1. BG Spy

    Several people have asked me about bg spy as it appears that I am the only one that has a working version of it. Probably because I fixed it myself. No idea if this download site works properly or not, idc to try to download it, feel free to download and upload to virustotal or download then repost a mirror in case this site has limited downloads or something, i cba to check, sorry.


    EDIT: this is for MoP

  2. /bgs h reports the healers of the opposite faction. curse's stock version. working for me.

  3. i don't like bg targets :P and zzadr, ur the first person i've seen that bgspy worked for them.. for all others, they had same problem as me, "you are not in an instance". n i tried multiple versions. so i edited the lua file myself n fixed it. as well as all other addons that didn't work on warmane

  4. why?
    # Shows all battleground enemies with role, class and name. --
    -- - Left-click : set target --
    -- - Right-click: set focus --
    -- # Independent settings for '10 vs 10', '15 vs 15' and '40 vs 40'. --
    -- # Specialization
    -- # Target
    -- # Main Assist Target
    -- # Focus
    -- # Enemy Flag/Orb Carrier
    -- # Target Count
    -- # Health
    -- # Range Check
    -- # Guild Groups
    and all of this in realtime without any commands.

    BG Spy is an enemy team talent specialization reader and reporter for use in battlegrounds. Thats all. And you need macros or write commands to see their report.

  5. because i don't need all that stuff lol, i can tell most of that stuff with eyes alone. i need bgspy to tell EVERYONE ELSE, who always seem to be vastly nab, but at least the nabs who try, will know who the healers are with little effort [most ppl dont know they can mouse over class icons, and the ones that do, generally cba to do it]

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