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    LAWs PvE journey began in September 2011 and still is undoubtedly one of the leaders in Cataclysm PvE. As one of the most stable and organised guilds on Neltharion, we are extremely proud of our strong community and the long lasting relationships it has forged.
    At LAW, our first and foremost priority is to provide a nice, professional, yet fun raiding experience to our members. And in doing so, we have developed a strong base of experienced players who are dedicated to work together as a strong and cohesive team.

    What are we looking for:
    We are not interested in the level of your gear; new gear can be easily obtained. What we are interested in, however, is the person behind the keyboard. Being a patient, hardworking, and helpful member toward the goals we have together as community are the qualities that we really appreciate at LAW. This consists of not only being prepared for the encounters with knowledge derived from both literature and video sources, but also things such as being on time, following instructions, etc. Remember, we are not a guild people join just for the guild perks, but one that puts hard work toward being a leading guild in PvE.

    Before you apply for our guild, you should be aware of:
    • We have EU raid times. Raids typically start between 5 and 8 PM server time.
    • Pugging is not allowed. Keep in mind that certain occasions can be allowed on a case to case basis under permission of an officer.
    • You will have to be able to use * Mumble. Microphone is strongly advised;
    • We are using the DKP system ;
    • Recruitment system consist 2 parts.Application and interview (More about it you can read in special section).
    • We have a zero tolerance policy on exploiting. Exploiters aren't welcome in our guild. Flask stacking, scroll stacking, speed hacking and other exploits will lead you to guild kick.
    • You have to be active and have time if u signed up for a raid. Raid is over when a leader says so.

    Raiding schedule:

    Raids mostly start from 4 PM ST up to 7 PM ST

    Guild structure:

    Guild master:
    • Pankracij

    • Tair
    • Tuffz
    • Sargeratt
    • Baintok

    About Applications:
    As we will invest a great deal of time and effort in helping all of our members through sharing knowledge, tactics, gearing, etc. We expect you to put the same amount of effort in writing your application.

    Recruitment is a 2 part process:

    1. Your application; Application have to be posted on our official site - shivtr forum (http://law-molten.shivtr.com).
      Just a few tips: be creative, witty, and put some thought into it. Please make sure that it is well formatted and easy to read. Applications written in 2 min, with only the most basic information will be automatically declined. Declined applicants can re-apply after 2 weeks.
    2. The interview; Once your application is accepted on the forums, you will then need to whisper an officer in game for an interview. This can consist of questions on mechanisms of the encounters, your spec, etc. Be prepared for the interview by understanding your own class and its role in the boss encounters that are currently available.
      If you pass both stages and get a g-invite, you will then be monitored in raids to determine whether you are true LAW material.

    Guild Progression:

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    Extended firsts post (for other media only, videos/screenshots)

    Spoiler: Show

    10 mode:
    • Beth`tilac also on heroic difficulty
    • Lord Rhyolith also on heroic difficulty
    • Shannox also on heroic difficulty
    • Alysrazor also on heroic difficulty
    • Baleroc also on heroic difficulty
    • Majordomo Fandral Staghelm also on heroic difficulty
    • Ragnaros also on heroic difficulty

    25 mode:
    • Beth`tilac also on heroic difficulty
    • Lord Rhyolith
    • Shannox also on heroic difficulty
    • Alysrazor also on heroic difficulty
    • Baleroc
    • Majordomo Fandral Staghelm
    • Ragnaros

    Blackwing Descent:
    Spoiler: Show

    10 man:
    • Magmaw (including heroic mode too)
    • Omnotron Defense System
    • Chimaeron (including heroic mode too)
    • Atramedes
    • Maloriak
    • Nefarian N/A

    25 man:
    • Magmaw
    • Omnotron Defense System
    • Chimaeron (including heroic mode too)
    • Atramedes
    • Maloriak
    • Nefarian N/A

    Bastion of Twilight:
    Spoiler: Show

    10 man:
    • Halfus Wyrmbreaker also on heroic difficulty
    • Valiona and Theralion also on heroic difficulty
    • Twilight Ascendant Council also on heroic difficulty
    • Cho'gall also on heroic difficulty
    • Sinestral heroic difficulty

    25 man:
    • Halfus Wyrmbreaker
    • Valiona and Theralion
    • Twilight Ascendant Council
    • Cho'gall


    Firelands 25

    Spoiler: Show


    Lord Rhyolith




    Majordomo Fandral Staghelm


    Blackwing Descent (25)

    Spoiler: Show


    Omnotron Defense System




    Bastion of Twilight (25)

    Spoiler: Show

    Valiona & Theralion

    Ascendant Council


    Firelands videos:
    normal mode

    Ragnaros 10 normal mage PoV
    Ragnaros 25 normal mage PoV
    Alysrazor 10 normal mage PoV (flying)
    Baleroc, Beth`tilac, Lord Ryolith & Shannox 10 normal mage PoV

    heroic mode

    Shannox 10 heroic mage PoV
    Alysrazor 10 heroic mage PoV
    Baleroc 10 heroic mage PoV

    LAW vs. Beth`tilac first kill

    Blackwing Descent heroic videos:

    5 man bwd!

