1. Prostmourne

    In ancient times, a mighty Catanian god, who created the darkest ice capacity, distributed to other gods. But the gods, envious of his novices, were tortured by C.Thun and N.Zoth with their all-powerful defeat. This is a very tough battle, called "Mourne the beginnin". Catananus shares his dark and ice capabilities with two of his own creations, divided into two swords.

    The first sword is "Frostmourne", the second sword is "Darkmourne".
    Frostmourne is the Lich King
    Darkmourne sword disappeared.
    Some gods believe that T.Thath took the sword and the ability of the opponent was so great that he had to leave the sword to avoid the sword.

  2. Darkmourne
    In ancient times, a mighty Catanian god, who created the darkest ice capacity, distributed to other gods. But the gods, envious of his novices, were tortured by C.Thun and N.Zoth with their all-powerful defeat. This is a very tough battle, called "Mourne the beginnin". Catananus shares his dark and ice capabilities with two of his own creations, divided into two swords.

    The first sword is "Frostmourne", the second sword is "Darkmourne".
    Frostmourne is the Lich King
    Darkmourne sword disappeared.
    Some gods believe that T.Thath took the sword and the ability of the opponent was so great that he had to leave the sword to avoid the sword.

    lol is that the picture of a keyring of frostmourne? looks just like https://gd.image-gmkt.com/WOW-FROSTM....g_400-w_g.jpg

    at least the story is nice =D

    EDIT: actually, i found the exact same picture in google: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1PK0qQ...640x640q70.jpg

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  3. Everdant, the Emerlad Bastion

    The Emerald dream, the innocent subconscious of our dear world. Within it you can see all things untouched by the curious and the wicked, thriving in all their splendor.
    It is here that druids learned how to connect with the world around them, and develop their love and drive to protect it.

    One of the first Tauren druids of old, Runok Elmheart, was blessed by the dream itself to be the protector of the innocent and wild when our world was first threatened by the Burning Legion.
    He crafted a powerful staff with the help of Cenarius himself from the branches of the world tree in its most pure state, preserved with elven magics that would keep it alive for as long as the dream keeps going, and a powerful idol made from the tree's roots filled with the tauren's will to fight for peace and balance in all things.

    This powerful artifacts were laid to rest once the battle was over and lay dormant waiting for a new owner willing to sacrifice everything he has in order to protect the innocence of this world.

    Everdant, the Emerald Bastion
    Two-handed Staff
    (Stats based on The Burning Crusade)
    135 - 250 Damage Speed 3.00
    (64.2 damage per second)
    550 Armor

    +35 Agility
    +75 Stamina

    Durability 180/180
    Requires Level 70

    Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 34.
    Equip: Increases attack power by 900 in Cat, Bear, Dire Bear and Moonkin forms only.

    (Sketch concept of the Staff: https://imgur.com/a/H3vgLGq )

    (The item is supposed to work as a set with an Idol aimed to Bear Tanks too and thus triggering it's special ability "Warden's Gift", I'll add the stuff below)

    Idol of the Warden
    Equip: Your Mangle(Bear) ability has a chance to grant you 100 dodge rating for 10 seconds.

    Set "Emerald Warden"
    Everdant, the Emerald Bastion
    Idol of the Warden

    (2) Equip: Your Mangle(Bear) and Swipe abilities generate additional threat.
    (2) Equip: Your melee attacks in Cat, Bear, Dire Bear and Moonkin forms have a chance to grant Warden's Gift, healing for 900 health over 6 seconds, to all party members within 10 yards of you. This effect cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds.

  4. Here goes...

    Fel Staff of Demonic Empowerment

    Demon warlock wielding the staff on Argus

    Long before Aegwynn defeated Sargeras and imprisoned his body in the former Temple of Elune centuries before the first war, the Lord of the Burning Legion marshaled his troops at Mardun to conquer world after world. In this stronghold, many races and classes of demon served the dark lord. Notable among these was the Demon Warlock, which would bind other lesser demons to their will to serve the cause of the Burning Legion. They were dispatched to distant worlds to lead raids against enemy strongholds. The warlocks who served him most faithfully were each granted a staff in recognition of their service.

