1. Support System Policies, Guidelines and Information [Updated: April 6, 2016]

    July 11th, 2015.

    Premium Support
    The following are the policies set forth to be read and accepted before considering any donation.

    All payments are one-time payments and are final, there are no subscriptions.
    All payments are irreversible once the user receives Warmane Coins on his/her account.
    Any attempt of chargeback will be disputed and will lead to the blacklisting of the credit card and fraud report lodged, permanent account termination and IP ban, investigation of the matter with the users banking institution and payment provider involved.
    • Removal of item and refunding coins
      • Items cannot be refunded back to coins unless reported as a misbuy within 24 hours.
        • Excessive reports will go unsuccessful as we do not run a try-before-buy system.

    • Deleting characters or items in attempt to receive refunds
      • Deleting your character or items to gain a removal and refund of items is not acceptable, you will be stuck without a character or items, we will not assist you.

    • Exchanging or transferring items
      • It is not possible and never will be possible to exchange or transfer items between characters.

    • Missing items (purchased with coins)
      • Report any missing items that were purchased with coins and they will be re-sent to your ingame mailbox.

    • Gold, mounts, upgrades, features, consumables, transmogs
      • None are refundable, exchangeable or reversible, our policy on consumable refunding or feature reverting (i.e. recustomize, level 80/85) is very strict.

    • Bind-on-Equip items
      • None are refundable, exchangeable or reversible.

    • Gifting via Account Panel
      • There is no support for this system, tickets will be automatically closed.

    • Trading via Marketplace
      • There is no support for this system, tickets will be automatically closed.

    • Character Deletions
      • We are not responsible for your characters being deleted and will not assist you if it happens by either yourself or unauthorized access to your account, your account is your responsibility.
        • Restores have a 48 hour grace period (free), visit the restore page in the account panel. There is a cooldown of 7 days to use the service again. You may undelete one character per week.

    • Point purchases or other point matters
      • There is no support for these, tickets will be automatically deleted if pertaining to one of these.

    • Reporting bugs
      • Visit the bugtracker on the forum, any tickets containing bug reports will be automatically deleted.

    • Donated on the wrong account
      • We have several confirmation boxes on the donation page preventing this, there is no support for it, making a ticket regarding this matter will result in it's automatic deletion.

    • I have not received coins for my donation
      • Create a support ticket with the following information:
        • Warmane account name
        • Method of donation
        • Email on the payment processor account
        • TransactionID / OrderID
        • Amount donated
        • Date of donation

    • Disrespect or Demanding within the ticketing system
      • Your support will be permanently revoked

    • Scammed, Hacked, Unauthorized account access

    Support Ticket
    Only relevant topics will be replied to through this system.
    • These include but are not limited to:
      • 2 Step Authentication matters
      • Password reset emails that were not requested by account owner
      • Assistance with creating an account or downloading the game

    • There is no support for the following matters:
      • Bugs
      • Scams
      • Reporting hackers
      • Bans (use the proper Ban Appeal ticket)

    Edited: September 15, 2023 Reason: Small update in Character Deletions.

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