1. Twitch and Youtube < banners> HQ

    Hello there players,
    I'm doing banners for players on warmane, for Twitch, Youtube, etc...
    If anyone need any kind of banner or art, let me know here or ingame: Icecrown - Alliance Burnday / Horde - Oneton,
    Here are some few but hq designs, i made for the last 3days,
    Thank you and don't forget to PM me ingame or via forum, or DISCORD Burnday#0371
    Hope you enjoy!

    Edited: July 8, 2018 Reason: GFDS

  2. hello i am interested in having a youtube banner done. BIGBARRELL is name let me know, im open to see what you can do

    maybe a full bis DK with shadowmourne

  3. really the best ... no doubt about it.

  4. BACK! /w Burnday -Alliance or Oneton -Horde or just pm here <3

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