1. Warmane Ticket Guide

    Welcome to the Official In-Game Ticket Guide for Warmane. This guide will be covering several aspects of the ticketing system such as how to make a ticket and FAQs.

    Updated on 19th May 2015

    Please note that this guide may be updated without warning and players are advised to check this thread regularly should they encounter any issues in-game.

    Table of Contents

    1. What you can/should not submit in a ticket
    2. Information about GMs
    3. How to create a ticket
    4. Frequently Asked Questions
    5. How to upload & provide a link of a screenshot

    What you CAN submit in a ticket

    • Important class quests that do NOT work such as the quest chain for Redemption or a Shaman's totems. Also applies to all quests of the Death Knight quest chain.
    • Max level reputation factions with which it is impossible to obtain exalted status due to bugged quest(s) blocking further progress. Quests that are bugged in a way which makes it hard to complete them for low geared player ("The Last Line of Defense" in particular) are included as well.
    • Ashen Verdict (ICC) Ring Quest - Issues with deleted or lost rings, note that trying to abuse the system to gain more than one ring will result in account suspensions.
    • Stuck/Can't revive - Be sure to try the Character Unstucker tool first.
    • Can't get out of combat - Try re-opening your WoW program by using Alt+F4 to exit
    • Player reports - screenshots can be provided as shown here.
    • Being unable to switch between dual specs
    • Generalized help questions such as:
      - How do I disband a guild?
      - How do I leave my arena team?
      - How can I invite a player to a group?

    What you should NOT submit in a ticket

    • Bugs - GMs are not Developers and are not in-charge of fixing bugs. Report all bugs to the Bug Tracker. Not having the amount of required posts to submit a bug is not a reason to submit a ticket.
    • Items that you want/need - GMs are not allowed to give a player ANY item under ANY circumstances.
    • Missing arena points - Try waiting until the next flush and make sure you're not on a loading screen when it happens. Do note that we cannot reimburse or add/remove any arena points from your character.
    • Levels - Don't be lazy, level yourself. It's part of the experience of World of Warcraft.
    • Asking for gold
    • My mage cannot learn two-handed swords! - Since when can mages use two-handed swords?
    • Ban appeals
    • Can't learn riding skill - There is more than 1 riding trainer in World of Warcraft. Try out the Dalaran trainer before submitting a ticket.
    • When is ABC going to be fixed? - Soon.
    • Tickets in any language other than English
    • Indecipherable tickets
    • Unable to loot a certain mob/boss
    • Asking for removal of dungeon/raid IDs
    • Vote rewards related issues - We cannot refund or provide item exchanges for anything purchased using the vote system
    • GM MOTHER DK DMF LAG PLIS FIX MEN - If you have a high latency, please check your Internet Service Provider. If you have a low latency and there is delay, please remain calm and do not complain about the issue. The staff team is probably already working to resolve it.
    • Character re-customization - We do not provide free Race changes, Faction changes, Name changes or character re-customizations. If you wish to do any of the aforementioned, please check out the Website Tools on the mainsite! (Note that they aren't free)
    Edited: May 31, 2016

  2. Information about GMs

    GMs are part of the Staff team of Warmane, who will be the ones assisting you directly in-game should you have any issues. We do receive a huge number of tickets daily and this may result in you having to wait for a period of time before your ticket is handled by a GM.

    • Bugs and bugged quests

    GMs are not the people you should look for when you encounter an in-game bug or a bugged quest (with the exception of above mentioned important class quests). That is a job for the Developers and you should always report all bugs/bugged quests to the Bug Tracker to get them fixed. If you do not have the 30 posts required, you can either PM another user of the community to report it for you or start being more active on the forums.

    • Banned Accounts

    Players who have been banned are able to open a ban appeal ticket here. Don't bother to appeal if you know you are not innocent.
    A ban reduction system to players banned by our Sentinel Anti-Cheat has been implemented. For more information, please refer to this thread.

    • Feedback

    If you wish to give feedback on how a certain GM has handled your ticket, whether negative or positive, you are welcomed to do so by sending a PM to the Head Gamemaster Aldtharios.

    • Game Master Interaction

    GMs tend to not be visible to players in order not to disrupt gameplay. However, you may come across a GM in-game a few times or during special events. GMs will normally contact you by whisper, in-game mail or a summon to our location.

