1. Forum Event - Legendary Weaponsmith

    Welcome to 2018's Winter Holiday Forum Event: Legendary Weaponsmith!

    This event relies on our member's creativity in designing their own Artifact Weapon with
    visuals, theme, special powers and story behind the weapon's existence.

    Event Rules:
    • The artwork must be original. Copying artwork from the game won't do well. To be fair with people who aren't artists, they may use art from other games, but that isn't as much valuable as original art.

    • Weapon name must be World of Warcraft-like, meaning that Doom's Doomray of Doom isn't a fitting name for this event. The NPC who used to wield it, should be original as well, may even be one of the player's characters name.

    • Create a story for the weapon. No Artifact Weapon is Legendary without a good story behind it. Tell who wield it first, when, for what and where it has been lost, according to the legends. These are examples to help you get started.

    • Special Powers. Pick a theme fitting the class and specialization the weapon would be for. You can explain some divergences with the story, but a weapon for a Rogue that throws fireballs would be hard to justify, for example. Also, make sure to create a realistic item. It's meant to be powerful, but also something that could be in the game without destroying balance. Absurdly powerful items will just be disqualified and not considered (ex. a weapon that sunders entire worlds).

    Event Rewards:
    The best designs, elected by the Staff will win the following rewards:
    • Forum Reward: Forum Title "Legendary Weaponsmith"
    • In-game Reward: one specific transmogrification of choice + item (except Legendaries).

    There will be a community poll on the forum as well, in which the winner wil be given the following rewards:
    • Forum Reward: Forum Title "Legendary Weaponsmith"

    Note: If you have previously won this event and have the title, you may choose to be granted "Legendary Weaponsmith+"

  2. FAQ

    Q: But I suck at drawing!
    A: You don't have to be good at everything involved in the competition. If you try to draw something, or be creative in another fashion, you'll be fine. You can make up for it by excelling in the other parts of the event. A wall of text won't win you the competition either. Focus on quality best you can in the areas you are good at.

    Q: What limitations are there for what we come up with?
    A: There aren't really any. Be creative!

    Q: Are multiple submissions allowed?
    A: Yes, but only one can win per person. No, submitting more weapon concepts does not increase your chances of winning.

    Q: Can I edit my submission?
    A: Yes, of course. Just make sure that you're done before the deadline.

    Q: Where do I put my submission?
    A: Post it as a response to this thread.

    Q: When will the winners be announced?
    A: Some time after the deadline, after we've had sufficient time to decide on the winners.

    Q: What if I win and I play on TBC where there isn't transmog?
    A: You may still have a non-legendary item of your choice.

    Q: When is the deadline?
    A: TBA

    Looking forward to some amazing work this year!


    Legendary Chainsaw that once belonged to Zap Zipplegang, ordinary lumberjack making honest living in Ashenvale. One dreadful day, as Zap was returning to his modest home, he noticed something was off. The fence around the gate had been broken. He quickly rushed inside, unknowing to the horrors that he was about to witness, his wife and child butchered by night elf nationalists. At first thoughts grief, anger and denial... One thing was left on his mind, Revenge... but how!? Clueless and lost he wandered Azeroth... He heard a voice "Take revenge", "Blood for the old gods". blinded by the insanity he followed the voices to the twisting nether where he traded his soul for his only desire, revenge. Since that day he spent hundreds of years killing night elves.


    Main Hand
    Speed 1.00
    STR +80
    AGI +130
    STAM + 30

    Attacks have chance to cause TURBO effect, increasing haste by 700 for 10 seconds, after turbo expires SHREDDER will spill oil 10 yards, enemies covered in oil are slowed 20% and ignited for 2000 fire damage by the torch.

  4. Stormrage's Ataraxia

    The very few knew about this story...

    Legend says, that long time ago the forest itself took a shape of a tree, enable to move, see and even talk. Creature later known as the very first, and forsaken, Sentinel Kov. A very poverful being that could see and do almost everything. Kov lived for long, long time... Has seen many great things, some of that things are, sadly, wars. Embittered and doleful, creatures eternal life has faded, his heart began to rot. At the very end of its existence Kov spent time teaching two twins, Stormrage brothers, leading them to the right path through lessons. The place of their gathering is known only to the brothers Stormrage...

    Kov realized that he taught them almost everything. The time has come for the last lesson.

    Sentinel Kov: "I'll soon leave this world. I've taught you everything I know, well almost everything."
    In that moment Kov gathered energy and created two gems, one in each hand, and gave them to his disciples and said:
    "Take this gems with you, each one of you should be alone until we meet again, on the next full moon."

    Illidan(quietly):"Are you... Are you really leaving us?"
    Malfurion: "That's soon, only three days... What are we supposed to do with this gems?!"

