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    [A]Nox - Icecrown - Updated 20th December 2017

    So how exactly are we different? What makes us shine out from the crowd?
    We are a brand new guild formed by a couple of well experienced friends with the effort to contribute a new high quality guild. Our main purpose is not to find people with the gear but to find the ones with quality and ready to go on one hell of a journey with us. We are not striving for gearscore, we rather have one with lower gear but with quality whom we can help gear up than some bis geared dps who believe they are the best dps on the server. Another thing we require in our guild is the fact that you can speak and understand english in a decent way.

    About us
    • Website: http://nox-icecrown.shivtr.com/.
    • Lootsystem: DKP | Mainspec and/or Best in Slot over offspec prioritization.
    • Information about rules and looting system can be found here.
    • Standby DKP is given out to anyone who stays online for possible replacement during the whole raid.
    • Everyone is allowed to have alts in the guild.

    • Death Knight: Blood (Closed) Frost (Open) Unholy (Low)
    • Druid: Balance (High) Feral DPS (Low) Feral Tank (Open) Restoration (Open)
    • Hunter: Beast Mastery (Closed) Marksmanship (Open) Survival (Closed)
    • Mage: Arcane (High) Fire (High) Frost (Closed)
    • Paladin: Holy (High) Protection (High) Retribution (Low)
    • Priest: Discipline (High) Holy (Low) Shadow (Open)
    • Rogue: Assasination (Closed) Combat (Open) Subtlety (Closed)
    • Shaman: Elemental (Low) Enhancement (Low) Restoration (Open)
    • Warlock: Affliction (Closed) Demonology (Low) Hybrid (Open) Destruction (Closed)
    • Warrior: Arms (Closed) Fury (Open) Protection (Open)

    • ToGC25 Heroic: 0/5
    • ICC25 Normal: 12/12
    • ICC10 Heroic: 12/12
    • ICC25 Heroic: 10/12
    • RS10 Heroic: 0/4
    • RS25 Normal: 4/4
    • RS25 Heroic: 0/4

    Guild Management

    Raid Schedule
    • Wednesday: ICC25N/HC
    • Thursday: RS25N
    • Friday: Random Raid/Free Day
    • Saturday: Random Raid/Free Day
    • Sunday: Rerun ICC25N/HC
    • Monday: ICC10HC
    • Tuesday: ToGC25N

    • Raid times are 18.00/6 PM ST.
    • Raid invites starts 15 minutes before raid starts.
    • Schedule may change temporarily.

    • No GearScore requirement.
    • Addons: Deadly Boss Mods and Omen(Threatmeter).
    • Discord(Teamspeak 3 Backup). Microphone is not mandatory.
    • Stable connection.
    • Fully capable of understanding english.
    • Good hardware to handle 25 man raids.
    • Application filled out on our website, if you have any of the achievements below you do not need to answer any questions related to bosses.

    Applications will be accepted in two different ways. Either by having any of these achievements below:

    Or, if you do not have any of these achievements, a proper application filled out on our website is required.

    Bare in mind that exceptional applications will always be considered even if the role is closed.
    Be patient while your application is under process.
    Edited: December 20, 2017

  2. Great guild, thanks for accepting me :)

  3. Nox is up and running again looking to become one of the best! Whisper Soetboegen in-game or apply at our website to join us!

    - Soetboegen

  4. We are currently recruiting people with experience or a fast learning curve to expand our rosters. We are particulary interested in range DPS, but contact us if it looks interesting!

    - JB

  5. We are in high demands on the following classes/specs:

    Druid: Balance
    Priest: Shadow
    Shaman: Elemental

    Apply here.

  6. 2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that's 3 - kwik maffs

  7. Says the hunter that disengage of the platform on Bane xD

  8. That happened only once hahahaha

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