1. This guide is meant to help players improve their performance. If you are still learning a class, and expect this to make the you the best mage on the server, you will be sadly let down.

    This will show you ;

    1. Addons

    2. Talent Builds & gems

    3. Arena setups and tips

    4. Battlegrounds



    1. Addons

    Addons are 100% your choice. Depending on the player, addons could greatly affect your game, or they will not. If you think you want an addon, here is a list of the most popular Pvp addons ;

    Arena PVP addons.

    Gladius - Enemy unit frames that help display enemy buffs, trinkets, and cooldowns. Many options to fit your liking.

    CC Tracker - Helps keep track of CC's. Such as hibernate, polymorph, fears, etc.

    Battleground PVP addons.

    Capping - Displays, and predicts BG scores.

    Killshot - Displays fun little messages such as: Owned!, Multi kill!, Godlike!

    Again, addons are completely up to the player. Check out Warmane's 3.3.5 addOn list if you want addons like bartender, quartz, or anything else.

    2. Talent Builds & gems.

    If you are new to a class, and need a talent build to get you started, I will list popular builds for all classes.

    Silence / Frost burst build
    Arcane / Fire PVP build

    GEMS - haste, Spell power, spell pen.

    Discipline build

    GEMS - Resil, SP, stamina

    Resto build

    Feral build

    Boomkin build

    FERAL GEMS - Agility, stamina
    BOOMKIN GEMS - Spell power, stamina, resilience
    RESTO GEMS - Spell power, resilence

    Mutilate build

    GEMS - Attack power / agility, stamina


    Destruction build

    GEMS - Haste, spell power, spell pen

    Restoration build

    Elemental build

    ELEMENTAL GEMS - Haste, spell power, more haste. (:
    RESTORATION GEMS - Spell power, resilience, intellect / stamina

    Marksmenship build

    GEMS - Attack power / agility, spell pen, stamina

    Arms build

    GEMS - Armor penetration, stamina

    Death knight;
    Unholy build [survival]
    Unholy build [burst]

    GEMS - Strength, spell pen, stamina

    Holy build

    Retribution build

    HOLY GEMS - Intellect, spellpower, stamina
    RETRIBUTION GEMS - Strength, stamina

    PLEASE NOTE; Gems are listed in order of importance. Please DO NOT stack stamina in every socket.

    3. Arena Setups and Tips.
    I will show you some of the most powerful combos possible, and what to do with them. Follow the list below. [NOT IN ANY SPECIFIC ORDER]

    Shadow Priest / Rogue
    Priest and rogue is a dynamic 2s team. If played right, the 2 players could CC one player for over a minute, and still do incredible damage to the off dps. The priest has 2 fears, followed by a rogue's sap and blind. Stuns can be adjusted according to the enemies trinket usage. The priest can also eliminate any team with a druid, with their dispel. Having the rogue sit on the dps, the priest can dispel HoT's, while fearing the druid at correct times. And oh yeah, theres mana burn. (:
    TIP: Most effective stun rotation is Sap, fear, blind, fear, cheap shot.
    TIP: ALWAYS keep vampiric touch up on any player, to get that healing bonus that could pull through for you in the end.

    Warrior / Druid
    Warrior and druid is great for climbing up the rating ladder. The warrior can obviously open with nice dps on any cloth wearer. The druid, if played right, will NEVER go oom, and will keep the warrior up. If you have a good warrior, he could drop a clothy within 30 seconds. The druid's job is to CC, and obviously help the warrior.
    TIP: Druids NEED to remember to use Farie fire, most druids forget how affective that can be on many classes.
    TIP: Warriors, before using bladestorm, use Wrecklessness. Make a macro for it, so your first 3 storm hits, will be critical.

    Shaman / Warlock
    Theres 1 reason why this combo is so good, Bloodlust. Warlocks themselves deal a HUGE amount of damage if not interrupted. Adding a elemental shaman with that, AND a 30% haste buff, and you will be dropped within 15 seconds. If the bloodlust gets dispelled, the warlock can still CC the healer, leaving the off dps to the elemental shammy and the warlock's unfathomable damage. And oh yeah, there's purge. (:
    TIP: Shammies NEED to use thunderstorm at viable times. It's most useful to send enemies off cliffs, which is most effective. [Blade's Edge]
    TIP: Warlocks must remember to use a CURSE. The best IMO is curse of tongues.

    There are many other good combos I didn't mention [pally/warr]. But those were the most powerful in my opinion. But as I said, those are only powerful combos if the players have skill. You can't just find some random warlock and expect to hit 2k.

    4. Battlegrounds

    I'm going to make this section short and sweet.
    This server is obviously alliance sided. If you want to wait 15 minutes for a battleground queue then roll alliance. If you want instant queue's, roll horde. Your decision.

    In most other servers, in BG's, the score doesn't matter. Most servers have higher honor rates, and you don't need to worry about 'capping.' Well this is Warmane, and now you do. Warmane cleverly made honor attainable by winning BG's. You can still get honor for losing, just not nearly as much. If you play in AV, and lose, you get about 2.5-4k honor. If you win, you get about 8-10k honor. Big difference, especially when s7 and s8 are honor horny.

    To sum up this section, I'll say one saying I constantly see players saying;

    Well this is my guide to PVP in general. This is normally pointed to Warsong, but it could also be helpful to the blizz like's as well.

  2. June 3, 2018  
    This is a great starting guide.

    I would really like an update and even more information about pvp since this thread is 2 years old.

  3. June 5, 2018  
    Delete this topic pls... sucha trash

  4. June 6, 2018  
    Only 2 replies, how does this have 86k views? No wonder the average player is so bad :]

  5. June 6, 2018  
    oh and stop clicking/keyboard turning
    unbind backpedal entirely, i use it as an ability keybind
    learn to tab target and use focus macros
    turn on nameplates

  6. June 6, 2018  
    oh and stop clicking/keyboard turning
    unbind backpedal entirely, i use it as an ability keybind
    learn to tab target and use focus macros
    turn on nameplates
    While i have done the same with the S key i wouldnt recomend it to if you have enough binds anyways. Backing into a corner/against a wall is a great way to negate feral and rogue damage, and without being able to backlpaddle you often never really get far enough back to make getting behind impossible. Its also great for taunting people.

    But yes, never use it to kite.

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