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An Introduction to Yourself

You are yourself. But who is your character? He is not you. He/she is someone else, someone you control, but does not share your history and personality. In roleplay, it is one of the most exciting thing to do, give a reason for your character to be there, a past, reasons for his/her fears, for his/her loyalty, for any of his/her qualities and weaknesses‘«™

Why is Stingy Dave so stingy? Was he just born a jerk? It may seem so, but the truth of the matter is that as a child, ol‘«÷ Dave‘«÷s parents were just a poor couple of tanners. They never made much money, so as an adult Dave learned to pinch every penny until it screamed so he would never end up in the same situation.

Bam. Now we know why Dave is so stingy. We still hate him, though. Screw Dave.

When you‘«÷ve got all your character‘«÷s good points and flaws, you gotta wonder: How‘«÷d they come to be this way, again? Very few people are just naturally gifted, and even those born talented at something still have to put in practice. Where did your character learn how to preform their current job? Why do they hate dwarves? How did they lose their eye? Why does the smell of fresh-baked bread send them into fits of joy, or maybe even bleak depression?

There‘«÷s so much to think about when it comes to a character‘«÷s background. Where were they born? Who did they live with (mother and father, perhaps just one parent, an uncle or grandmother, orphaned all alone)? Was their childhood happy, or was it cause for disappointment? Did they have any pets? Did anything major happen to shape them as people when they were little? Did they ever move towns? Who were their best friends? What did they want to be? When they were teenagers did they have to go work at the family business, or did they just chase girls? Did they have a wife or a love years ago? Did they ever own a business? If they did train in combat, where/how did they do so? I could go on forever.

When working on a character‘«÷s history, remember this (it‘«÷s something I read in an old issue of Inquest, back in the day): ‘«£A character‘«÷s past should not be more exciting than his future.‘«ō


The Story of a Leader

Recent Picture of Aeiron Lionheart.

Full Name: Lord Aeiron -Dawnblade- Lionheart
Occupation: Lord of Andorhal, Former Knight of Lordaeron
Age: 36 Years Old
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Residence: Stormwind at the moment
Guild: ********* (Will be edited as soon as my guild is created)

  • Notable Friends: None Yet
  • Relatives: None Known
  • Parents: Lucian Lionheart (Deceased) / Marianne Lionheart (Deceased)
  • Rivals/ Enemies: None Known Yet
  • Opposite Faction Attitude: Neutral / Forsaken -> Extremely Hostile
  • Loves: True Motivation, Love, Loyalty
  • Hates: Betrayers, Liars, Lust
  • Motivation: ‘«£I've fought for the peace, I've stood my ground and I shall continue on until there is a peace upon Azeroth.‘«ō
  • Quotes: ‘«£I do not approve of your attitude.‘«ō / "For a long time I have fought the Scourge, but the day that they shall fall is near.. we will defeat them, but we need to embrace each other's differences and fight side by side" "You... you.. killed... I will tear you apart!!"

Strengths & Weaknesses will be added in time.
Upon the back of Aeiron's right palm is a tattooed symbol of Lordaeron's banner with a circle ring around it, as on three corners of each side of the circle are symbols as one is the symbol of The Silver Hand and the next is the banner of Lordaeron and the last is the Crest of the father's shield.

On the right side of Aeiron's forehead contains a rather large scar coming down the bottom of the right cheek, missing the right eye completely out of pure luck as the scar was created by a slash of a blade - perhaps was given while fought side by side with the Argent Crusade, including there is a medium scar upon the left cheek going down to the chin.

Most of Aeiron's chest and upper shoulders are covered with battle scars as there is around sixteen scars around the torso, three upon the right shoulder which are rather small as there is five upon the chest and stomach includding more upon the back. And they're given the same reason upon the scar on Aeiron's right eyebrow.

Aeiron's voice is rather deep and loud. He's normally seen with a serious expression upon his face which is rather at all times serious of a given habit of being aware and presenting himself at all times. But also at times Aeiron is seen with a warm smile towards people of liking.

Aeiron's tone is rather serious to people but at times may be a bit sarcastic to other people who Aeiron finds rather irritating or bothersome and either will not answer to them but avoid or not speak to them.


  • Introduction:

Aeiron was born to the noble Lionheart family of Andorhal, he was the son of Lord Lucian Lionheart, A wealthy Knight who achieved fame and fortune during the Second War, he was among the first battalion to charge on Blackrock Mountain and saved the general from an orc about to behead him. Lucian was knighted on the field of victory and put his reputation to good use by building a Blacksmithing empire in Andorhal.

