1. I've enjoyed this year's events. I would like to bring up a possible addition to next year. Not a new event or something of the sort, but an addition. I'm talking about a "Trade Master". Now, running these events, I'm super happy with the items I have received. Bummed my group has only made 17 waves, but I digress. Trade Master would give you the ability to trade in that 4th murloc egg or Turtle mount for a token. You save up tokens and can put them towards that Zhevra mount you weren't able to get, or perhaps those Frost Emblems... Even the little things, like 5 stacks of Preserved Holly could go towards a token. This would work for everyone who plays, as the tokens would be soulbound, as I know we don't like sending items to those who don't participate. I am appreciative that you do this for everyone every year. I just wanted to bring this idea to the table in hopes of seeing it for next year ;)
    sounds like i missed out on some pretty good stuff this year D:

  2. One long (simple) chain (10-15) quests (which must be completed for more than one hour), which is interrupted immediately after failure and you need to start over. With a good reward at the end (item, gold, experience).

  3. 200 vs 200

    I offer 200 vs 200 person pvp horde vs alinasi. The prize can be a chest with something special for everyone different

  4. how about a story event promoting the regions that are rarely visited by players on Azeroth .

  5. how about a story event promoting the regions that are rarely visited by players on Azeroth .
    This would be a great idea! alot of content just being left to be forgotten

  6. 4 Weeks Ago  

    event suggestion

    Saw an event suggestion about exploring parts of the world rarely visited, so I thought about a hide and seek in those regions. Could be fun.

  7. 1 Day Ago  
    It would be very cool if event reward options were expanded to include Ogre Pinata, Foam Sword rack, Heroic Statue, etc.
    I also think a point based system would allowed rewards to be obtainable to all players devoting enough time into the event.
    It's a real shame that some 3.3.5a items are effectively unobtainable. It reduces server content and longevity. It would also be cool if events were held in secret locations like Karazhan crypts, or Stormwind Jail raid. Make unknown content relevant again. Don't waste server content / locations for no reason.

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