    Sentinel Kov: "I've seen so much. So many cycles, so many same endings... Wear them with you all the time. Be ready for
    our next meeting, it would be your last lesson. Go now!"

    Brothers are leaving, visibly shaken...

    Three days have passed. The three of them met in the same place at the scheduled time, it looks like for the very last time.

    Sentinel Kov greets them and starts to talk: "I see that you did what I've asked. Now put your gems in those daggers, and be ready to fight."
    Once colorless gems, and now orange(Illidan's) and green(Malfurion's). They've done what Kov asked them to. As they watched at daggers (each in their own) Kov continued to talk..
    Sentinel Kov:"Those are the rules of the fight. The first one to give his opponent four skratches or wounds wins the duel, but be awere those weapons are much powerful than you think. The winer can ask me for any wish, and I'll unquestionably grant him that wish. You can start when you are ready."

    Illidan and Malfurion, overwhelmed by emotions, just stood in disbelief, and after a while they agreed that the duel could start.

    As the fight progressed, both had three wounds and in the heat of battle, their gems have changed colors yet again. Illidan's was now red like a blood, and Malfurion's blue as a sky.

    Realizing that the next wound is the last one, they charge at each other with only one desire... Before the last exchange takes place, Kov stops the duel with powerful spell. Brothers couldn't move.

    While approaching them, Kov asks:"What is it that you want so much that you'd kill your brother for it?"
    Not waiting for the answers, goes on.
    "What remains of this world after the folk, led by emotions, are shadow and dust."
    Then grabs their daggers, combines them creating the single one, and pierces his own heart.

    Although they should have been shocked by what they saw, the brothers did not feel anything. As if something drained their feelings. They felt unusually calm as they watched Kov's body disappears in the ashes.

    In memory of the beloved teacher, they've build a memorial in this place, whitin which they sealed this weapon. They swore to never use it again.


    Stormrage's Ataraxia
    Binds when picked up
    Main Hand
    Damage: 720-1300 Weapon speed: 2.2
    +209 Agility
    +90 Stamina
    +90 Intelect
    Prismatic Socket
    Prismatic Socket
    Socket Bonus:+8 Agility
    Durability: 115/115
    Classes: Druid
    Requires Level 80
    Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 90.
    Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 90.
    Equip: Your attacks wound target. Your fourth attack against
    single target will trigger Illidan's anger or Malfurion's ruth.
    (1 min cooldown)
    Illidan's anger: Triggers when target has more percentage health than you.
    Your attacks deal 10% more damage with each attack for 10 seconds, but you lose
    2% of your current healt each time you damage wounded target.
    Malfurion's ruth: Triggers when target has less percentage health than you.
    Target loses 10% of all stats each second for 5 seconds.
    Attacks against you from wounded target heal wounded target for 50%
    of damage dealt for 5 seconds.
    "... shadow and dust."
    Sell Price: 35g65s77c

    Edited: December 21, 2018

  5. Windshredder, Cursed Blade of the Berserker

    After the events of the First war and the growing threat of the newly formed Horde, the Alliance of Lordaeron needed strong and brave warriors to defend the human kind from the filth that crossed The Dark Portal. But what is a strong and brave warrior without his masterfully forged weapon ?. Every man, who was trained in the art of war was destined to become a fierce warrior but not every tool of war was destined to become a worthy weapon for the proud and mighty defenders of the human race. Because of this, the Council of the Seven Nations assigned a young blacksmith, named Alfred Scmied to go to the mysterious and very skilled elvish blacksmiths and the strong and also very skilled dwarven weapon masters and learn the secrets that make one weapon a great one. He spend all his youth learning and developing his blacksmithing skills to the point that both elvish and dwarven craftsman acknowledged him as an equal, which was unheard by that time. At the age of 35 he returned to the humans and was given a task to create a powerful weapon that would help the warriors of the Alliance. So the once young blacksmith, now a skilled craftsman started to work day and night to forge the perfect weapon.

    The two-handed sword was enormous, yet light as a feather. It looked like you can’t wield it even with your two hands, but after you grab it you feel that the sword is as light as a stick. Alfred decided that he will test the sword, he grabbed it and lift it high above his head. The sword felt almost like a child’s toy, but as he struck down the nearest piece of wood that was laying on the dirty floor the air split in two, just like the peace of wood. From there he took the name of the sword - Windshredder. Young Alfred, always wanted to be a warrior. As a small boy his grandmother told him many stories about the vicious and strong warriors, who could split a man in half with a single strike of their sword. From there he decided to name the sword Windshredder, Blade of the Berserker.

    As he grow up, his father – the only blacksmith in the small town near Lordaeron, started to pass the family craft to the young Alfred, but the boy wanted to be trained as a warrior. One day in the small town arrived a knight, who was send to recruit young boys to be trained in the art of war. Alfred immediately sprinted to the knight and begged to be trained, but the knight refused, because the boy was too short and too skinny to be trained. Then Alfred decided that he will become a blacksmith – just like his father and continue the family craft.

