs, prepots leading to way higher outputs than the threat you can build with few attacks

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