    LAW vs. Magmaw 10 heroic
    LAW vs. Chimaeron 25 heroic
    Atramedes challenge

    Spoiler: Show

    Bastion of Twilight videos:

    Twilight Ascendance Council solo tanking

    LAW pvp tournament

    Spoiler: Show

    Other media (guild events & other funny stuff):

    Spoiler: Show

    Naked bathing with a GM xD

    Marching to Orgrimmar (we were coming in peace, but..

  3. Very nice, clear thread. Now applications should keep atleast as high quality as our site and (OFC) raids.

    Hopefully You, dear future member will be able to kick Ragnaros *** with us, so be sure you are skilled enough. If you are looking for guild that ll carry you through BWD or BoT, you are in wrong thread. But if you want to create history, you are warmly welcome.
    The Mage.

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    Thanks i locking just for nice gaming :)

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    Hello Everybody !

    Im not very good at writing applications but Ill try my best. And since English is not my native language I may have some spelling mistakes, please do not be afraid to correct me since I always try to improve myself in any way possible.

    My name is Mehmet, I'm 20 years old and studying in Dokuz Eyl??l University (Economy and International Finance). My hobbies are photagraphy, swimming, dancing and of course playing WoW. I love to learn new things (I especially enjoy watching the Discovery Channel) and Im an open minded person. I enjoy listening quality music like; Morphine, Massive Attack, Portishead, Pixies, Talking Heads, Radiohead, Noir D?sir...

    I like RPGs and some I read some Ravenhold and Lord of the Rings,Dungeons and Dragons and Dragon Lance.

    I join raids as much as I can, but I try to be active in my personal life as much as I do with WoW. Mostly I'm free between 12 AM 12 PM (GMT+2 standart time). Im a patient person and respectful towards my companions and most importantly my superiors.

    My experience with WoW varies, I spent most of my time on official WoW servers. I also spent a lot of time in private servers since vanilla WoW. I have played in Dunemaul, ************-wow, Toxic-wow, Molten-Wow (WotLK) but now I fould a chance to start on Molten's Cataclysm server. Im not always a serious player when it comes to the open world. I like to mess around and explore new locations I havent got the chance to see yet. Sometimes you just gotta kick back and relax. I also enjoy getting achievements in the game, Im a bit of an ǣAchievement Hunter myself. I know they are pointless but I still enjoy doing certain things in the game.

    Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:

    Dead or Alive, Legends, Glory, Metal Milita (WOLTK), Subliminal, Legion Elite (Catacylsm). They weren't very active and they lacked a certain level of order. I need a guild with leaders who know what they are doing.

    Im a humble paladin from a humble town called Goldshire. I worked as a miner for a while and then I picked up a hammer and built materials for the local militia fighting the horde. I aided my allies during dark times fighting Illidian and Arthas and I am ready to defeat the evil that is lurking in Azeroth.

    Im an experienced fighter and a medic if need arises, use me well and Ill be a shield to your off-hand or a lean, mean fighting machine.

    Ive been focusing on PvP since the beginning but know Im giving more attention to PvE. I have done every vanilla, TBC and WotLK raids so far, Ive done Icecrown Capital on Hard Mode and on Heroic, Ive been to Blackwing Descent and the Bastion of Twilight and I was able to get Magmaw, Chimaeron, Omnotron Defense System, Maloriak, Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Valiona & Theralion, Ascendant Council and Im looking forward to complete the rest of the Cataclysm raids with you guys.

    I have Raidcall and a mic, and Im not a shy person to talk to. I like to joke around and such.

    The first thing I expect from a guild is genuine friendship and heartfelt enviorement. You can always kill a boss but you cant always find good friendship, especially in a video game. I hope we will get along well.

    Thanks for your Time !

  6. @Playwow declined;
    @Xeop declined;

    You can apply again in 2 weeks. I am just suprised that even beside we posted how good application should look like, we still getting bad :)

  7. First post updated with screenshots.

  8. That BWD run was nice one. We should just make them more in soldier line. And remove that cute gnome from pics xD

  9. My golden ticket to LAW

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this work of art application.. Well at least, I hope its going to be a work of art. I hope you wont blame me or reject me for just stating that I honestly hope that this application is going to be a good, wonderful, great, awesome.. accept worthy one!

    First of all, I will start out with a little story.
    When I was young, at the age of 15, I stole my first bike. Why? Do you ask, well it was a test of courage between friends! What does this has to do with WoW? Well I guess the only connection between WoW and this bike is the fact that I went to the store where I brought my laptop on which my WoW is playing with that same bike.

    My name is Shadrach Blackman. I am 22 years old and I temporarily live in Russia for my studies. I guess I can also share my hobbies in here. I like to play basketball, when the weather and my time schedule allows it. Furthermore I like work out when Im stressed, to relieve that stress fast and efficiently. Another hobby of mine is of course, WoW. If I wouldnt like WoW, there would be no way I would be applying to LAW.