Aeiron's mother, Marianne, was a fully trained Priest of the Church of the Holy Light; she met Lucian shortly after his knighthood and immediately fell for his charm and bravery. Aeiron's brother was a humble soldier who was declared MIA (Missing in Action) after his squad was ambushed by forest trolls on a patrol.

  • Early Life:

Aeiron grew up to be a talented Blacksmith in Andorhal, although he was still only an Apprentice to his father and was still quite young. At the age of sixteen, Aeiron enlisted in the military where he served as a simple town guard for four years. It wasn't until a group of escaped orcs from the internment camps invaded Andorhal for food and weapons that Aeiron discovered his skill in wielding the Light and was taught how to channel it into healing by his mother.

Over the years, Lucian had been training Aeiron in marshal combat from the moment he could hold a sword and so, Aeiron left the military without delay and sought out the Order of the Silver Hand. Aeiron found the order and after a gruelling initiation and final trial, he was accepted as a Knight of the Silver hand and trained there to be a Paladin of the Holy Light.

  • The Scourge of Lordaeron:

Aeiron was very happy in the Silver Hand and had made plenty of friends until one day, the evil necromantic Lich Lord Kel'Thuzad infected Lordaeron with an undead plague by tainting the grain in Andorhal. It took Uther's most elite paladins, including a few novices with Aeiron among them and a battalion of Arthas' soldiers to drive back Kel'Thuzad and his evil undead horde from the city... there was victory for Andorhal as Arthas struck down the Lich Lord, supposedly for good...

Although there was victory, most of Lucian's blacksmithing shop had been burnt to the ground in the attack, Lucian used some of his vast riches to rebuild it but it never felt truly the same.

Over the next few months, Lordaeron started to buckle under the pressure of the undead plague which started in Andorhals grain stock, Aeiron was also excelling in his Paladin training and had been awarded with the honour of joining Uther's elite paladin force. On a normal day during a training mission, Uther collected his elite force last minute and rode with them to the gates of Stratholme City; they arrived to find Arthas with a fully armoured battalion of Lordaeron soldiers standing ready at the entrance to Stratholme.

To Aeiron's horror, Arthas ordered Uther and the paladins to purge the city of its people, claiming they carried the undead plague. After a heated argument, Arthas accused uther of treason for refusing the order declared the Knights of the Silver Hand be disbanded, leaving Aeiron without a purpose. As the Uther and the former Silver hand paladins fled the scene, the smoke from the fires of stratholme billowed far over Lordaeron, carrying the screams of the people and the stench of undead with it. Aeiron felt disgusted that he once looked up to Arthas and swore that he would avenge the people of Stratholme...

Almost a year had passed and Aeiron had returned to being a Blacksmith in the City of Andorhal until word came from Lordaeron capital that Arthas had returned from his Campaign in Northrend and the king had died by his Hand, Aeiron's chance to avenge Stratholme had finally come. Aeiron's father, Lucian, was dispatched to the city to confront the scourge that Arthas had brought with him. Aeiron was about to follow his father when he was held back by an old family friend, he argued but eventually and reluctantly went back inside the workshop and waited, but it seemed Aeiron might get his chance after all...

After some days, Arthas had finished with the city and had travelled to Andorhal to collect the remains of Kel'Thuzud so that he may raise him as one of his servants. Aeiron found his old military gear and ran out into the field of battle but Aeiron froze when he saw a death knight carrying a runeblade which had the blood splattered, stronghold family crest hanging from the hilt. Aeiron boiled with anger as only one man would have that crest and he would uphold it with his life... Lionheart.

Aeiron raised his sword and charged for the death knight with a burning and hateful gaze, he took him by surprise and beheaded him with one strike; he then took back the crest from the runeblade and collapsed to his knees in tears. After some weeping, Aeiron got to his knees and was then going to chase after Arthas, until Uther got there before him and challenged Arthas.

Aeiron later found his old friends of the Silver Hand and helped them fight back the scourge, with every strike he made, his hatred burned brighter. Aeiron's mother was healing wounded soldiers nearby when a fierce necromancer took her by surprise, she fought bravely for her life using the power of the light against the Necromancers shadow magic but she was no match for the pure evil of the necromancer and fell. Aeiron had now lost everything, his heart burned with hatred and he grew an unending lust for vengeance, the necromancer had escaped Ardred's blade and had fled the battle.