    The Council saw the sword, and decided that this masterful blade must be wield into battle by a great and mighty warrior like Bron Evencane, a proud defender of the human race and a captain in the wars to come. Captain Bron accepted the sword from Alfred and the council gave him his next assignment – March on Blackrock Spire !

    The Alliance forces, not only humans, but elves, dwarves and gnomes marched on the greatest bastion of the Horde at Blackrock Mountain. Bron was at the front line, together with his squad of knights and his mighty blade – Windshredder. He charged through the orcs with such force that with every strike at least five orcs were split in half. They were doing good, until Bron heard a voice, an orcish voice behind him.The orc was looking directly at Windshredder. Bronn charged the orc and cut his head off, but not before the warlock finished the spell. The captain felt it, but he kept slashing through the orcs until suddenly he dropped the blade. After the battle was over, and the Alliance won, one of the elves found Captain Bron, barely breathing, surrounded by hundreds of dead orc’s. His legendary sword was at his side but he couldn’t lift it, no one could.

    The orcish warlock, cursed the blade so that if you wield that sword into battle, you must pay a great price and possibly it may cost your …. life ! Because of this the blade is now called Windshredder, Cursed Blade of the Berserker. The whereabouts of the sword are currently lost, because the blade haven’t been used since battle of Blackrock Mountain.

    Weapon: Windshredder, Cursed Blade of the Berserker
    Binds when picked up
    Two Hand Sword
    Damage: 990-1512 Weapon Speed: 3.70
    +200 Strength
    +217 Stamina
    Red Socket
    Red Socket
    Socket Bonus: +8 Strength
    Durability 135/135
    Classes: Warrior
    Requires: lvl 80
    Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 140.
    Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 80.
    Equip: Chance to cause 1000 damage to the wielder.
    Equip: Chance on hit to cause Unrelenthing Assault, which increases your strenght by 15. Stacks 10 times.
    Fully stacked effect of Unrelenthing Assault lasts for 15 seconds and causes the warrior to be tipsy.
    Cooldown is 2 minutes.
    Unique effect: Cursed: If wielded out of combat for more than 30 seconds,
    the player drops the sword in the inventory and cannot equip it for
    5 minutes.
    " You can wield me to battle .... but at what cost?
    Sells for: 45g15s,32c
    Edited: December 20, 2018

  6. Felisdir, Elune's Light !

    After the rise of the Lich King and the launch of an undead Scourge offensive against the cities and towns of Azeroth.
    Warchief Thrall deployed all of his army to Northrend led by Overlord Garrosh Hellscream.
    King Varian Wrynn sent a powerful Alliance army, commanded by Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, to defeat these enemies of the Light.

    Even in the far distant Darnassus, reports of these efforts did not go unnnoticed.
    High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind started praying for assistance from her Goddess.
    The Moon Goddess, Elune answered and sent Tyrande to Moonglade.
    The brightest Moonlight that Tyrande has ever experienced, guided her towards Lake Elune'ara.
    A light, as bright as the Moon, drew Tyrande into the depts of the lake.

    There she found him, infused with the light of Elune, born to protect Azeroth from the rising shadows ..........Felisdir!

    Edited: December 20, 2018

  7. Celene, The Godess Will

    -"Grandpa, tell me a story" said the young night elf girl on her bed
    -"A story? uhm... what kind of story do you want this time?" replied the calm voice of her grandfather
    -"A story of love and heroism" said the girl, "a story of heroes and danger, like the ones papa used to told me when we lived back at Darkshore"
    -"uhm, I do know one such story, it's the tale of Celene and Gazir, do you want to hear it?"
    the girl nodded with her head in response
    -"Very well" said the old night elf, as he began with the story:

    Our story begins before the first invasion to Azeroth, where two young elfs, a warrior named Gazir and a priest named Celene lived. they've been married for a couple of years now. of course, for the elven race, that's a blink of an eye, but they both loved each other greatly. They had a small home near the town of Aubedrine, where they lived peacefully. The priestess worked in the local temple, worshipping Elune, and the warrior trained the recruits in the barracks.

    That all changed with the arrival of the Burning Legion.

