1. May 29, 2022  
    Improved storm strike seems to bugged for me. I have 5000 mana right now so stormstrike should give me 1000 mana but it only gives 200 mana

  2. May 29, 2022  
    Improved storm strike seems to bugged for me. I have 5000 mana right now so stormstrike should give me 1000 mana but it only gives 200 mana
    your mana is increased by "intellect".

    talent says "Base mana"; which is the mana without the increment of "Intellect".

  3. July 9, 2022  
    In the July 7, 2022 changelog, there are two fixes under the spells section I'm curious about. All it says is "Fixed Lightning Shield proc cooldown" and "Fixed proc cooldown for Windfury." I wonder what exactly was fixed as no report is linked in the changelog.
    Edited: August 20, 2022

  4. Sorry for the google translator my english is not very good.

    I have an observation that is probably a bug in the game.

    My main character is a shaman enha pve, during several raids I have seen in the recount that the windfury weapon was not activated as many times as the skill should be activated, this spell being one of the main damage skills of the shaman enha I think it should be take into account this topic.
    The ability has a 20% chance to activate when hitting a target, plus 2% of the glyph, testing on the dummy I realize that the percentage of the spell being activated is lower.
    I did 30 tests of 100 hits each and these were the results of how many times the spell was activated in100 hits (with the glyph on):

    1. 16
    2. 12
    3. 16
    4. 19
    5. 13
    6. 17
    7. 13
    8. 16
    9. 14
    10. 18
    11. 16
    12. 20
    13. 18
    14. 16
    15. 17
    16. 12
    17. 13
    18. 15
    19. 14
    20. 16
    21. 10
    22. 16
    23. 16
    24. 18
    25. 14
    26. 16
    27. 18
    28. 18
    29. 13
    30. 12

    (I have the screenshots of the recount of each of them in case you like to see them).

    These results can be taken as the effective percentage of the spell, on average we have almost 16% compared to the 22% we should have. I know that the odds at times can't be the best, but it can't be that in 30 tests all of them are below 22%.
    I hope you take this into consideration and review this detail. since it could not be a spec that is played a lot, but the few of us who play it are interested in having it in good condition.

    I invite you to try this put only one weapon with windfury and check how many times the spell is activated.

    If you are so kind to review this problem I would be very grateful.


  5. Not to be a mean person, but your testing is invalid due to several things.
    1. WF weapon proc has internal CD of 6 seconds. So in first place, you need 100 hits with exactly 6 seconds between them.
    2. Your sample size is abysmal and % probability of WF happening is literally chance, not % of your total attacks.
    These two conditions combined is what lead to your conclusion about bug. But testing was poorly executed, it has to be thousands of attacks with exact 6 second window.

  6. 1.- According to what I have seen wf has been activated more than 2 times seconds, that can be checked with the game's timer, check it for yourself.
    2.- obviously the probability that wf is activated does not depend on the total number of attacks, that is why I used statistics to evaluate the % according to the cases, and that argument that a probability happens is literally chance, it also applies with the % of crit, at times you will have high values ​​and at others low, but in this case they are pure low, so that argument in this case cannot be valid.

    I repeat, review this case for yourselves.

  7. If you make attack > proc WF > keep attacking with single weapon of 2.6 speed, your next attack to proc WF will happen 2.6+2.6>5.2(internal CD on) +2.6 > 7.8 (procs Wf on third consecutive attack). Thus timer to activate shifts. With 7.8 seconds being minimum base at such conditions of "experiment", you already experience 30% drop of expected WF procs value (20+2=22%, 22/1.3=16.923% average proc rate), which SURPRISE! now correlates with your results.
    It was basic math and some logic.
    Now with such obvious example, try to recreate conditions for actually valid experiment (big sample size, correct AA applications)

  8. Windfury should have a 3 second ICD

  9. What happens is that I use a fast weapon with totem and buff, the attack speed I had per attack is 1 sec, surprise! I don't know how you would use your basic math with that data.

  10. Thx, I will take that fact into account, I will continue working on it.

  11. Did Lava Burst dmg go down by miles?
    That spell used to one shot on PvP against undergeared players and was critting massively in PvE, being half the dps in a raid.

    Now it is as weak as flame shock itself!

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