1. Possibly should scale up older raids to 80 and have it drop mog scrolls, mounts, and frost badges dropped would be cool. More incentives to do older raids even ones at lvl 80 is desperately needed. I would love to see more Nax, EoE and uldar pugs so maybe making them drop frosties would be cool even if for a short time. it's hard to think of events that dont go into funrealm territory. I really like the custom christmas event you guys put in so maybe more world bosses would be cool, even ones in older raids. The loot would need to be really cool to make people do it though so perhaps custom mounts / titles? or existing ones. Making mog scrolls a very rare world drop from npcs in northrend or 5 mans is something else to consider.

  2. I would like to see somethin new to the halloween event

  3. Organize any type of race, mount race, walking race, toy race be creative?

  4. Hail to the king baby

    Eventname: Hail to the king baby

    General concept: In a designated zone, a player can proclaim himself king/queen (by clicking some object, entering a region, or typing something as ./proclaimking ), given that no other player has king status. This player now becomes hostile to all factions, until slain or leaving the zone. A killing blow of a player makes that player the new king.

    Rewards: Eternal glory, or at leas as long as you survive while being the king. I do not think people need more incentive than being flagged <better than others>. But everyone can try to do something about it.

    As for zone types there are many options. This concept is similar to the king of ogres style in dire maul, so it would fit Feralas lorewise, although I do not think the whole region would be fair between factions, as horde has several logistic advantages. This could be done in many zones, given that they are more or less equally accessible by factions and graveyards are not unfair.

  5. Has an idea here ever been implemented in the game? Would be nice to hear from the developers what they think about all of these ideas, and if anything can or will be used in the (hopefully) near future!
    Edited: November 18, 2021

  6. Bring back the most enjoyable and popular event you ever had. The famous "EoF" event!! When the system message would say where the invaders would spawn for the next hour. 40 man groups would run from spawn to spawn. The bosses dropped EoF at about 50%. I know it caused some balance issues, especially with regard to primorial saronite being drastically devalued, but i think people would still love it, even if the bosses dropped Emblems of Justice, otherwise unobtainable pets (like the BoA Zergling from the first EoF event), level 200 gear for fresh 80s, champion seals, frozen orbs, special mount etc. My point is, it doesn't have to be an EoF bonanza to be fun and popular. Also, my frost mage can't raid but his spec is perfect for this event. I enjoyed using the shrink ray on the boss - the chaotic random backfires - and the pvp - fighting over the zones 40 vs 40, or one time, a 80 vs 40 slaughter. Bring back Smokey Mc Pot !!

  7. Agree, the best event

    [I agree, for me the best event EOF , horde and ally trying to kill boss and each other at same time

  8. the one from last year was nice tbh :D

  9. Ye, agree, alot of fun, but just need few more mounts , it was rly low chance to win....

  10. Something something covid related

  11. Will there be holiday events this year? :)
    If so, please bring back last year's event, it was lots of fun!
    But maybe with less gear requirements?

  12. What was fun about last year event? Doing some raid where u wipe 30 times and you can't get anything if you're not lucky enough to roll 100? Or the world quest chain where the rewards were total joke and this robot can't be seen by other players? Also you want less gear requirements so people can bring their fresh 80ty lvl alts and get carried so after they can sell the stuff? I don't see anything fun in this.
    World bosses were fun.

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