    When the first invasion occurred, the races of this world, including the dragon aspects and the night elfs, joined against the demons. Malfurion Stormrage was their leader, and he gathered every night elf capable of battle in order to fight against this threat. Gazir joined, as was his duty, but as he did so did Celene, for one would never part ways from the other.
    before leaving their home, Celene went to the temple to ask the goddess of the moon, Elune, for its blessing. Gazir was not a priest, nor a fervent religious warrior, yet, he also went to the temple, and when Celene couldn't hear him, he raised a prayer:
    "Goddess of the light, please hear this prayer. We are about to start a very dangerous journey, and I fear, not for myself, but for my beloved: Celene. Please, I beg you, keep her away from harm's way. If in your knowledge you decide a life must be taken, please, let it be mine. I humbly offer you my life and my soul as long as she's safe"
    The warrior finished his prayers and went for Celene, who was also praying, before going out of the temple.
    for months the priest and the warrior battled alongside thousands of other elfs, but no matter how many victories they achieved, more demons appeared into Azeroth. Malfurion knew there had to be a portal somewhere, and he got word of a possible portal in what today is known as Felwood, so he called for the lovers and sent them in a scouting mission alongside some of the best hunters and rogues the elfs had to offer.
    for days they traveled the terrain, but found no demons or signs of their activities, so they reported back to Stormrage that the area was secure, and soon after the main force of the elven army was ready to land on the northern coasts of Darkshore.
    the night was clear and a huge, shinning moon raised into the sky. the air was cold and the waves were calm, the perfect time for a landing.
    Gazir and Celene were in their tent while some sentinels kept watch of the surrounding area and some were at the shore, ready for the landing.
    Suddenly, a large group of demons attacked from the shadows and overran the sentinels. They quickly moved towards the shore to prevent the vessels from docking.
    Malfurion had to halt the landing, for the demons were many and it would risk too many lives, so he had to retreat with the vessels, scarifying those on land, and find another docking point in order to safely land and rescue the scouting group.
    Gazir and Celene went out of their tent and began combating the demons. Outnumbered, the elven forces lost pace little by little, and one by one they fell, until only two remained: Gazir and Celene. Their bond was too strong for the demons. their synchrony, perfect, and their movements, precise. They were more powerful together that they would ever be separated. The demon commander soon realized of this power and ordered its troops to separate the lovers, but such a defense was not easily broken.
    Wave after wave of enemies they repelled with their magic and steel, but their forces started to dwindle, while the demon's kept coming, one after another.

    amidst the chaos of the battle, Gazir stranded too far from Celene, and the demons took the breach to finally separate them. without their coordination, the elven couple started to fall back into the shore. little by little Gazir lost ground and strength. his blocks, less focused and his movements, less nimble, despite the blessings Celene casted upon him from afar. Finally, one demon trespassed his defenses and managed to stab him by the waist, but as he fell so did the demon.
    Celene saw the attack to her beloved and released a final burst of light to kill the demons around her, a blast of white light so big and powerful it would rival the one of Elune herself, and rushed towards her injured love. Gazir saw the radiant burst of light and understood that the Goddess of the Moon had decided to spare Celene's life at the cost of his own. He never felt fear. He never felt guilt.
    One final demon approached to deliver the finishing blow on Gazir. the elf took a last look at his lover, faced the demon and closed his eyes, embracing the Goddess Will.
    The tip of the blade stopped at an inch before Gazir's chest. Before him was Celene, looking at him, with the demon's sword coming out of her chest. A single tear fell down Celene's cheek, as she fell to the ground.
    having witnessed his beloved fall next to him, Gazir went into a rampage no other elf, alive or dead, has ever seen, and slaughtered every demon in sight. he felt no pain, no fear, no remorse. So relentless were his attacks, so furious his blows, that the demon general had to order a retreat and scattered his forces in the surrounding woods.

    Now being the only one still standing, Gazir went back to the Celene and kneeled. She was pale and had barely any strength left.
    "It's okay" said her "It is her will". With her last forces she faced at the great, white moon near the horizon, closed her eyes, and died.

    soon after Malfurion arrived with reinforcements from the main army. he found a lone elf, hugging the corpse of his lover, broken in tears and rage.
    four of the strongest druids could not separate Gazir from the body of Celene. and Stormrage's words would not calm his pain, so the elf remained there, mourning. while the rest of the forces moved onwards.

    10,000 years passed since the battle at the coasts of Darkshore, and the demons invaded again. this time, they planned to destroy the World Tree.
    Once again, Malfurion recruited those who could fight to aid in the fray. for centuries they tried to take Gazir back into the army or at least into civilization, for the elf now lived in solitude, yet all efforts were in vain.
    This time, however, Malfurion went to see him personally. When he arrived, he found a small house next to the coast, just like the one the couple had at Aubedrine, and on the backyard there was a single grave with a rusty sword on top of it, and single inscription:
    Here lies the Goddess Will: Celene
    lying next to it was the elf. his clothes in rags and his look, grim. he carried a rusty knife on his belt, more a hunting or skinning tool than a weapon.

