1. Icecrown(Alliance side) 60 twinking. <Pride> launch!

    Hello again fellow twinkers!As known,we had an officer meeting and we discussed a lot of things about the PvE,PvP parts and about the guild itself,and now we can officially and proudly announce the guild rules and all other things related to the guild.

    1.PvE section:
    -Raiding time:
    We have planned to have two raiding times - one for Eu players and one for US players.However,because of the really low amount of US players,we decided for the moment to have only EU raiding time,which will be always at 18:00 ST.But hey,Us players,Dont get dissapointed quickly!We will wait around 1 more month to see after the big recruit how much US players we will have,so we can promote one of them for rank "Highlord" to lead US raids.

    -Raiding plan:
    We,<Pride> officers,has spontaneously agreed with our new raiding plan,which is the following:

    *Monday - Zul'Gurub (twinks only) at 18:00 ST.
    *Tuesday - Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (20 mode)(twinks only) at 18:00 ST.
    *Wednessday - Classic/Tbc insance farming for gear/enchants/miscellious.Groups can be gathered by players whole day.
    *Thursday - Usually free day,but sometimes can attempt world bosses in the following zones: Hinterlands,Ashenvale,Azshara,Feralas or Duskwood,or do other PvE fun stuff.
    *Friday - Totally free day.We know people want to have some rest at Friday from everything and maybe go to some restaurant,cinema,etc etc,have irl stuff,so this is the day to take rest from WoW.
    *Saturday - PvP day.PvP events will be organised such as battlegrounds,arena skirmishes,world PvP in Hellfire Peninsula or even in Northerend figthing 80s and ofcourse 1v1 , 2v2 events with prizes included.Pvp day will be active without exact time(exept for the 1v1,2v2 events),whole day.
    *Sunday - Progression raiding.Sunday will be the day where we will attempt to clear the 40 man raids with twinks only (Molten Core,Blackwing lair,Ahn'Qiraj).We know that will take some time and couple of wipes till we master the raids and clear them fully,but thats why its called "progression raiding".So please dont rage if we wipe,do dramas,quit or such.Any kind of those following actions will be followed by punishment.

    -Raiding rules:

    *If we are making 20 man raids and we are more than 20 online,please the high geared people step aside to the low ones so they can get some gear aswell.
    *If you join a raid,make sure to stay till the end,Or dont even join it if you think you wont be able to stay till the end.Leaving in the middle of the raid will get you the following punishment: next time we do raid,we will pick first those ones who follow strictly the rules and the ones who left mid raid will be invited LAST,if there is even free spots inside.If there arent,well sorry,its your own fault.
    *Do not do pug raids. Now we all know there are some impatient players who instead of waiting for the exact raiding times will inv some 80s and boost himself thru all raids for one day.Well its banned.I mean,where is the fun in that after all?So we please you to be patient,as you can see the raiding plan we will organise PvE gearing events almost every day,and wait for exact guild raids.If someone sees a player to organise himself a pug raid,please send an ingame mail to some of our officers,we will award you for your report and punsh the guilty player.

    2.PvP section:

    -PvP rules:
    There isnt much to tell about the PvP rules,but here they are:

    *You can use Tbc gear,but NEVER go twink at 65,68,69 or etc.
    *Do not camp graveyards of any battleground.
    *If there is ally 60+ twink,do NOT help him.Let the hordes kill him,even if he carry the flag,isolate him maximally,and if its a horde 60+ twink,focus him first.
    *In world events do not split from group,slack,afk or such.Always listen what leader tells you to do and follow him,do NOT go anywhere on your own.
    *In world PvP,try to NOT kill one player more than 3 times,cuz the 2 min ress and camp 24/7 is really annoying(you can tell by yourself when get camped by 80 lvl).

    Those are the rules for now,by the time passes if we see that something has to be added/removed,we will announce it.

    For guild bankL Till first of October guild vault wll be fully fixed and released,by having slot for everything from trash to mats to rewards and such.

    As said,recruition starts from first of October with Full power.

    Its also a MUST to have istalled discord.ID is in the guild info.We will use it for PvP and PvE evets.

    Any kind of help with the guild will be appreciated,so we can make our beloved guild stronger and bigger.

    Leaders of PvE: Atanarix(me) , Zulzorander and Jeay
    Leaders of PvP: Children,Immovable,Atanarix(me)
    Bankers: Zulzorander,Mufasah,Children
    Promotion for the guild,videos and recruition: Mufasah,Atanarix(me),Blechi,Thchead,Children,Zulzo rander.

    Thanks all for joining us and be seeing you on the first of October!If you have any questions or ideas,please contact our officers ingame.

    Your best: - Atanarix

  2. Now,with our new members,we managed and succeed in clearing Blackwing lair fully!Join us so we can clear AQ 40 aswell!

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