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    can't play the game with a 21:9 monitor

    Hi, I've just changed monitor to a 21:9 1440p. Now... i can't just play at 3.3.5, i didn't have any issues before with my old monitor but now i can barely login and then crash.. I have tried to lower the resolution and set to 16:9 but nothing changed, also i had another folder in another hdd but it can't just work. Anyone here is playing with a 21:9 somehow? i just wanna keep playing since i no longer have my old 16:9... maybe there is like any settings or something?

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    Your screen/monitor have NOTHING to do with game crushing, it's just a tool to output video from your PC. Try installing older version of GPU drivers (something from early 2020).
    P.S. have 24" monitor of same 21:9 1440 resolution - zero problems for more than 2 years of playing

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