1. Hello , i remember long time ago there was a Cow Darts Event ?
    Was really cool , why did you stop it ?

  2. Why are there no recurring events for Lordaeron?

  3. Shifting Sands, Scarab Lord Event.

    -Since event failed badly on Frostmourne realm for second time, I would like to suggest recreating this event on Icecrown realm.
    -For reward, Scarab Lord title and Legendary Qiraji mount.

  4. Sorry if this has been Suggested before.
    Kill The GM
    An event that the GM can take part in!
    The GM pick a random raid and then 7-10 random abilities form any of those raid bosses.
    A group of 25-40 players then have to kill the GM while trying to Recognize the ability and what to do.
    (this would be better if the ability has a spoken que when casted)

    Location can be a random arena picked by the GM

    If the player dies he/she has 20 sec death time before being automatically Resurrected to try and follow and recognize what the abilities are.

    The GM Should have a decent amount of health so that even full BIS characters can not burst him down without being able to repeat all abilities at least 6-10 times.
    Prizes can be anything but should then be handed out to the players that has failed least to the abilities the GM has picked this can be like 1-3 best depending on what gets decided.
    Hope this can be done and should be a lot of fun!

  5. This is my Yard - Tournement 10 vs 10 / 15 vs 15
    = wich will be guild vs guild / and the same comp for each team ( any unable to get "title" ) from newer expansions , in a custom created map with pillars
    Area of Dominance
    = Mob waves stage 1 = 5 mob waves = boss inc = stage 2 mob waves = boss incoming untill u reach stage XXX up to the creator of the event / the higher u get with your grp the better the reward will be grp of 5-10 players ( suggest areas like mount hyjal )

  6. Hello . I liked christmas events that people had activity in world wpvp in 40 man raid groups between alliance and horde when they fight for getting rewards . its so fun when there is chaos in wpvp . this time i prefer world bosses instead of group of npcs to kill . 3 world bosses spawn every 1 hour for groups to kill . in no fly zones so just vanilla zones . and 40 man raids must find them first in that zones . and they drop items like before (pets mounts etc) and embelm of frost. bosses are not easy to kill and not also very hard . and i think you dont let mboxers to join this event and kill people and world bosses cuz they gonna ruin it for everyone . or maybe u cant idk

  7. I really enjoyed the Zombie event from LY, but would wish to see a longer time window for this event to be played. It would also be nice to have more than one group going at a time. I know it was very frustrating for many players since there was only 1 play at a go, and it could be up to 20 minutes, depending on how good the team was doing. Also, lots of grief going on with other players covering the event NPC with larger mounts.

  8. Pvp event

    Make 3v3 pvp event , and zombie event , like last year it was awesome!

  9. It would be geat to see some EoF eveng again, we didnt see any snowman in a while xD

  10. Strategic Advances! needs change

    The Strategic Advances quest needs to be changes to "play 20 matches or destroy 20 towers".

    there is no way an average player will ever finish this quests againt all the dono players on Icecrown.

    If you have even 2 or more regular players on your team you have no chance to win the match.

    With "matches played" you at least advance the quest on losses too.

  11. Just wanted to say this year's eventa are absolutely amazing and i wish they happened more often. Great job.

    Maybe allow group queue

  12. How about an event called something like : Thrill of the Hunt

    A world wide scavenger hunt, going to every continent and or island, searching the other factions zones as well as contested zones, for 20 random objects on a list for the Explorers Leagues. The list will change with every completion, with a new list of objects to get. The objects would be everything from a specific vendor item, to a specific mob drop, to just something you collect or kill in the zone. Scavenger lists can be done as solo or a group (not raid) to encourage cooperation between players.

    - Every 12hrs for 3-4hrs and last whatever duration (2 weeks, 3 weeks whatever)
    - Rewards valuable items hidden in a bag such as large gold amounts, rare mounts, pets, toys, scrolls, tabards, tmog sets, scrolls, etc
    - Rewards to be random awarded with the list to keep players not knowing what they will get upon completion

    what would be even nicer, is if you can edit the achievement data base and make an achievement. That like after like 10 completions or turn ins you get a feat of strength or achievement call like "Hunt or be hunted"

    Just thoughts but could be a really fun and rewarding event for all try

  13. I've enjoyed this year's events. I would like to bring up a possible addition to next year. Not a new event or something of the sort, but an addition. I'm talking about a "Trade Master". Now, running these events, I'm super happy with the items I have received. Bummed my group has only made 17 waves, but I digress. Trade Master would give you the ability to trade in that 4th murloc egg or Turtle mount for a token. You save up tokens and can put them towards that Zhevra mount you weren't able to get, or perhaps those Frost Emblems... Even the little things, like 5 stacks of Preserved Holly could go towards a token. This would work for everyone who plays, as the tokens would be soulbound, as I know we don't like sending items to those who don't participate. I am appreciative that you do this for everyone every year. I just wanted to bring this idea to the table in hopes of seeing it for next year ;)

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