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    Issues with Initial training.

    My Paladin can not Train JC Apprentice. The trainer only has Journeyman (level 50) and up.
    My Paladin also can not train Redemption rank 2. I have rank 1 and the trainer starts at rank 3.

    My Warlock can not train Expert Riding for flying in outlands. I received the mail to learn flying and everything at level 60.
    The Trainer has one option, "Expert Riding - 4500g", which is interesting because expert is what I need and its suppose to be 250g. Before you ask, I do not have flying. I purchased the mount to be certain, it is unusable as my riding skill is 150 and flying requires 225.

    I have screen shots of all this information. If it help I would glad to send those in, I just need to know where to send them.

    I have had others in game try to help but even they say that my character is just broken.
    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Have you filtered the trainers to only show "unavailable" skills? Sounds like that's the case here.

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