I didn't really see this anywhere. Just wanted to say thanks for having this up. I suppose it applies to all the realms, however I prefer the original vanilla, tbc and wotlk not the weird ones they have now.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to get back into it, and even more so not sure if I wanted to fork out more money. Rather make a donation. Once I got situated and realized the game was fairly balance (the xp rate was higher, however it was not high enough to disturb the game too much, more like a gentle push), I actually started to enjoy it again. And found my time being sucked in once more.

Currently, the game over all is flawless and retail like. The random people I do see is a refreshing scene, and the mere fact you have thousands of players on, doesnt have that boy-in-moms-basement feel when there is like 1 or 2 people on LOL THAT says a lot! Feels professional

So again, THANKS!!

Old CBT 2004 - 2019 (drop out LOL).

if you need certain files that you are having issues with (and/or don't want to use torrents) pm me. Not sure if I can post that stuff here.