    The staff was made of a dark, unidentified ore native only to Mardun and was plain and unadorned. The tip of the staff held a crystal that pulsed with fel energy. In fact, it was a blood gem with a single drop of blood provided by Sargeras himself. This drop of blood from the Dark Titan could be called upon by the warlock to grant them great power in battle. However, it's true power was to aid them in marshaling the forces they controlled, empowering those under their command.


    After the Avatar of Sargeras was defeated no more staves could be produced and all that remained were the precious few that had been created. Exceedingly rare, these legendary weapons would only be bestowed to those warlocks who had attained the reputation of Exalted with the Burning Legion, an exceedingly difficult feat. Any hero seeking to wield one of these weapons would first have to abandon the cause of either the Horde of the Alliance that they fought for and to join the Burning Legion. Even among those willing to betray their faction, only the most powerful would be given the right to prove themselves and be consumed by fel energies.

    Whispers of the making of these staves may be partly to blame for Guldan to bring the orcs to in search of the Sargeras's corpse in order to make himself a god. For if but a drop of his blood could imbue a mere staff with such powerful fel energy, what other possibilities might exist?

    Item Stats:

    The staff has stats on par with items obtainable from ICC 25(Heroic). The shadow and fire resistance prevent the caster from being consumed by their own power. The warlock's shadowbolt and chaos bolt spells inflict a curse on the target called Fel Bane that increased the damage of everyone in their party, including themselves (not an entire raid though). When used, it empowers the warlock with fel energy increasing damage done by 10% for 20 seconds. The quote is from Vandel in a vision he was granted about the nature of the Burning Legion. The full quote is "In every world, in every future, the Burning Legion strode, invincible, unstoppable, dooming the universe to eternal darkness in its wake. Behind it all, he saw the looming demonic figures of its leaders: Archimonde—who was believed dead by so many—Kil'jaeden, and above all others, Sargeras the fallen titan, once sworn to guard the universe, now bent on destroying it.”

    PS:I tried to hand draw the weapon, but I didn't have a good way to upload that digitally, so I tried to draw it with Gimp instead. I don't think it looks as good but at least it is in color! Picture of Sargeras is from wow wiki, where I had to do a bit of reading up on the Burning Legion so my lore would make sense. Hope you enjoy!
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  5. A legendary and untold sword that was not be meant to exist in this world. Feared by man and even the greatest enemy for the demon. Its sharpness can cut anything beyond imagination. The sword was meant to be use by a warrior named Arthur to slay the demon that cause chaos in Azeroth. The sword was forged by the greateast swordmanship that were know all around the world named Zebel. The sword was made by the strongest steel that ever exist and were forged for one year and took another year to finish it. Once the sword were finish, it was said that it shine like a thousand sun and bring shiever to every demon. After that. the sword were given a name that is " Murasame, The Devil Slayer ". The sword was also called " Sword among swords ". After the sword was born, demon was afraid to came out and hide in the darkness. As the sword touch the demon, its crush them untill nothing less.

    After thousands of demon were slain by the sword, the sword suddenly rampages because it could not stand the darkness of the demon and start to turn black. The sword starting to consume its wielder soul with darkness and leave the wielder in agony and sorrow and began to kill anything near them. The wielder consume by evil and darkness. Even demon afraid to face it. As Arthur run rampage and even destroy his village kill anything as the sword will trap the soul of the one were kill by the sword in the endless darkness. Even Zebel, the creater of the sword could not stop it. As for that, the sword gained onother name that day, " The Apocalypse". An army were sent to destroy the sword along with Arthur. But only failure that tey only get. As many other way was suggest and all of it faced failure. As for the last hope, the King of the demon came to bargain. The demon king will help to destroy the sword as it was for revenging all the demon that were slain by the sword. After that, the day that was never thought by everyone have arrived. The army of the demon join together to stop the rampage of the sword. The war between of the alliance, horde and demon againts "Murasame, The Devil Slayer'. The war took three month to end and Arthur finally able to rest in peace. As for the sword, it cannot be destroy by anything and will attract anything near it and slash into pieces even without a wielder. The sword were left in battlefield untouch and were kept secret from generation to generation until the sword were being discover by a travellers. A sword were found in the middle of the forest that were stuck on ground and its surrounded were empty. Some people try to took the sword but only death were waiting for them.