  • The Scarlet Crusade:

Aeiron was overcome with grief and when Uther was killed, there was no hope, Aeiron fled Andorhal and wondered the Plaguelands aimlessly. After a few days, Aeiron stumbled upon the Scarlet controlled village of Tyr's Hand.

After giving him food and safe lodging for the night, Aeiron felt the need to return there kindness. At that, the next morning they presented him with a Scarlet uniform and asked Aeiron to join the Scarlet Crusade, claiming that they shared his vengeful hate towards the scourge and could complete his paladin training. Aeiron accepted without hesitation and became a member of the Scarlet Crusade.

A few months had passed and Aeiron was happy, although he sensed there was a dark agenda to the scarlets plans for peace in Lordaeron but could not put his finger on it, until one night, he woke up to the sound of a piercing scream. Aeiron followed the sound down to the Dungeons of the scarlet monastery, which is where he was stationed, only to find a woman chained to the wall, her clothes torn to shreds and wounds all over her body.

The inquisitor who was "interrogating" her was at a table with his back turned to the door; Aeiron crept behind the torturer and was about to strike until he felt a searing and burning pain in his back, a blast of fire from a Scarlet Pyromancer.

Aeiron was then also tortured and interrogated for answers, thinking he was a spy out to destroy them from the inside... Aeiron later realized the evil that lurked in the hearts of the scarlet leaders and after some assistance from a pitiful training partner; he escaped and followed the survivors of Lordaeron and the Silver hand to Theramore.

  • Light‘«÷s Hope:

Aeiron had been living in Theramore and training with the previous Knights of the Silver hand for a number of years and was very happy, he had excelled in wielding the light and truly made a home for himself.

Until, Aeiron received a summon from the Argent Dawn stationed in Light‘«÷s hope chapel... The letter that they sent explained the imminent scourge invasion of New Avalon and Havenshire. Aeiron left Theramore and headed straight for Stormwind where he signed up for the Hero‘«÷s Call and travelled with other volunteers to Light‘«÷s Hope Chapel.

Upon arrival, Aeiron was immediately given the duty of defender of the Chapel with the armies of the scourge at their door-step. After merely minutes, the horn was sounded and the Scourge swarm fell upon the Chapel, the battle raged on for almost hours, many fell officers fell injured and many of Aeiron's fellow defenders perished...

The battle seemed lost until a blinding light could be seen in the distance, the battle came to a sudden halt as the figure of a man on a horse thundered up to the entrance of the Chapel.

The figure was revealed to be the great Tirion Fordring out of exile... The remaining scourge forces were brought before the chapel and as events unfolded, the Argent Crusade was formed!

After several years of servitude in the Argent Crusade, Aeiron felt that he needed a break, to meditate, to train soldiers of the Alliance the way of the Holy Light. He then created 'The Holy Order of the '*********', an order that would safeguard the human populace and uphold the philosophy of Light.. An order that would last as long as it is needed.. an order giving purpose to our fight.

The Guild will be revealed as soon as possible.


Make Your Own Past
Here is a Form you can use to create your own. :p

Title Size: 2
Title Color: Red
Title: Bold
Text Color: White
That is, if you want the same structure as me for your Background.

Full Name: This is for the full name of your character: first, middle, and last names, if you have them all.
Occupation: Your character's past or present rank / profession.
Age: How old your character is.
Gender: ... You know this.
Race: Same as above.
Class: Same as above.
Residence: Where your character 'lives' at the moment.
Guild: Well.. says it all.

Appearance: Feel free to be descriptive.
Personality: What is your character like? Sociable or shy? Gentle or gruff? Formal or friendly?
Background: The background story is usually the ‘«£meat‘«ō of the character sheet, but all it has to do is answer three basic questions: Who the character is, why they are present and what they are trying to achieve. The background story may also contain tie-ins to other plots in the game, and will draw in other characters as required. It can be useful to highlight the names of characters (and possibly locations) in bold to make them stand out at a glance.

Notable Friends: Any outstanding friends (Players or made up, no NPCs)
Relatives: Any brothers, sisters, cousins, etc? (Players or made up, no NPCs)
Parents: Your character's parents (Made up, no NPCs)
Rivals/ Enemies: Any outstanding enemies (Players, made up and also NPCs, thought not direct enemies)
Opposite Faction Attitude: Do you kill on sight? Or you stay neutral? Give your attitude towards the other faction.
Loves: Things your character loves.
Hates: Things your character hates.
Motivation: What motivates your character to do what he/she does.
Quotes: Any quotes from your character?