1. Icecrown(Alliance side) 60 twinking.

    Hello there brother and sister twinkers!
    We, <Pride> , are happy to announce one BIG surprise,that we had been preparing for a while.
    On the start of October,we are starting to recruit back 60 twinks,as we gonna be recruiting new ones,old ones from all around the twink guilds from Icecrown + Lordaeron 60 twink guilds are going to come to our aid aswell.We already acomplished big success last year,by reaching 26 twinks in a MC and BWL raid,while succeeding,and now we are heading to bring back those old days by getting members for even clearing AQ 40 twinks only! Aswell for the PvP part we got cover coming,recruiting horde side aswell.

    How the recruiting will work:
    1.Recruiting via macro from global to get new members.
    2.Finding our old members by skype and more communicating programs.
    3.Recruiting via messages in General,Global and major cities.
    4.Posting on forums and websites about our comeback.
    5.We are getting BIG help from the youtuber Dodgykebaab,who will spread the information around his subscribers and fans,and possibly even join us.
    6.Getting twinks from Lordaeron and possibly from the other expansions.

    We are suspecting this to be something really big.We already started to prepare the guild for such challange,and we will gladly lead it to full success!

    Info about the PvE:
    We are going to try to be a progressive raiding guild,by doing instances/raids with TWINKS only inside.
    -that means multiple rdfs a day till the chosen player gets pre-raid gear with which he can join later in our raids.
    -making tank and healers will be really in need,so if you want to be a DPS class,choose some that can be OS healer/tank so we have succesful rdfs and raids.
    -world bosses will be done aswell
    More information about the PvE part you can find ingame by asking our officers when time comes.

    Info about the PvP:
    As start we are going to raid more often than PvP so we can get decent gear and in that time to recruit horde twinks aswell,but when that happen:
    -wPvP everyday.
    -we are going to try to achieve everyday battlegrounds,at start they may not be that much,but with recruiting people they gonna become more often.
    -skirmish arenas as much as possible
    -events for 1v1 / 2v2 and such.
    More information about the PvP part you can find ingame by asking our officers when time comes.

    Guild rules can be found ingame in the guild info,but the most stricktly will be:
    -be good to your guildmates and helpful
    -NEVER make 68/69 and when you see one in battleground focus only him/her or DONT help them if they are in your team.
    -try to be active as much as can and on time for raids,events and such.
    More information about the guild rules can be found ingame by reading the guild information.
    -guild ranks are fairly made,so dont beg for a promotion or such issues.

    We currently fixed our guild bank and guild ranks.
    Guild ranks explanation:

    -New recruit - Those who are levelers in the guild.
    -Fresh twink - Those who just digned 60 lvl or entered guild at level 60 with low gear.
    -Banker - Those who are controlling,fixing and looking over our guild bank.
    -Knight - Those who are known to be more into PvP-ing
    -Champion - Those who are known to be more into PvE.
    (WARNING!!! the two following ranks doest mean that if you are "Knight" you cant do PvE,or if you are "Champion" you cant do PvP.It just points out which kind of player are you and which action you like the most)
    -Warlord - Those who lead the PvP in the guild. (For example organising arenas,battlegrounds,wpvp and events)
    -Highlord - Those who lead the PvE in the guild. (For example organising raids,dungeons,world boss events and such)
    (Same previous warning goes for this aswell)
    -Lord - For those who generally controll the guild,or simply Officers.
    -Guild founder - Especially something like second GM,this rank fits only for those who are founders of the guild,at this point our honored Immovable.
    -High Warlord - Stands for the guild master (me(Atanarix)).

    If you have any suggestions/questions about our guild bank,guild ranks or generally about our guild system,you can ask ingame me(Atanarix,Androidz) or someone of our Officers(Lords).

    Remaining that all other feautures and actions begins on the start of October!

    Thats all for now,if you have more questions about the event,log into Icecrown(ally side) and whisper to Atanarix/Androidz.Thank you for your time.See you all twink brothers and sisters on October!

  2. Why not for Horde((((
    We are planning to recruit hordes aswell,but we are going to need help from more players for that.We cant be fully controlling both sides if we are going to do serious bussiness if u understand me.We are going to need some cover,some good and active officers that can control horde side,organise raids,pvp events and more.

  3. Update:
    We still didnt started recruiting and people already started coming.New and new twinks are joining us everyday.
    We currently already cleared ZG with twinks only and AQ 20 aswell.
    Here is a provement of that:


    Soon we are suspecting bigger raids with twinks only and accomplish big success.Join us to live our twink dream and have a lot of fun!

  4. We are currlently growing more and more,and we still even didnt started recruiting at full yet.People decided to join us earlier than we expected.
    Here is a screenshot from yesterday night:

    We aswell keep uploading videos to our youtube channel about our events,so go check it out now:

    We are suspecting more people to come to our guild,and we are strongly hoping that to happen,so we can fully and easy clear bigger raids with twinks only and do big PvP events!

    If you wish to participate and have your own awesome twink,log into Icecrown(ally side) and whisper to Atanarix for further information.Thanks all for joining us and making this dream come true!Be seeing ya ingame!

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