  3. How to create a ticket

    Many players think that creating and submitting a ticket to a GM is a very complicated thing to do. It's definitely not! It's extremely easy to do so and this part of the guide shall cover the area on how to create and submit a GM ticket.

    In order to create and submit a ticket just do the following;

    1. Click on the red "?" mark on the menu bar in your UI.
    2. Choose between "Talk to a GM" and "Report Problem".
    3. Once you have done so, click on "Open a Ticket".
    4. You should now be prompted to describe your issue to us in a text box. Proceed to type in the issue which you have encountered.
    5. Once you have finished typing your issue, click on "Submit" and your ticket will be in the queue of tickets that are already available.
    6. To ensure that you have successfully submitted a ticket, look at the top right corner of the screen and you should see this:
    7. If you click on it, you will be given 2 options. "Edit Ticket" or "Abandon Ticket". If you choose to abandon your ticket, the GM on duty will assume you have solved the issue already and will proceed to delete your ticket. Edit your ticket only when you have something to update the GM on in your ticket.
    8. Please provide as much information as you can regarding the issue/report in the ticket so you will not need to wait for hours online before a GM reaches your ticket. By describing the issue in detail, the GM can take action (if any) even when you are offline.

    Below is an example how a ticket should look like when a player chooses to report a hacker in-game.
    Hello there!

    I was just minding my own business in Borean Tundra leveling my character when all of a sudden, I saw a flying Tauren! I took a screenshot of him and thought I'd report him to you so that you may take action against him. Here is the screenshot which I have taken: <insert screenshot link here>. Just in case you can't read his name properly, it's Flyingcow.


  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    There are many, many questions which we have been asked by players through tickets and many other means. Amidst these hundred, maybe thousands, of questions posted to us, there are a number which have been repeatedly asked and this is where you will find the answers to some, if not all of them.

    You may wish to use Ctrl+F to search for the question you have in mind if you don't wish to scroll through the entire Q & A.

    Ticket FAQ

    Q: Why does it take so long for my ticket to get answered by a GM?
    A: That might be because no GM is online during the time on your realm in which you have submitted a ticket. Bear in mind that there are nine realms in total, all loaded with tickets and only a limited amount of GMs is online to any given time.

    Q: Will my ticket get deleted automatically if I go offline?
    A: No, your ticket will remain there even if you go offline. This is one of the many reasons why you should always describe your issue in detail wherever possible so that a GM may resolve the issue or contact you via other means to solve the issue with your character. However, do note that we cannot help with most issues, if you go offline. In most cases you will receive an ingame mail about your issue.

    Q: I was AFK just now and my ticket is gone! The problem I reported was also not solved!
    A: You probably did not describe the problem well enough for a GM to handle it properly. However, check for any messages left by the GM, who replied to your ticket. In order to not disturb the GM who handled your ticket while you were AFK, please submit a new ticket. Spamming a GM will not help as the GM might be handling another ticket already. Also refer to the things you should not submit a ticket about here.

    Q: I've died and I can't revive right now! I tried the unstuck tool on the website and in-game but I still can't revive myself! I can't find a Spirit Healer either! Must I remain online or can I go on another character?!
    A: First of all, don't panic. After you have submitted a ticket on the character which you are stuck dead on, you are free to play on another character. We can revive your character whether or not he/she is online.

    Q: How do I know if a GM is contacting me?
    A: Worry not as even if you're in an area full of spam, you can still find the whisper from a GM! Why? That's because a special chat window will open when a GM first contacts you.
    When you hear a "ding" sound in-game after making a ticket, look at top right corner of your screen and you should see this.
    Once you have opened the chat window with a GM, it should look like this. This way, you can tell the difference when a real GM contacts you and when an impersonator contacts you!

    Q: My ticket got deleted while I was offline. Why?
    A: Please check your in-game mail as a GM should have already mailed you a response. The mail should include the basic coverage on what to do on your issue - provided it's a common one. In the event whereby your issue is a complicated one instead of the usual "GM where i report bug" sort, a GM will contact you when it's your ticket's turn.

    Q: The wait time of my ticket keeps changing and jumping back and forth, why?
    A: The wait time is not working properly, you should not pay attention to it at all.

    In-Game Settings FAQ

    Q: I can't see anything me or my friend is chatting! I also cannot see global or LFG chat! HELP!
    A: Right click on the "General" tab in your chatbox then click on "Settings". Tick every box you see there before clicking on "OK". Also, make sure you are in the channel for global/LFG. If it still doesn't work, type /reload or try relogging.

