1. Trough the days it's completly fine 60ms. But when i start to raid from 6 or 9 it's rising up and i get back to high ms like 2k o 3k. Even when i check my internet or switch on mobile data. Still someimes laggs for like 10 seconds and after that i get huge ms.

  2. I have again prolem with big latency ..
    One day everything was fine and now again i have a problem ..
    Please check it from your side

    Thank you

  3. Hey guys i have that problem tooo aroubd 10-15days.One day is okay another not.

  4. You guys do understand that the problem might be on your end (Your internet Service providers or shortly ISPs)

  5. Today same ****, it was fine up until today.

  6. same thing again i literally had it a week ago where u guys from im from Slovakia

  7. Same, I'm from Slovakia. Everything was fine till 1 hour ago. Currently 3k ms, totally unplayable. I checked and tested my connection and other games, everything works fine besides WoW.

  8. Today starts high ms again. I am from Slovakia.

  9. yep -.- Game unplayable. Ms 1-2k insane lags can you fix it pls ?

  10. Exactly the same thing happens to me and I see that a lot of jodares happens to him and the moderators are not giving any solution and I am from Uruguay and I have a fairly advanced internet

  11. The same thing happens to me I have a delay of 3000 ms !! Please moderators fix what is happening

  12. Everyone who has telecom ISP seems to have this problem including me. They changed the routes.

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