1. Surv Hunter Talentbuild 3.3.5B etc..

    Someones here who can provide some Infos about survhunter in 3.3.5B, wanna give it a try but im not sure about almost all a survhunter needs..

    Someone maybe playd it too and can provide serious tips?

  2. forget to play surv hunter. You 'll suffer. I play surv hunter (I'm not a pro, i play hunter only because rng op to bg). The dps of surv depend to explosive shott, i 'm sorry to say that but your opponent 'll lauch when they 'll see your damage. You can't kill heal, spriest, chaman (if he know you to play). For other you need to kite, and kite with trap, ect. Only interest is wyverne shoot on heal, but with fmage spam living bomb, ect it's done.

    Don't trust surv hunter you can see here are skill, they use black arrow, and poison + eplosive shoot to have a decent dps but when you do that you can't control your target (dot break it) , and your dps 'll collapse when block arrow and poison get dispell. (here they spam dispell, it's just over)

    it's for 3.3.5a but i think nothing really change on this spe:

    and if staff can do something with this ****ing reinder mount, when i see a hunter, feign death + mount to escape or just to kite you. That made me mad, because you can do nothing, you are dead.

    (be gentle, english is not my native language)

  3. It would be great if the explosive shot ticks would stack like in Cata and MoP so its possible spam explosive shot with out overwriting the ticks.
    Would make SV hunter much more viable in arena...

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