    Legend said that only the one who was the chosen one, that shared the same blood with Arthur can claim the sword. The one who wields it will gain unstopabble and endless power with high price.


    Murasame, The Devil Slayer
    Binds when picked up
    1054-2054 damage
    (534 damage per second)
    +260 Stamina
    +301 Strength
    Red socket
    Red socket
    Socket Bonus: +8 Strength
    Durability 145 / 145
    Item level 294
    Races: Human, Orc, Dwarf, Night Elf, Undead, Tauren, Gnome, Troll, Blood Elf, Draenei
    Classes: Warrior
    Requires Level 80
    Equip : Increase critical strike by 201
    Equip : Increase your armor penetration rating by 201
    Equip : Your melee attack have a chance to enter Devil Mode that increase Strenght by 1000, haste rating 600 and all resistant by 80% for 10 sec.

    Sell Price: 100 gold 10 silver 99 copper

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  7. Darling Blades of Forgotten Love

    “A tragedy long forgotten, a tale far in memory.

    Son of the Elements, daughter of Light,
    Together wove in secret delightful yearning.
    Then came the flames, dreadful and unannounced,
    Sundered was their world, their vows of passion.
    But ere the end, love prevailed,
    And in death they found what life denied.”


    Lament of the Darling Blades

    He came from the plains, proud but gentle, and honor was with his every step.
    She came from the stars, fiery but kind, and her eyes were radiant as the sun.

    In a tranquil forest of Talador they first met, as the orc hunted for nourishment.
    A song from far away, foreign and beautiful, reached his sharp ears, and the hunter went off in search of its source. Long and long the orc sought, his prey forgotten, for this music was new to him, and entrancing it was, for he felt then a fulfillment he never had before. And then she appeared before him, blue as the sky, more beautiful than anything he had ever seen. Yet as he called out, she ran away, and he pleaded for her to return.
    One more song, one more line, what more would he have wanted?

    A tree of destiny, a root just in the right place, and she cried out, her ankle sprained.
    The draenei looked into his eyes in fear, looking for malice, but only warmth could she find.
    She struggled not as he looked at her wounded leg, exuding wonder and concern both, nor when he ripped a patch of his rough leather clothes and gently bound the injury.
    He took a step back and smiled at her, and the draenei sang in gratitude.

    As the seasons came and go, their love bloomed, in Talador there under the trees, for they saw past each other’s form, and found the beauty underneath. She was his sun, he was her moon, perfect company for one another. Together they hunted, as one they fought, against the challenges of nature. And in one golden evening, each forged a blade for the other, as oath of eternal love.

    Came the Deceiver, the burning lord, and war descended on Draenor. Screams of family, friends, and countrymen, kept them away from each other. As the flames raged they yearned and longed, for one was not complete without the other. In a fateful day both ran away, into the dark forests of Talador. She sang a song they made together, and he answered, and for a while they were united in bliss.

    Yet alone they were not, for shadows watched from the shadows of Talador’s trees. A gloomy dusk she went out and sang, and a voice answered. Yet it was not her moon, for he was enchanted and deep in sleep. Darkness Incarnate appeared before her, and she saw in his eyes pure evil. The draenei cried out for help, but that day alone none was found.

    Beneath the shadowed forests of Talador, the orc found her not, and called in vain. But he stumbled upon a blade, one he gave to his true love. As he picked it up gently and sang to it in sadness, the sword responded with a song of its own. The orc’s heart was torn in two, for he knew she was was torn within it.

    Grief overcame him, and the orc ran, ran from the forests of Talador. Against all odds and likelihood, he deceived the Warlock and fled, and brought himself into her city. They surrounded him with weapons drawn, yet he only wept and hugged her.

    Brought was he before the Prophet, who in his wisdom understood, all he had gone through. The orc wept and pleaded for his sun, but the Divine could give no solace. All hope was lost, he pleaded out, to give to him an equal fate. And with his last bit of strength, he drew the blade, the one his lover gave him.

    The daughter of Argus looked at him, not believing in her own eyes. He came over and embraced her, embraced her at last. Together they sang, and within the empty halls of the blades they would be united forevermore, swords of light and of darkness. He soothed her and she strengthened him, forgotten by all but each other.

