With the recent activity of guilds on Outland selling attunament runs for people who need to get attunaments done (often from the T5 content) I believe it might be good to get a clear answer in regards to activities such as these:

    GDKP (stands for Gold-DKP raid): A person organizes a raid to any raid (be it high-end or old content) by PUG. The raid is carried out in a manner as such that the participants bid for dropped items with ingame gold. At the end or when the raid is called to be over, the gold is split between all the raid members (normally the leader takes a % cut for personal gain and to pay certain a return for used consumables).

    GFGB (stands for Gold for guild boost): A guild offers one or several wealthy players to participate in their raids with certain items reserved for the players. If the items drop, the buyer pays a member of the raiding guild X gold and the item is looted to him/her. At the end the gold held by the member can be deposited into the guild bank or split between the members of the guild who was present in the raid.

    Are activities such as these allowed on Warmane and if so, are there any restrictions?

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