1. Help! I have been hacked/banned for no reason!

    "Help I have been hacked!"

    If you're having trouble with account security or your account information has been changed and you need help with it, please make a ticket on the website here

    if you can't due to an IP ban or not being a donor, send an email to
    [email protected] !

    Moderators, GMs, QA and other staff members will be unable to assist you with this problem. Please request help via the two avenues mentioned above.

  2. "Help! I've been banned for no reason!"

    If you find your account banned, start by accepting that there was a reason, which will be shown at your My Account section. The reason will be in general words, without specifics, but it will be there, and for an account to be banned something has happened. Posting on the Forums to complain about a ban will accomplish nothing positive.

    What you can do is not to create a thread (that is against the Forum rules), but to try to open a ban appeal, which should appear as an option when you try to create a Support ticket. Do not use any special characters at all, just plain text, when writing your appeal - that's a security measure because special characters can be exploited. Also, be polite and courteous - remember you are appealing for the ban to be lifted, not demanding anything. Ban appeals have low priority and evidence leading to the ban will have to be re-checked, so it might be a few days before you get a reply - which might also be your appeal being denied.

    If the option for a ban appeal doesn't shows for you, that more than likely means you landed on a banned IP. That happens a lot with people who try using VPNs, since those services often have been used repeatedly to break our rules and try to get around bans. So, while you personally didn't do anything to earn a ban directly, your account still tried to use banned means to log in - again, bans always have a reason. On this case you should send an email to [email protected] instead and, if that was really the case, your ban will be lifted. Do note that even if those might be dealt with faster, they are still checked, so being banned for something else and trying to send an email to claim you're on a banned IP isn't going to work - or leave you with a good image on serious appeals.

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