    "I know what you are going to say" said Gazir, before Malfurioun could speak. "I'm not going back"
    Stormrage approached the lone warrior and spoke:
    "The world needs you. Do you think she would have liked to see you like this?" the druid made a pause to see the impact his words have had.
    "you are a warrior, if you don't fight for a just cause, then what do you fight for?"
    Gazir stood up to look Stormrage in the eye: "I've always fought for her, and only for her" he replied, as he turned around and laid next to the grave again. "without her.. I am nothing".
    "Leave now, let me be alone with my sorrows, let other heroes rise and fight for what they believe on. The world does not need me anymore" finished the lone elf.
    Malfurion knew the warrior had lost his spirit. His words would have no influence, nor his deeds, so he decided to leave the mourning elf alone.
    That night, a shinning moon raised, the same type of moon there was when Celene died. and just like every night, Gazir kneeled down next to his beloved's grave in hope of getting answers.
    At first, it only looked as if the moon and the stars were reflected upon the ocean, but little by little the lights in the water became brighter and bigger.

    Gazir looked up towards the sea. There it was, a pale yet bright figure, covered in pure white light, which didn't let Gazir see its face, but he saw it had the complexion of an elven woman, and it was walking on top of the calm waves, floating.

    Gzir rapidly stood up, took the sword laying on top of the grave and pointed it towards the figure.
    Even though elven swords are master pieces, no sword can withstand 10,000 years out in the open, covered in moss, and whipped by the salty ocean winds. It was all rusty, barely holding itself up.
    The pale figure approached Gazir and with the tip of its fingers it touched the sword's edge. Upon doing so, all its rust disappeared. The hilt took the color of the grave it was on, a dark gray stone, and its blade turned into a bright white and changed shape.
    "What do you want from me?" said the elf, dropping the sword.
    "I want a champion to carry my will" said the figure, its voice, pure and melodic. The warrior instantly recognized it as the voice of Elune, the Moon Goddess, and fell to its knees.
    "I... cant" said the warrior. "Not without her.. not without" the warrior had to stop and fight back his tears, before continuing. "When she left me, she said it was your bidding. your will. how can you, a goddess of the purest light ask me to carry on, when I offered my life in exchange of hers, and you still chose to take her instead?"
    Elune replied: "She gave her life to save yours because she loved you" the goddess stood next to Gazir and kneeled next to him. "Among all the powers this universe has, love is the strongest. neither my will nor my powers could prevent her from doing what she did" Elune looked at the warrior in the eye. Her light almost blinding him. "But her spirit has always been with you"
    a bright hand reached for Gazir's right shoulder from behind. He thought it was Elune's, but when he raised his sight he found Celene, covered in pure and radiant light and brighter than all the stars of the night sky combined, even more beautiful than he remembered her. she gave a smile to Gazir, before kissing him.
    "I thought I lost you" he said, as they broke apart.
    Celene smiled again at him
    "You will never lose me" she said "I will always be with you, no matter what. You don't need to sit by my grave, I am here" Celene touched Gazir's chest where the heart is.
    Elune picked up the sword the warrior dropped and offered it back to him. "The world needs its heroes again" said the goddess. "All of them" she finished, as she looked to Celene's spirit.
    Celene nodded, and with a swift movement of the Goddess hand the elven priest's spirit imbued the sword.
    "Now you won't be alone" said Elune. "Now you can both fight again.. togheter" and handed the sword to the warrior, before taking a step back and disapearing into the sky and moon's light, leaving the elven warrior alone with the sword.
    That night Gazir took an oath. He would fight to protect, not the world, but its people. He would fight to carry on a will, HER will: Celene, the Goddess Will

    The grandfather elf concluded. his granddaughter still awake.

    "but what happened with the warrior grandpa?" said the little girl
    the old elf let out a small laughter
    "no one truly knows dear. Some said he fell in battle, Others, that he is still fighting somewhere, but I'd like to think that he finally found peace, and that its living out there.. somewhere"
    the elder man stood up and walked towards the exit of the room
    "good night grandpa" said the girl from behind him, before turning to sleep.
    the elder elf looked over his shoulder and replied: "Good night... Celene"

    Celene, The Goddess Will
    Binds when picked up
    Two-hand Sword
    972 - 1608 Damage Speed 3.70
    (348.6 damage per second)
    +242 Strength
    +200 Stamina
    Red Socket
    Red Socket
    Red Socket
    Socket Bonus: +12 Strength
    Durability 146 / 146
    Item level 284
    Requires Level 80
    Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 109
    Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 122
    Equip: Your melee attacks and abilities have the chance to evoke the bonds of Celene, granting improved combat stats for 10 seconds.