    Q: I can't see the water ingame!
    A: Try lowering your video settings or updating your GFX drivers.

    Q: The LookingForGroup chat has disappeared and I cannot get it back!
    A: Delete your cache folder and completely restart your game; type /join LookingForGroup ingame and it should be fixed.

    AddOns FAQ

    Q: Why am I getting muted even if I don't spam anything?
    A: This is caused by the AddOn Carbonite. You may choose to look up their help forums on how to configure it so that it may not spam unseen messages or disable it completely.

    Q: Why does this pop-up box keep telling me to enter in a password?
    A: Once again, this issue is caused by Carbonite. You may choose to disable the AddOn completely or edit its settings by disabling zone channel.

    Q: My recount keeps bugging out and it doesnt record any data! How can I fix this?
    A: Make a macro of the following script and click on it every time your recount bugs out.
    /run local f = CreateFrame("frame",nil, UIParent); f:SetScript("OnUpdate", CombatLogClearEntries);

    Faction FAQs (Reputation and phasing issues)

    Q: Why are the Sons of Hodir NPCs still hostile with me even though I am already exalted with them?
    A: Open your reputation tab and search for Sons of Hodir. Select their reputation bar and make sure "At War" is not selected. If it is, deselect it and proceed to the nearest Sons of Hodir NPC to see if they're still hostile. If no, congratulations! If yes, please make sure you have completed the quest chain required for the faction. To view the entire quest chain, please visit this website.

    Q: Why can't I see Quartermasters of certain factions?
    A: The Quartermasters will only appear if you have successfully completed the entire quest chain for the respective factions. Below is the list of the first part of the quest chain for 3 factions.

    Q: I can't see any players of my party/raid in Icecrown/Storm Peaks!
    A: Your character is probably stuck in a phase. The only way out is to find out which quest is causing your phase issue and complete the quest and any following quests.

    In-Game FAQ

    Q: I'm stuck in this hole and my hearthstone is on cooldown, is there any way I can get out of here?
    A: Of course there is, you may use the character unstuck on the main site. Be sure to logout of your character before unstucking!

    Q: My mage/hunter/paladin did INSANE damage all of a sudden! PLEASE DON'T BAN ME!
    A: Please do not panic. This is a known issue that is known to occur with Ignite, Piercing Shots and Righteous Vengeance. We do not ban for such a thing as the bug occurs randomly and it cannot be intentionally caused.

    A: Make sure to document important trades with screenshots, if you have done so you can refer to this thread to report a scammer. Please note that this will not get you an item or currency refund of any kind, but only earn the scammer a ban, if you can provide enough evidence. This does not go for account scams.

    Q: I changed my character's name and I can't seem to leave my arena team, is there anything I can do?
    A: Simply type /teamquit 2v2, 3v3 o 5v5 depending on the arena team you wish to leave. For example, if you wish to quit your 3v3 team, type /teamquit 3v3.

    Q: Why does it say that I have entered too many instances?
    A: We have recently implemented it so that players can only do up to 5 instances per hour. There is no way to avoid or remove that.

    Q: Hello, I'm a raid leader of an ICC raid and I got disconnected. My UI shows that I'm not in a raid group but my raid members tell me that I'm still in the raid. What should I do?
    A: If you have a raid assistant, tell him to kick you from the raid. Let's say your character name is ABC, inform your raid assistant to type /kick ABC and you will be removed from the raid and the assistant who kicked you will be promoted to the raid leader.
    However, if you do not have a raid assistant, you will be required to re-make the entire raid.

    Q: Where is darkmoon faire? I cannot find it!
    A: The Darkmoon Faire spawns every first Sunday of the month and lasts for a period of 7 days. The order of spawn locations are as follows;
    Terrokar Forest -> Elwynn Forest -> Mulgore
    You can also create a ticket ingame to ask for the next spawn location.

    Q: I am trying to equip an item and it tells me that I can only equip one of those, but I do not have it equipped already!
    A: You have one of your currently equipped items socketed with an unique gem, the same gem you have in the item you are trying to equip. Replace that gem and you can equip the item!

    Q: Why does it say that I must have a weapon equipped to used a certain skill when I am already equipping a weapon?
    A: This issue is caused by a corrupted game file in your World of Warcraft folder. There are 2 options which you can try to resolve this. Run Repair.exe or re-install World of Warcraft. Mac users may not get rid of this issue at all.

