1. (A) Chosen Ones PVE/PVP clan

    Who we are
    The Chosen Ones are a diverse, stable, and tight-knit community of adults who primarily enjoy the most difficult of end-game raids and content. We are all a team, and we take pride on our teamwork, and enjoy finding ways to improve it. We enjoy accomplishing the impossible, teaching each other new things, and enjoy the sense of community that comes from overcoming shared difficulties. We do things the right way, as one family as one group.
    Our staff is made out of people that have been leading several clans (trough out many games) for the past 10 years as a team, knowing each other personally.
    None of this would have been possible without the support and effort by our community.
    Little over 2.5 years ago we closed our WOW community due to private and real life issues but also due to the fact that most of us needed a break, yet 3 weeks ago we reopened shop again and we welcome anyone that is willing to get dirty and help us rebuild a great community. Everyone is welcome however we are a long term guild, so if you want to join for a quick fix? Then please move on as we are looking for willing and dedicated members that stick with us in good times but also in bad times. This is a community and NOT a solo effort. Each one can contribute in their own unique way, and sometimes you take one for the team as the team will also take one for you.
    As mentioned earlier this is a team effort and not a solo action.

    Our goals
    Our goal is to maintain a stable community that is able to progress through the end-game content in a way that is fun, original, and satisfying. We understand that it is easier to reach and defeat end-game content, but much harder to maintain a community. All of us tired of watching guilds form and implode with regularity or guilds that form based upon so called "elite" players. All of our members are interested in raiding content, and understand that a raiding guild is forged together with hard effort, not born out of a vacuum. We have mastered other raids in other games using configurations other players considered impossible. Our long-term goal is to continue to have fun meeting the challenges of WOW together as a team.

    Our methods
    Many of our members enjoy deconstructing the game and understanding the underlying mechanics. We enjoy testing things ourselves and basing our conclusions on those tests and experiences. Our members take pride in being able to adapt, adjust, and overcome in situations that most claim are hopeless. Most importantly, The Chosen Ones helps every member be what they want to be, whether it's an accomplished raider or a great player of their class. We understand that although raiding requires effort to be possible, we play to have fun, and to enjoy challenging ourselves. We do not judge people by their GS (gearscore) but we judge people by their actions. Smart talks and high GS will not help you much. Show what you are made of and be respected by friend and foe. Skills can be learned yet mentality can't, we value a dedicated and willing player much more then a "stock up" GS powerhouse.

    We do use RAIDCALL as our voice option to coordinate our efforts and to have fun talks, it is not a requirement but we highly advise you to use it. Because its so much more fun and it is very handy during raids or group events. It also forges a bond with players as you actually get to know each other.

    Our playtime's
    Members of Chosen Ones are spread through out the US and EU. Our play times are Saturdays and Sundays, however we encourage spontaneous RDF and PVP events among our members. However we do maintain a golden rule: If you sign up for a event then we require you to be there PERIOD.
    Obviously if you have a very good reason for not showing up then we do understand, yet don't sign up if you know upfront that you won't be there.

    How to contact us.
    Just wisper Okidoki or Zerozero ingame (Or send a email) or contact any Chosen One member.
    We do not use a website because most people do not like registering on forums and other pages.

    What do we currently need?
    1: Off-tanks and main-tanks
    2: Single and Multi target healers
    3: Crafters
    4: PVP monsters

    Kind Regards,
    Okidoki (GM)
    Missflushot (Vice GM)
    Windtrader (Vice GM)
    Aargen (Officer)
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  2. A good definition of us!

    It's a very well written thread and it truly explains us as a guild in simple words.

    //Quiller ;)

  3. It is very friendly and ambitious guild and is great fun playing with u guys !!!

    Frozencrown :D

  4. agree very friendly guild... and we building strong guild community , which supports each other


  5. we are getting to be a great clan the guys we have are fun and helpful always eager to help each other and thats what its about the leadership are all vastly knowledgeable in the game and make it fun learning the more intricate parts so if you want a fun friendly helpful group to play with come join us :)

  6. Thanks for the warm replies guys, anyway we are still looking for new members so who wants to join?

  7. May 8, 2015  
    A friend and I might be interested. Will contact you ingame!

  8. May 14, 2015  

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