    Anu'dorini Talah

    the yellow text means "let my will be known" in darnassian, found the translation in this page: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Darnassian




    i apologize for the print screen kind of picture, didnt know how else to show it.

    ok so, first of all, if you've read this far, thank you, and i hope you enjoyed it. i've tought this story for some time now (tho i had to do a few tweaks here and there), and i was planing to make the weapon a glaive "similar to the ones dropped by illidan" but due to lack of a proper design program, time and artistic abilities i had to change it for something easier to do.

    also, the "Celene bonds" improved stats would be 400 strenght and 250 haste and would have a 55 seconds CD from the moment of its activation (that means 45 seconds after it ends its full duration)

    one final note: english is not my mother tongue so if someone finds a mistake i'd apreciate if you point it out so i can correct it

    EDIT: i modified the story quite a bit, so give it a re-read if you like
    Edited: December 24, 2018

  8. Name: Gelmoran's Valor

    Lore Stated in Achievement gained from acquiring the item:

    In moments of life <fleeting> that call unto wills tempered adamantly, the eyes of immortals survey. When worlds are threatened to be ripped asunder by hands it nurtured, Gelmoran answers the call.

    "Elves of the world though you be, those filled with malevolence and ambition cannot hope to pass me. If you wish to resign and refrain from such, you may pass. Touch the well, however, and the whole of the world will suffer from those so crass.."

    As the Guardian of the Well stood, Feet firmly planted <Shield Raised> Hilt slightly canted, his ears were still open and those he faced chanted. A language foreign but familiar, tainted but specular. Their words feigned to pierce his defenses and strike at his heart. Their valor was but a sea an arms-length deep. He cast off their words and imposed his own.

    "The Well treats all in kind. Make the move you have planned, and receive it ten-fold you'll find. I am the Defender of Eternity! Yet, as twisted and defiled as you are, you do have my sympathy..." - Thalassian Annals, The Fall of the Well of Eternity.


    Shield (all stats could be changed with similar meta ratio)
    Item Level: 284
    Armor: 10,000
    Block: 500

    Strength: 175
    Stamina: 108

    Equip: Wielder gains 150 Resistance to Arcane, Fire, Frost, Shadow, and Nature damage. When hit with a spell or magical effect, 100% of the damage resisted is gained in health.

    Item Acquired via quest item (Strange Rusty Shield) dropped off of Kil'Jaeden in Sunwell 25-Man Heroic


    Sorry for image not being original but from another source. I suck at drawing and loved the look of this item. It is the Brilliance Shield from Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen


    Did some janky math and realized that 15% of 150 resistance isn't that much even when swamped with a bunch of spells. So Im going to change it to 100%.
    Edited: December 22, 2018

  9. Fernus Blazer

    Fernus Blazer, sword forged by banished paladins, in the caves with forever dark, lighthing that comes when welded clears the path to banished hero.

    I am more of an illustrator and designer, writing is not my strongest skill, but I can add a bit and redo if there is need.

  10. We usually do not comment on submissions while the contest is ongoing so in order to make a comment on this, I am going to rescind my right to vote in this poll, just to say that you have made me laugh like a lunatic with this every single year you submitted it.

    This is possibly our favourite event and we love the creativity and the stories that unfold here, hoping for many to come.

  11. The Dissonant Chord

    Few things in Azeroth's history remain as clouded as the Black Empire; there aren't exactly eye-witnesses save from minions of the Void Lords, whose whispers cannot be taken as truth. All that is known is that the Old Gods; beings of immense, ancient power; had ruled the planet long before the Titans discovered the nascent Titan within the planet's core.

    That is, until the recent discovery of Uldone, another titan facility. This one, however, was neither jail nor research station. This facility is where the titans held their biggest secrets. Branndon Bronzebeard, son of famous explorer and archaeologist, Brann Bronzebeard, stumbled upon the facility deep within the Wailing Caverns after performing a series of movements akin to the infamous Konami Code. Upon examination, Branndon found the historical annals of the Black Empire and its fall.

    As it turns out, the Black Empire was a 5-man Metalcore band. N'Zoth on vocals and rhythm guitar, C'thun on lead guitar, Yogg'Saron on rhytm guitar, Y'shaarj on drums, and some other guy on bass (Aman'thul's records state that he couldn't remember the bassist's name). Furthermore, there was a password-protected safe that, after 2 guesses, Branndon Bronzebeard successfully gained entry (Password isn't a good password, Aggramar). Within was the legendary Dissonant Chord, Axe of the Impending Breakdown.

    Wielded by C'thun in the Battle of the Bands between the Black Empire and The Titans (yes, they had a band, too) this Guitar played riffs that even the Elite Tauren Chieftains couldn't hope to conceive. Sadly, the judge panel consisted of 35 year old neckbeards, who were rather distracted by Eonar, and The Titans, while musically inferior, won the showdown. In shame, the Black Empire disbanded, and succumbed to the whims of The Titans.

