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    Name change after you've bought a new character.

    Hello there,
    I'd like to suggest a free name change after buying a new character from the market. Why? Well, it's only a cosmetic change and nothing that affects game mechanics (which are off limits). First of all; when buying a character let's say for the lowest price - 30 coins, you're most likely buying naked/almost naked char anyway, it would be a valueable information if someone logged with that char into the game, meaning new name = new owner, character has been succesfully sold, also for this amount of coins free name change should be free to at least make presumptions of being appreciated for spending money and time on the server wellbeing. Second, well it's more personal; let's just say I don't wanna be named Virgintears or other Asphaltlicker or some random letters used during character creation. I prefer to have one of my names. On every other server which I played (and had this kind of market) it used to work like this, and 'twas good. I am not asking for a full recustomization, only one minor thing, hopefully somebody is going to understand it. Cheers.

  2. 2 Days Ago  
    I get your point. However, we have points and coins to use for rename and other character customization services.

    At best, a discount to character rename service with coins.

    On second thought.. The rename is only 5 coins, or 10 points. It's really not that bad.

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