1. Hello , i remember long time ago there was a Cow Darts Event ?
    Was really cool , why did you stop it ?

  2. Why are there no recurring events for Lordaeron?

  3. Shifting Sands, Scarab Lord Event.

    -Since event failed badly on Frostmourne realm for second time, I would like to suggest recreating this event on Icecrown realm.
    -For reward, Scarab Lord title and Legendary Qiraji mount.

  4. 3 Weeks Ago  
    Sorry if this has been Suggested before.
    Kill The GM
    An event that the GM can take part in!
    The GM pick a random raid and then 7-10 random abilities form any of those raid bosses.
    A group of 25-40 players then have to kill the GM while trying to Recognize the ability and what to do.
    (this would be better if the ability has a spoken que when casted)

    Location can be a random arena picked by the GM

    If the player dies he/she has 20 sec death time before being automatically Resurrected to try and follow and recognize what the abilities are.

    The GM Should have a decent amount of health so that even full BIS characters can not burst him down without being able to repeat all abilities at least 6-10 times.
    Prizes can be anything but should then be handed out to the players that has failed least to the abilities the GM has picked this can be like 1-3 best depending on what gets decided.
    Hope this can be done and should be a lot of fun!

  5. 3 Days Ago  
    This is my Yard - Tournement 10 vs 10 / 15 vs 15
    = wich will be guild vs guild / and the same comp for each team ( any unable to get "title" ) from newer expansions , in a custom created map with pillars
    Area of Dominance
    = Mob waves stage 1 = 5 mob waves = boss inc = stage 2 mob waves = boss incoming untill u reach stage XXX up to the creator of the event / the higher u get with your grp the better the reward will be grp of 5-10 players ( suggest areas like mount hyjal )

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