    Aman'thul, when asked, declined to comment on the bands, but said that the newfound guitar could be wielded by those deemed worthy by Khaz'goroth (lead guitarist of The Titans).

    After 3 weeks of fierce competition, it was decided that Helfiend, from the band The Black Harvest, would be the champion to wield the power of The Dissonant Chord. \m/

    (All stats given in percentages to avoid confusion between expansions)
    The Dissonant Chord, Axe of the Impending Breakdown:
    One-Handed Sword
    Equip: Increases Spell Power by 35%
    Equip: Increases Maximum Health by 20%
    Equip: Increases Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, and Versatility by 25%
    Equip: Every 10 seconds, gain a stack of Impending Breakdown. At 6 stacks, gain Brutal Riffage, increasing damage done by 20% for 13 seconds.
    On Use: Let out a face-melting solo! [Cosmetic Effect]


    Rare Photo of C'thun in concert:


  12. Forgemaster's pain in the neck



    "... Someday Garfrost want to shave himself and he decide to forge small blade which he can do it. After he crafts it and start shave Forgemaster cut himself... He tried to stop bleeding in any ways but he couldn't do it"

  13. Be’Thar, Cursed Greatblade of Zanyu

    Stats and Special Ability


    The Frostwolf Clan:

    Be’Thar is a massive sword renowned as the trade-mark weapon of Zanyu the Defector. Zanyu, son of Gurtal, was originally a member of the Frostwolf clan under the leadership of Durotan and as such a member of the Old Horde. He cared deeply about his frostwolf, Lika and his bond with her was unique even among his clan. During a deadly attack on the Frostwolf clan grounds by a group of ogres, led by a particularly big ogre by the name of Mug’khal, he fought heroically alongside Orgrim and Durotan. Mug’Khal was the original owner of Be’Thar, which literally means ‘Pool of Blood’. He used Be’Thar to claim the lives of many Orcs on that day, including women and children. After the battle was won and Mug’Khal beheaded, Durotan wanted to destroy the weapon as it had brought only destruction on his beloved clan. However, Zanyu convinced him to entrust him with the blade. He promised to use it only for the good of his clan. Countless Orcs lost their lives and Lika was severely wounded in the clash, but she recovered after some time. Zanyu was deeply worried about Lika and spoke to no one for several months, not even to his Warchief, Blackhand, who was not pleased with his subject’s attitude.

    Conflict with Blackhand:

    After Gul’Dan enabled the horde to invade Azeroth through the Dark Portal, Warchief Blackhand ordered raiding parties to cut deep into Stormwind’s lands to cause panic and fear among the humans. Faced with the prospect of honourable victories, Durotan and the members of his clan did not hesitate to join the raids. However, what began as raids on heavily guarded towns quickly turned into mass-slaughtering of helpless women and children. Entire villages in Westfall and the Redridge Mountains were utterly destroyed, not a single soul survived. By the time Stormwind’s troops arrived, the Horde had already gone. Durotan did not see how these battles would bring honour to his clan and so he shared his concerns with his warchief. He was accompanied by Zanyu and Orgrim, who supported their leader. Blackhand was not pleased, he questioned Durotan’s loyalty and threatened him. Orgrim convinced Durotan to drop the matter and they rejoined the raid. Zanyu, however, sought out Blackhand at night to once again discuss the matter with him. The Warchief, remembering Zanyu’s attitude shortly after the battle with the ogres, told Zanyu that he would bring the matter to Gul’Dan.

    The Defection:

    As soon as Zanyu had left the tent, Blackhand went to see Gul’Dan to inform him of Zanyu's visit. He wanted to ask Gul’Dan’s advice on how to intimidate him sufficiently to stop questioning the Horde’s actions. Gul’Dan suggested the killing of Lika to teach the Frostwolf clan a lesson. He sent two Orcs equipped with spiked maces who approached Zanyu's tent while Lika was sleeping. One of them crushed her head just when she slowly raised it in the hope of seeing her master. Her hide quickly turned red with her own blood and the Orcs left to report to Gul’Dan, satisfied with their work. When Zanyu reached his tent and found the dead and disfigured body of his beloved animal companion, he did something no Orc had ever done before him. He defected from the Horde and decided to henceforth support the forces of Stormwind. He left their encampment in secret, taking with him only what he needed to survive a little while longer, as he had already made up his mind to follow Lika soon. In subsequent clashes between Stormwind patrols and Orcs, Zanyu fought alongside humans and killed his own kin. Afraid that the humans would imprison him, Zanyu stayed in hiding, appearing out of nowhere to turn the tide of many battles against the Orcs. The news quickly spread and Gul’Dan demanded that Zanyu should be killed and his head put on display in the Orcs’ encampment as a warning.

