Ban Appeals
Bans can be appealed via the support system here. Bans originated from Sentinel Anti-cheat cannot be appealed.

Current procedure:
Gamemasters will whisper you to provide details about your ban before it takes place. This is not a chance for you to reply complaining or try to negotiate the ban. If you are away or not even in-game during the issuing of your ban, information about it can be found in the account panel. Sentinel Anti-Cheat bans will remain with instant removal from the realm.

Remember of our Terms of Service
You may register a regular or premium account and password for the service. You are responsible for all activity under your account, associated accounts, and passwords. Warmane is NOT responsible for unauthorized access to your account, regular or premium account, and any loss of virtual goods and commodities associated with it.

Sentinel Anti-Cheat

All community members please be aware that an accurate anti-cheat Sentinel is active on our realms. Sentinel is set to ban cheater's accounts automatically. It will announce in red letters the player that has been caught by it. Do NOT use any cheating or hacking software or your account will be banned. Our anticheat checks for evil lua scripts (blizzlike), dbc alterations, hack addons, memory editors that aim to wow executable, etc.

Once you try out a cheat on WoW, your memory remains edited for the session, even if you turn off that cheat tool afterwards, which means you'll get busted by Sentinel checking if you altered any memory address not possible to modify by normal means of gameplay.

Even having a hacking tool running without using it will get you flagged. Any injection to the wow.exe, will result in a ban, as above - without even using it.

Please remember to read our rules and guidelines for using Warmane's services before being deprived of these privileges and contribute to a healthy and fair gaming environment.

No No No's:
  • Addons cannot get you flagged.
  • Multiboxing cannot get you flagged.
  • Patch-x.mpq and model swap cannot get you flagged.
  • There are no false positives, lag cannot get you flagged.

You may not donate while serving a ban. Only the ban appeal will be available on website.

Please keep in mind that we strongly recommend not using any third party software that tampers with or changes game files as in rare cases these may be considered a cheating mechanism by Sentinel, let alone cheating programs. Sentinel is periodically updated with new detection mechanisms for known and reported cheat programs.