    Q: I am the guild master of <insert guild name here> and I cannot access my guild bank tabs. Is there any way I can solve this?
    A: Click on "Guild Control" and rename your guild master rank. You should now be able to access your guild bank tabs.

    Q: How can I check the titles I have on my character?
    A: Open your character sheet by pressing "C" then look at the scroll bar right below your character name. Look for the desired title you wish to use and select it. Note that you can scroll down to see more titles you have available.

    Q: Is it legal for me to run a casino?
    A: Due to countless reports of scams, we have decided to ban the running of casinos. Therefore, any reports about players running casinos will be looked into and the responsible player will be taking a break from Warmane.

    Q: I can't complete The Purification of Quel'Delar! Please help!
    A: We will only assist with the completion of this quest for Blood Elves as the quest is only bugged for them. If you are of any other race besides a Blood Elf, please read the quest description carefully before attempting the quest.

    Q: My pets skills have disappeared off the skill bar! Pls help!
    • Open your spell book either by clicking on the icon or pressing "P".
    • Below the book pages, there should be 2 tabs. 1 for your character and 1 for your currently summoned/controlled pet.
    • Click on the pet tab.
    • You should see your pet skills listed the same way as you see yours. Drag the desired skills into your pet's skill bar and you'll have your pet's skills on the bars just like normal!

    Q: My hunter character has duplicated himself in my character list, what should I do?
    A: Whatever you may do, do not delete any of the characters, if you do so all characters will be deleted. Log into one of your characters and position all your pets in the stable that should fix the issue.

    Support FAQ

    Q: My account has been banned for hacking! PLEASE UNBAN ME!
    A: You can open a ban appeal ticket here. However, do not even bother appealing if you know you are not innocent.

    Q: I have accidentally purchased the wrong item using my vote points. Can I please get a refund/item exchange?
    A: Unfortunately, we cannot refund or provide an item exchange for any item bought using vote points.

    Q: Hi GM, I'm a donor and I bought an heroic item which I do not want to use. Can I have a refund/item exchange to something of similar value?
    A: Please refer to this thread.

    Q: A player wanted to donate for me and instead he stole my account/deleted all my characters!
    A: Account security is your own responsibility, we do not encourage players to share their account information in any case. If your account was stolen, you need to request a password reset on the website by clicking on the "Help" button next to login. That is your only way to get your account back. Deleted characters need to be restored with our website tools.

  5. How to upload & provide a link of a screenshot

    Found a hacker or abuser? First thing that would come to any player's mind would probably be something like this: "OMG THERE'S A HACKER GM PLIS BAN HIM!". Now, we cannot just ban a certain player just because you tell us to. We require concrete evidence, in this case a screenshot, in order to do so.

    Right now, some, if not all, of you might be wondering: "How do I take a screenshot and show it to a GM?". It's quite simple, really. In this part of the guide, you'll learn the steps you need to take in order to take a screenshot, get the link then submit it to a GM.

    Case 1
    Look on your keyboard for a button that is labelled as "Prt Sc".

    Case 2
    Some laptops or keyboards may have this labelled below the main function of the key. If this is the case for you, search once again on your keyboard for a button labelled as "Fn".

    Case 1
    • Hit the "Prt Sc" button on your keyboard.
    • There should now be a message in the middle of your screen informing you that a screenshot has been taken.
    • The screenshot will be saved to your WoW folder. An example of where the screenshot would be saved is; C:\Local Disk\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots

    Case 2

    • Press and hold "Fn".
    • While holding down "Fn", hit the "Prt Sc" button.
    • There should now be a message in the middle of your screen informing you that a screenshot has been taken.
    • The screenshot will be saved to your WoW folder. An example of where the screenshot would be saved is; C:\Local Disk\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots

    After you have taken the screenshot and located where it's found in your computer, proceed with the following steps in order to upload your screenshot to an image hosting website in order to get a link.

    Go to imgur.

    Click on "Computer". Locate your screenshot and then select it.

    Click on "Start Upload"

    Copy the "Direct Link" at the right side.

    Great! You're almost done! Now that you have copied the screenshot link, you may proceed to submit an in-game ticket to a GM reporting the hacker or abuser. Remember to put the screenshot link in the ticket or else the GM won't be able to view the screenshot! How to paste? Ctrl + V.

    You may choose to send a PM to a GM on the forums following the format given here.

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