for the last couple of weeks i've experienced some kind of bug with the Grid2 addon.

basically the grid for the raid does not show, and when i go to "interface --> addons" i cant expand the "grid" table, tho it shows its there. the only solution to make the "grid" table expand again (and re-show the raid frame) is to type a debug comand /script Grid2DB = nil; ReloadUI()

the problem is that, by doing so, the grid resets to its default values, making any previous changes done to it (debuffs shown, position, size, etc) disapear.

reloging doesnt work, deactivating the addon and reactivating it doesnt work either. it also seems to happen on a specific account only, since i have more than one and the only affected one is this one.

anyone knows why this happens? or how to fix it so it does not happen again?