WoW Gif Guide
So guys, You've seen my WoW Gifs, And you want to make your own?
Follow this guide and it'll explain it all.

This is a example of the outcome:

Some things to know.
Particles do not become transparent when making a Gif inside WoW Model Viewer.
This is why it shows the Drake's mouth effect like that, It'll have the color of whatever
the background in model viewer is at the moment, I'm currently trying to find a way around this.
So either change the background color to match what you're putting the gif onto,
Or make a transparent one with no particles, etc etc.

Open Up WoW Model Viewer
Download WoW Model Viewer here: WoW Model Viewer
After that's done, Open it up, It'll look like this.

Please note all SS i'll post of the program are sized down some, So the program isn't big
and taking up a lot of space in the guide.
Nothing will be showing up, But the blue spot is where all the Models are up.
Now on the left side you see all the things you can look through

Where you'll pick a race, Then you can customize it to make it look like however you want.
even match your own character in Molten or Retail.

Where all the mobs are, Bosses, Mobs, everything.

Weapons and among other items that have models.

The rest you can look through, But i'm focusing on these three spots.
Nothing else.

Make A Character
This is somewhat hard, But it can be very easy to do, You can even save the character
setup afterwards. Then you can reopen your saved character to make more stuff with it.
It's pretty cool, no lie.

So pick a race, I'll use Undead.
Follow like this.

Click the spots with + to open them up, And just follow like mine.

See, That's where the models show up, They'll be set on a default Animation already.

Where you'll change the character, The upper part is the normal customization,
Like skin color, hair, etc.
Under that is the equipment like armor/weps that'll be on the character.

Animation section, Where you can chance the animations
And make them pause, play, etc even select frames for it to pause onto.
Then you can make a cool SS to edit for a sig or something.

The outcome would be something like this.

Make a GIF
This part is actually easy, Follow what I did in this SS.

Pick the animation, Move the camera using left click hold,
Move the actual model like up or something, Use right click hold.
Once you click export, This'll show up.

Transparency = Removes the bg color, But not behind particle effects.
DON'T mess with any other settings, Then just click start.
Note, If it's a biiiiig animation with a lot of frames, it might freeze.
Just wait a few minutes and it'll finish.
It didn't freeze so don't worry.

Please note, You will need a graphic software like Gimp or Photoshop,
Then resize the canvas so it won't be big or anything with a lot of space around it.

And that's it.
This is a basic guild on how to make an animation with models.
Hope you enjoy. =]

You can now turn off particles, Figured it out lol.
Go to Options -> Settings -> Untick Particles.
If it just stops and you see it, Try loading another model without particles while particles is on.
Then turn it off, then go back to the model with particles.
Or just turn it off before you load a model all together.