1. 1-80 rdf lvling

    Hello guys. I am new here. I hate doing same quests again, again and again... I play wotlk many years and want to hit 80 on Icecrown by using RDF only. Is it possible to hit 80 by using RDF only? I mean if I must wait a lot for dungeons and if they give good experience to hunt fast.

  2. partly.
    you cannot rdf till youre 15, so youd have to do that first.

  3. Done it with 4 of my alts now after my main, it's almost always instant if you're a tank or healer, so unless you're a pure dps class, then yes you can do it.

  4. Honestly, you can, but like @Selaya mentioned, you have to get to level 15 first, which the beginner area makes it a peace of cake with the x7 XP. I did this with a warrior tank as it's pretty much instant queue. I just did mining and herbalism along with it. I got to 80 in no time.

  5. Yes you can, roll healer of tank for fast que. Of level by qeust if you are dps

  6. Yes you can, roll healer of tank for fast que. Of level by qeust if you are dps
    you sir are a master necroposter.

  7. you sir are a master necroposter.
    I'm not sure how often this happens considering my forum visitation is sporadic, but it seems like every time I come back here, there's a necropost.

  8. By all means its possible.

    Personal rules to rdf leveling.

    Preff full 5 man group but at min would suggest a 2 man group with you and your friend playing tank/healer. This is how me and my wife level our char and its typically a insta que. I believe this last run we waited at the most like 10 mins for 1 run, but we made 80 in just under 12 hours play time...rdfing only after Level 15, and now we get to do all the quest simply for gold!

  9. You can.. but that is hella slow way to level up. With questing, I level from 1 to 80 in 1 and a half day. Surely, I boost myself on my other account here and there. Regardless, even without boosting myself I can hi 80 in 2 days.

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