    Zanyu's Legend:

    Blackhand formed a party of ten skilled fights to bring down Zanyu, among which were Orgrim and Durotan. They initiated a raid on an unprotected village near Brightwood in the hope of luring out Zanyu. The plot succeeded, Blackhand and his party cornered Zanyu behind a vast tree near the outskirts of the village. The fight that ensued became legendary as Zanyu’s resolve was tested by the mightiest warriors of the Horde. It is said that he swung Be’Thar which such ferocity that three members of Blackhands party ran away in fear and four died of their wounds. Only Durotan, Orgrim and Blackhand remained when Zanyu finally collapsed at the foot of the tree.

    Gul'Dan's Curse:

    Zanyu was brought before Gul’Dan and the exchange of words that followed was witnessed by many Orcs:

    Gul'Dan: You have killed many Orcs…Yes… many strong warriors, Zanyu. But did you think you could stop the horde? Did you think you could stop…me?
    Gul'Dan: You have achieved nothing but your own demise. You will learn that no one can stand in our way….and suffering will be your teacher.
    [Gul’Dan raises his hands and starts to drain Zanyu’s life force with his fel magic]
    Zanyu: You…you know nothing …of suffering….Not….yet.
    [Gul’Dan increases the magic even further, causing Zanyu to scream in pain]
    Gul'Dan: You have turned against your own kin…You have slaughtered your own people....Your death will serve as an example for any Orc who – dares – rebel – against – ME!
    [Gul’Dan increases his magic to the limit, illuminating the whole encampment in blinding green light]
    Zanyu: I…
    [As Zanyu’s body collapses, he turns his head towards the sky, his eyes bearing an empty but strangely satisfied look]
    Zanyu:I regret nothing.
    [Gul’Dan lowers his hands and looks at the Orcs around him, who seem impressed by Zanyu’s resolve]
    Gul'Dan: You have almost single-handedly ruined the invasion…your head and the head of your miserable dog will be raised high for every Orc to see. And your blade….yes, bring me his blade!

    Be’Thar was brought before Gul’Dan and he cursed it with evil magic, inciting anyone who wields it to rebellion and betrayal. He intended to have the blade fall into the hands of high ranking soldiers of Stormwind to make up for the losses inflicted on the Horde by Zanyu. He instructed a small party of elite Orc warriors to carry the blade deep into enemy territory. However, the party was quickly ambushed by Sir Anduin Lothar and Khadgar. They killed the Orcs and retrieved the blade. Lothar recognized it as the weapon of The Defector, but Khadgar warned him that it was imbued with strong evil magic and not safe to use. He decided to seal it inside the tree that was known to be the place where Zanyu had fought his last battle.

    The Sealed Tree:

    The tree remains to this day, but citizens of Brightwood speak of a hooded stranger who visited them by night, riding on a black horse and asking for said tree. He is said to have faced the tree and uttered several magical words. Shortly after that, as mysteriously as he had appeared, he vanished. The blade has since been lost but the number of defectors in the forces of Stormwind have dramatically increased.
    Edited: December 26, 2018

  14. well, i saw a lot of funny submits so i decided to make one of my own. it is kind of a "joke" weapon and not a very "original" one, but whatever, hope you guys like it! =D

    Grylls, The Lost Adventurer
    Years ago there was a small human kid that lived at a small town at Redrige Mountains. It liked to explore a lot, and caused big headaches to its parents. His name was Grylls, and it used to wander around pretty much around everywhere, from the river coast, to the mountain tops.
    that small kid grew up to become a very daring explorer, often venturing to the wild on its own, telling nobody where he was going, or when he would come back.
    One day, while it was exploring some abandoned ruins at Stranglethorn Vale, the human adventurer found a small dagger inside a tree branch. It was amazingly sharp, perfectly balanced and resistant to rust. even better, Grylls realized the dagger was perfect for pretty much any kind of survival work, from chopping wood, to hunt, and it could even light a fire!
    From that day onward Grylls went to explore the world armed only with such dagger, reaching the far and lost corners of the world, reserved only for the most intrigued adventurers.
    Nobody knows where he is now, but that is not uncommon, since the explorer has the bad habit of not telling everyone where he goes.

    Grylls, The Lost Adventurer
    Binds when picked up
    385 - 612 Damage Speed 1.80
    (277 damage per second)
    +91 Agility
    +80 Stamina
    Red Socket
    Yellow Socket
    Socket Bonus: +14 Agility
    Durability 102 / 102
    Item Level 281
    Requires Level 80
    Equip: Increases your atack power by 175
    Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 88
    Equip: Your melee and ranged attacks have a chance to make you adapt to battle, increasing your agility by 850, your atack power by 2000 or your haste by 750 (45 sec CD)

    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

    note that the "adapt" perk works like DBW's proc, meaning that only one of the 3 benefits can be active at a time
    Edited: December 29, 2018

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