1. Hello!!

    I am an old player here,and i doenloaded this contest(Lich Kking Old) today.

    When i was log in my old char(Hobss)is not on the realm.
    Please help me how can i get back my old char!!

    Thanks a lot!!

  2. Considering there's a lot of good ideas, we'll implement some of them right away tomorrow when we'll be creating the schedule for this week. Depending on how much time we have, stairs/race might be on live realms this week as well.

    Thanks to everyone for ideas so far, feel free to add in and give more ideas. After all, we'll doing all of this for you guys.

    Iam an old player here i missed the game 2 year.
    Today i downloaded this contest(Lich King Old).

    When i was log in my char (Hobss)is not on any realm.
    Please help me how can i get back my old char!!

    Acc name:marklaszlo1993

    Thanks a lot!!

  3. I did not checked previous 12 pages about suggestions of events...But how about a 2v2 double dps tournaments on Mop server once per week?

  4. I did not checked previous 12 pages about suggestions of events...But how about a 2v2 double dps tournaments on Mop server once per week?
    1v1 would be better

  5. I suggest to open in the site Lotery ... There was lotery before years when it was molten-wow ... why don't you open it again .. it will reduce huge amount of gold in palyers .. and it will reward some with awosome awards :D

  6. guild wars. pvp BG style 10/20/30m bg win take all bracket style tourney

    bg winner take all or best of 3 any reward...guild title.....can do for both factions
    Greetings Warmane,

    As the name of the thread itself suggests, we would like to hear about your ideas for events and possible suggestions on our already existing events. Please write constructive ideas and feel free to include criticism. All ideas and suggestions should go in this thread and everyone can comment on each other's ideas as long as the feedback is constructive and well within our forum rules.

    Try to include:
    • Name of the event
    • Brief description of it
    • Reward suggestions
    • Any comments you might have


  7. Maybe a event about looting :

    1 Hour to get 5 stacks of items (grey trashes because no one stock these).

    The faster gets the reward.

    Or, a "catch the hidden" : A furtive rogue or feral on a map, hunted by dozens of ppl. The guy who kill the rogue wins.

  8. Hello! Have what I think could be a great event. I apologize, I don't have too much knowledge of what is possible to create, so bear with me.


    -Two teams playing capture the flag against one another, paintball style.
    -Teams start on opposite sides of an arena-sized space. Contains many objects between them to use as cover.
    -The teams compete to eliminate the other team (No resurrections) or capture the flag.
    -Paintball aspects: Players have only one attack. A castable range spell, and must use the cover for line of sight in order to stay alive (should be 1 shot kills)
    - Capture the flag: Flag carry functions just like Warsong Gulch.

    Potential Reward: Twill Cloak

    Please let me know if any clarification is needed!

  9. hi can u plz dont distroy cow event? last year was really bad...u start cow event at start some smart and faster guys go and farm eof then u close it after some days .its was close for while and then at near end of event u open it again but its give no eof and even cant kill cow boss anyway even with more ppl we try with 10 ppl but mini cows hit hard hps is really high and finall boss no way to kill it...idk what the reason creat cow event if we cant do it and enjoy it...2 years ago was best events in warmane history u start cow event and it was up till end ...we go there with 5 ppl 1heal 1 tank 3 dps and we kill mini cows and get awesome reward to gear up our chars then we go for cow boss it was hard to kill but it was awesome fight and after we kill it there chance to win aowesome mount and fun items,,,2 year ago was best warmane crismas prize for players.... but after that u fail

    Edited: December 4, 2017 Reason: mistake

  10. Thats actually not a bad idea :D But people will speed hack all the way with hitchhiker so its a bit unfair... aswell as the multi-boxing thats been going on.. just single charicters with 60% mounts will work

  11. How about an xmog competition like in live, trial of style. Must be instanced ver bc ppl are gonna ruin the fun (kill ppl, ride mammoth etc) but before the comp players must be prepared and have items on their bag ( xmogging it will be fine but wearing it is much better [rip english] ) and gm will say the theme ex: (faction pride, mismatch mayhem, class uproar, epic purple etc) and some decent rewards like xmog scroll some gold and an item that will be suited on the class of that person.

  12. Just make same Xmas events as last year, but tune them properly(it was my bad luck that I only could play for a couple days on Xmas last year :( ), so one run of cow level doenst give you 500 EoF or dont give angry snowmans too much of a dropchance of EoF (dunno , something like 15% would be fine I guess?) Thanks for the hardwork!

  13. How abouth you make announcment on when and what xmas events will start and what will they be,!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Please add cow event and snowman event!!!

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