1. viivi's Avatar
    Genie does not auto-arrange my bag for me, only my guild bank.

    :( Unless I am doing something wrong? I've tinkered with the settings to try and find the problem, no luck though.

    For me it works.

    /genie bag work

    * work = staple, move and sort

  2. For me it works.

    /genie bag work

    * work = staple, move and sort
    Do I need to type
    /genie bag work
    in my chat box or something? I am confused.

  3. BlueJAM's Avatar
    Wich addon shows you for example when you cast deep freeze, it shows you ,when you are targeting him, how long the skill last.

    Sorry if im not talking very well, my english is bad.

  4. nice collection :) i miss gladminish, and ccreport just u know :D

  5. AnikiNiiChan's Avatar
    thanks to all, I was able to find again all the addons I need after a quick HD format.

  6. i got some of those addons, cheers for the helpfull post man

  7. Question: with what addon i can see everyones HP i mean...for healer addons...anyone. please advice me.

  8. Awesome thread!!!!!

    I recently got a new laptop, (My old one burned out) and was having a really hard time lurking curse for old versions of addons that I could use.

    Thank you so much!!!


  9. Sionic's Avatar
    With Gladius, it's showing my team mate in the Gladius panel if he goes into stealth.

    For example, Gladius normally only shows your enemies in the panel.
    But if my partner is a Rogue or Feral Druid, when they use stealth, Gladius puts their name on the panel (so in 2v2 it will show 3 names, my 2 enemies + my 1 team mate).

    Anybody know why that is? :(
    I'm using the one from this thread.

  10. pbear's Avatar
    nice thread thanks

    anyone got his hands on some shadow priest dot timer or stuff that I can monitor my spells that are on the target?

  11. Dearth's Avatar
    Im having a hard time finding macaroon for 3.3.5

  12. amm can you give me a link for Rogue Addons? for PVP and PVE? :D

  13. If anyone can add the loot hog addon for this ver. please?
    Thank you.

  14. hrrmnn's Avatar
    The Gear Score addon doesn't work for me, it says the addon itself is outdated. :confused:
    check "load outdated add ons" in the upper bar ;)

  15. kalyon's Avatar
    Can any1 please put down here a working 3.3.5 version of GridStatusRaidDebuff? I have long been looking for one for 3.3.5 and can't find at all >_<.

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