1. I've got an idea for a pvp event that's fair for all "Gearscores"

    <Death match issue> Too many people high gs an over powered classes win it, So everyone else doesn't stand a chance. Or to make that event fair, allow all attendance of the event, Get something for participation. It'd definitely make people who know they can't win, Very happy. Their's so many things invovled with winning and losing in that event so I think that'll kinda of even things out for that event.

    My event would be named "All for one" It'd be a ladder match, It can be a duel or fight to the death. But whoever wins that match, Fights the neext in line, And so on and so forth. However, It should be segregated by ilvl/g.s. So lets say someone has 4k gs. They'd fight someone between 4-4.9 GS. Same with 5k and 6k GS. Make 4k or 5k the minimal GS to join the event. You can have the people in different GS brackets fighting at the same time in order to lower the time it'll take for the event to end.


  2. Criter hunt! Admin decides one criter evry day drops 1 epic item from all items possible randomly dropped to person killing criter gets the item mailed by gm.. like when someone during cycle of 1 day finds and kills criter GM decided to be lootgiver gets some epic item... as in from store or randomly... but every day 1 rare criter spawns and winner to be announced on system msg so people know that todays hunt is over... like 1 item 1 day... or maybe spawn every day and record how much unkilled loot giving criters are alive by texting .epiccriter in chat. like you can keep farming criters or someone might just randomly get epic items like this... this would be interesting part of randomly rewarding players ... would prefer all epic items for killers class to be achieved like that... even max items lvls... might add maybe that you add information of spawns every day.. what item lvl will it give and how much spawns are there... maybe more then one i guess... finder gets to decide item or GM checks his items and gives best item possible for his or hers lowest item lvl item to be swaped for best possibly wearable. <3 Event.. Criter hunt

  3. I want to make another proposal for an event that would encourage exploring.

    Suggested name: "Resource war"

    Carefully picked places on each continent where GM spawn end-game profession materials such as lichbloom, adders tongue, titanium and saronite veins, mobs with increased borean/icy scales/arctic skinning drop rates.

    These places should be hard to reach, think islands south of Tanaris, wintersprint. Or Shadowmoon valley/Netherstorm which are commonly excluded from visits during leveling on Icecrown. The area should be quite large to accomondate for a high visitor count, possibly hundreds of players.

    Event should be pre-announced on server. Held with regular intervals such once a week or once a month. Last for 6-12 hours to not disrupt the normal leveling experience of the zones its held. Reason for the event is to give players an oppertunistic chance to earn gold. Promote organic world PvP for availability to these resources. To decrase impact upon server economy custom made quests to hand in higher amount of these resources (plus a gold fee to further prolong time between gold halvings) in exchange for EoTs could be made. Alternativly custom quests to exchange these materials for vanity items.

    Possible downsides: High GM workload, GMs have to manually place these nodes or mob spawns and temporarily disable current mob spawns. Then restore it afterwards.

    Economic influence: One has to take into regard the economic implications of such event, the value of materials will deflate due to an influx, since crafts are so interconnected it could have unforseeable consequences on pricing in such a way that normal continuity of economy is disrupted temporarily.

    Faction domination: If factions are too uneven it could end up with one faction controlling all resources which defeats the purpose. a possible solution is to place the material zones in closer proximity to the underdog faction for easier and quicker availability.

    Possible upsides: Encourages active player participation. Too many people are stuck in the raid, pvp grind without interacting with the world. This would give them an incentive to be more active.

    Renewed purpose to professions, professions are only a means to top off gold and give players a little extra edge, in end game no more interaction exists with the professions beside this. This event would send players into different parts of the world depending on the professions they have, give them different rewards depending on their professions. It broadens the purpose of professions in general.

    Player cooperation and interaction. To achieve zone dominance it forces players to interact and cooperate, doing so strengthens reason and purpose to play. Many new players have hard to integrate socially because of how specific and unattainable end game gameplay is. This event would put everone on equal grounds, and force communication to achieve results.

    Reward suggestion: The event itself yields the reward naturally through materials. Furthermore custom quests to hand in materials + gold for vanity items could be added.
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