1. I've enjoyed this year's events. I would like to bring up a possible addition to next year. Not a new event or something of the sort, but an addition. I'm talking about a "Trade Master". Now, running these events, I'm super happy with the items I have received. Bummed my group has only made 17 waves, but I digress. Trade Master would give you the ability to trade in that 4th murloc egg or Turtle mount for a token. You save up tokens and can put them towards that Zhevra mount you weren't able to get, or perhaps those Frost Emblems... Even the little things, like 5 stacks of Preserved Holly could go towards a token. This would work for everyone who plays, as the tokens would be soulbound, as I know we don't like sending items to those who don't participate. I am appreciative that you do this for everyone every year. I just wanted to bring this idea to the table in hopes of seeing it for next year ;)
    sounds like i missed out on some pretty good stuff this year D:

  2. One long (simple) chain (10-15) quests (which must be completed for more than one hour), which is interrupted immediately after failure and you need to start over. With a good reward at the end (item, gold, experience).

  3. 200 vs 200

    I offer 200 vs 200 person pvp horde vs alinasi. The prize can be a chest with something special for everyone different

  4. how about a story event promoting the regions that are rarely visited by players on Azeroth .

  5. how about a story event promoting the regions that are rarely visited by players on Azeroth .
    This would be a great idea! alot of content just being left to be forgotten

  6. event suggestion

    Saw an event suggestion about exploring parts of the world rarely visited, so I thought about a hide and seek in those regions. Could be fun.

  7. It would be very cool if event reward options were expanded to include Ogre Pinata, Foam Sword rack, Heroic Statue, etc.
    I also think a point based system would allowed rewards to be obtainable to all players devoting enough time into the event.
    It's a real shame that some 3.3.5a items are effectively unobtainable. It reduces server content and longevity. It would also be cool if events were held in secret locations like Karazhan crypts, or Stormwind Jail raid. Make unknown content relevant again. Don't waste server content / locations for no reason.

  8. Hosting events in hidden locations can be a great way to experience the game's sense of exploration and discovery as players discover hidden areas or find rare items. It's also a great way to use existing server content and locations that might otherwise go unused.

  9. May 4, 2023  
    Event Name: Faction War

    Description: Faction War is a thrilling PvP event, where players are divided into two teams - the Alliance and the Horde - and battle each other to gain control over their respective cities, Stormwind and Orgrimmar. One team will defend their city while the other team will attempt to escort their king safely through a pre-determined path to defeat the enemy king in their city.

    The attacking team's mission is to escort their king to the enemy city and defeat their king. The attacking team's king can only advance if there is an ally nearby to protect them from enemy attacks. The defending team's mission is to work together to prevent the enemy king from reaching their city and to defeat the attacking team. Players in both cities will be fair game for attacks during the event, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the experience.

    The game will consist of two rounds, with each team taking a turn to defend their city and escort their king. The team with the most successful round outcomes will be declared the winner.

    The game will continue until one of the kings is defeated. There is no time limit, and the game will end only when one of the kings is slain. This means that players will have to use strategy and teamwork to successfully defeat the enemy team and emerge victorious.

    Rewards: The winning team will receive a special reward bag filled with valuable items such as rare mounts, toys, and other unique rewards. Even those who do not win will receive a participation reward, which will help them improve their characters and enhance their gameplay experience.

    Objectives: The objective of Faction War is to test players' skills and teamwork abilities while providing a fun and exciting PvP experience. Players will have to use their communication skills, strategy, and tactics to overcome their opponents and emerge victorious.

    Rules: Clear communication and a fair environment for all participants are crucial for the success of the event. Players are encouraged to behave respectfully towards their opponents, and any form of cheating or exploiting will not be tolerated. All players in both cities will be fair game for attacks during the event.

  10. May 8, 2023  
    Make the Northern zone of Wintergrasp (The Fortress, so you can still fly and do the dailies around WG) a no fly zone, put 2 teleporters 1 on each side (west / east) so that between WG battles the inside of the Fortress will be a active world pvp zone, Put the daily quests on west for Horde and east for Alliance like it currently is if you loose WG and let the fortress be a closed pvp zone, A lot of PVP communities that farm HK's allways go for the best way to get kills while waiting for the Queues on BG's and it would also get rid of a lot of griefing from ICC entrence etc, IF it turns out that Alliance just stands on Horde teleport make the area around portal a "immortal zone" or maybe even (I donnu if this would work since its technically not an intance but open world) Spread teams so you randomly get Horde of Alliance once you teleport so people cant "premade" it, so it's pure random world pvp kinda zone without going for smth too much custom, but yeah the NPC's to buy items next to stairs would have to get moved so... ye... no?

  11. Redo some of the old content like MC for the fire festival , just raise the stats of all monster to reflect the one of icc , and bring all the gear from that instance on par with icc loot.

  12. i say do all that minus bringing the loot to max level. just give out emblems of frost and/or triumphs.

  13. Hello, I was an event master on a small server, and we did a weekly quest for Jumper Event. At the beginning of the route there was an NPC with a Quest and at the end there was a NPC again for return Quest and the reward was in the form of golds, xp, and EoT and EoH(use for heirlooms or gems).
    It had two parts, easy and difficult. Halfway through it was possible to compĂșlete 1 Q (small reward) and take Q to continue, but beyond that the jumper was high with the risk of dying. Clean run with no fail took 20-30min, but there was no clean runs xD. Halfway 10-15min, and we upgrade the second part with one obstacle where you need 60%-100% mount so low lvl. cannot do. I make many of these true time. I used not only platforms but also chairs, benches and very small objects and sometimes dead ends :D
    Or play Hide and Seek. I type in chat i hide in City, location, and who find me first get reward from many types of reward( he can try say what he want :) )
    Was cool times.


    There is a possibility of setting up something like this on Icecrown?


  15. Loot Goblin akin to retail's Diablo celebration.

    GM spawns as a goblin at random locations in the world and people gather up to take they/them down for vanity items.

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