1. May 26, 2017  
    2shared - descargar WoW-
    los parches Rollos - Parches (Ver notas en caso de rotura)

    enlace roto :(

  2. The 3.3.5a file isnt there - dows anyone have an alternative?

    WoW- isnt working on any of the links (times our or are completely gone)


  3. I wasn't able to open any of the files after moving the .app WOTLK file into the 3.3.5a folder. Anyone have a suggestion to how this should be done on OSsierra?

  4. Followed the instructions of this guide. Am now able to open and connect to my account successfully. However the game will almost immediately crash after getting to the character list and the .app you linked, when downloaded, appears with a traffic cone icon. I assume the two things are linked and am wondering if anyone who has had the same issue and had any luck finding a solution to it.
    Edited: August 23, 2017

  5. unable to get anything to open? i'm running sierra 10.12.2 and i just get that 'the app can't be opened' message

  6. I was having the same problem most people have mentioned here. I put the entire wow folder into the applications folder and deleted both the ''launcher'' and wow app file to trash and replaced with the above link. WORKS PERFECTLY NOW. THANKS !

    I can confirm that Zomgwarrior has found the solution. This guide is blatantly wrong, the application that Zomgwarrior provided a link to must be placed in "Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a (Mac)" folder and NOT the Applications folder. Once that's done, double click it and the login screen should appear.

  7. Hi. I've downloaded the game and thought i did it correctly, however when trying to log in the game crashes.

    I get left with this error :

    WoWBuild: 22340
    Code Type: X86
    OS Version: Mac OS X 10.12.3 (16D32)
    Executable UUID: 39BA33BF-DDF4-D8AC-536C-A59829310C8B
    Virtual Memory: 1355.78 MB
    SET readTOS "1"
    SET readEULA "1"

    Hey Norsekelg, I was getting this too. Use your warmane account name, not your email address. Email addresses crash it instantly.
    Edited: September 8, 2017

  8. Downloaded the mac client (wotlk). When i launch it and enter my username/password it goes on to "downloading patch" which is stuck at 0% it seems. Do i have to download all the patched listed in this thread or do they come with the client?

  9. 2 Weeks Ago  
    When i login it says wrong password even though i am correctly using the correct password, I'm pretty sure its because my realm list doesn't work.

  10. 2 Weeks Ago  
    just download the windows torrent and then the 3.3.5a world of warcraft.app

    do not use the ready-made osx downloads flying around, they have corrupted mpqs

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