    After breaking the ice with telling you my life story, I will now expand a bit on my character. My main character, also at the moment also my one only, is a hunter named Yokujin. I didnt play much in yet, here in cataclysm, so my gear is still quite low. Luckily for me in the topic it says that gear isnt that important, let me quote: We are not interested in the level of your gear; new gear can be easily obtained ǣ. Of course, Im still planning to do my utmost best to gear it up as soon as possible, to help LAW complete raidsǪ not that you need the help, since you already cleared them all! Even though you dont really need my help, I would still love to be of assistance if it comes to completing raids.
    I mostly play MM hunter, since the pets in molten arent working like they are supposed to. Although Im saying that, I do like to learn more than just 1 part of my class. Its much more fun to be able to play multiple specs.

    I guess I will have to get to the point of why Im writing this application here, for LAW, instead of for some other guild. Well I will be completely honest with you guys, the only reason why I choose LAW, was because the topic on the forum looked really professional and cool. I didnt play WoW on molten before, so I have no clue of which guilds are good and which arent. That saying, seeing you screenshots, achievements and professional looking forum, it gave me a really nice impression of LAW. This is the main reason why Im posting my application to join LAW, instead of some other guild.
    Although I didnt play here yet, Im quite confident about my mmorpg skills. I played a lot of other games, in which I joined guilds. I always ended up in high positions in that guild, because I always gave my all for the guild. I cant say Im experienced, but Im quite confident of my learning skills. One thing I do want to notify you of in front, when I dont agree with something, I will always state my opinion about that matter. Im not the kind of person that will just let it go, shrug, and think: Oh well, maybe it will solve itself. I hope this isnt a problem for LAW.

    After I told you why I was writing this application, Im quite sure you also want to know what I expect back from you guys. Thats normal, I suppose? I dont really what to expect from LAW. Like I said before, I dont know what kind of guild LAW is. Nor do I know how you operate. The only thing I expect is a professional minded guild. A guild where everyone does his best, where everyone helps each other and where you can always be yourself. Thats the kind of guild Id really like to join. I hope LAW fits into that image of mine! Since Im being quite honest throughout all the application, I might as well tell a habit of mine, that has to do with what I might, unconsciously, expect from LAW. I have the bad habit of asking everything that I dont know, to guild members. I normally dislike to google it, because google cant give you an answer for a specific situation you might need information about. Thats why I tend to ask people a bit too fast and tom many times.

    Okay, let me check what I forgot.. Oh yeah, Raidcall! I do have Raidcall and a mic. Im not shy to talk either. Actually I normally get told to shut up for talking too much. Feel free to do the same, when this old habit surfaces again! Another side of me is the side that is really relaxed, play a bit, have a chat, kick some *** and then run off for some nice snack. Thats just how I roll! (just kidding!:D)

    Im quite sure that you are wondering if I can follow orders and obey the rules of LAW too? Well heres my opinion on that matter!

    Rules are for pussies. Real man are free to do whatever they, there is only one rule that man should follow and that is, of course, the Brocode! The Brocode is the most important, the most intriguing, the most wonderful, the BEST code ever! I wish law would officially put it in their rules.. Although I didnt read them.. But you'kow it doesn't matter! Life isn't fair anyway so I'm not going to read, nor follow any of your rules!

    Okay enough joking. I searched for them on the forum, but I couldnt find them. In general I dont really mind following the rules made by a guild. Rules are needed to keep order in a guild. If I reach the application stage, I would gladly listen to the rules of LAW. Also I think I wont have any problems obeying them.

    OH! I just realized I totally forgot to talk about my raid experience! Well, what can I say? None! I would like to raid, but I just didnt have the chance yet.

    I didnt raid yet, like I stated before, this is my first character here on molten cataclysm. I did do some rdfs. Hoo, ToT, VP, SC, TolVir siamat. I might be forgetting some, but I hope you can forgive it.
    The fact that I didnt raid yet, doesnt means that I dont know the tactics! I watched every video, I read the tactics and practiced them in my head.

    Now youre probably wondering what I meant with: Practicing in my head? Well then, let me enlighten you on that!

    I did just say I would enlighten you on it, but I honestly dont know how to explain it. Its like repeating certain situations in your head and then stating the solution too. Of course it doesnt compares to the real experiences. I always say, every little bits help!

    I hope you enjoyed reading this application. I put a lot of work in it and its almost 4 AM. I just wanted to see if I would get accepted into LAW again if I ever had to make an application.

    Yours sincerely,

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    Updated the guild list thread with your new info. Thank you for accomodating my desires with the screenshots. I figured that you could clear BWD 5/5 since BoT is a lot harder provided you don't cheese the last two bosses.

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    I edited my application, it would be much appreciated if I could get another shot at joining your guildg :)

  12. We have launched a new guild website:


    From now on, please refrain yourself from posting applications here, rather fill application form on our new site. Thank you for understanding.

  13. Sight best DK.
    Sightee best Warr.
    Kongzi worst resto.

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