    But what more would they have wanted?


    Alynthal, Darling Blade of Sun
    Binds when picked up
    Main Hand Sword
    545 - 965 Damage Speed 2.60
    (290.4 damage per second)
    +95 Agility
    +85 Stamina

    Red Socket
    Socket Bonus: +6 Attack Power

    Durability 125 / 125
    Item Level 284
    Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Death Knight
    Requires Level 80

    Chance on hit: Gain Alynthal’s Anguish, reducing haste by 250 for 20 sec.
    Equip: Increases your attack power by 125.
    Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 76.

    “I can go through any hardship, as long as he is with me...”

    Mak’gosh, Darling Blade of Moon
    Binds when picked up
    Off Hand Sword
    495 - 986 Damage Speed 2.60
    (284.8 damage per second)
    +80 Agility
    +95 Stamina

    Yellow Socket
    Socket Bonus: +6 Agility

    Durability 125 / 125
    Item Level 284
    Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Death Knight
    Requires Level 80

    Chance on hit: Gain Mak’gosh’s Grief, reducing attack power by 150 for 20 sec.
    Equip: Increases your attack power by 105.
    Equip: Improves haste rating by 90.

    “Grant me the strength I need to be with her.”

    Darling Blades of Forgotten Love (0/2)
    Alynthal, Darling Blade of Sun
    Mak’gosh, Darling Blade of Moon

    (2) Set: Alynthal’s Anguish and Mak’gosh’s Grief are no longer applied.
    (2) Set: Your melee attacks have a chance to grant Sun’s Radiance, granting you 20 attack power for 10 sec. When you reach 10 Sun’s Radiances, they will sear all enemies within 15 yards, dealing 500 Holy damage split evenly and granting you 500 attack power for 15 sec.
    (2) Set: Your critical strikes have a chance to grant Moon’s Serenity, granting you 15 haste rating for 15 sec. When you reach 5 Moon’s Serenities, they will release, healing all allies within 15 yards totaling up to 150% of your weapon damage and granting you 250 haste rating for 10 sec.


    1) Deceiver refers to Kil’jaeden, Darkness Incarnate is Gul’dan, while the Prophet/the Divine is Velen. Talador is an old name for Terrokar Forest.
    2) The Darling Blade of Moon contains the orc’s soul, while the Blade of Sun contains the female draenei’s. And yes, she is the more aggressive of the two in terms of overall behavior, despite their races.
    3) Their legendary status came from being essentially enchanted by Gul’dan and Velen, respectively.
    4) This storywas somewhat inspired by Beren and Luthien from Tolkien’s works, hence the song-ey writing style. Not sure if a normal narration style would have been better.
    5) Though more fitting as an Outland item, I ended up using WotLK stats as references since I play in Icecrown.


    Concept Art (I cannot do digital drawing, so I can only make the concepts, RIP :<):
    Edited: December 27, 2018

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  9. The Lorehammer

    The Lorehammer.

    Constructed by the Bishop of secrets himself; Archbishop Alonsus Faol. Faol constructed this tome of holy sculpture, documented history, as well as sound battle tactics. To be used on the front lines of combat to aid in the wars against Stormwinds enemies. Sadly this was the only one created before Faol perished and his resurrection into the scourge ranks.
    Imbued with the essence of the holy church. this Bastion of holy light instills vitality and resolve in any near it, and wrath on those it's wielder deems its enemies. Its enchantments have proved so powerful that no other wards have been successfully placed on its being.

    The Lorehammer
    901-1540 damage speed 3.7
    (324 Damage Per Second)
    196 Stamina
    100 Intellect
    99 Strength

    1 meta socket
    requires level 80

    Equip: Increases critical strike rating by 120
    Equip: Increases spell power by 659
    Equip: Restores 100 Mana per 5 seconds
    Equip: Restores 100 Health per 5 seconds
    Equip: Your damaging spells and abilities cause 30% of all damage done to enemies to heal all allies in 20 yards
    Equip: Your healing spells and abilities cause 30% of all healing done to damage enemies in 15 yards of the receiver.

    " no matter how hard you strike the enemy, blood just seems to roll off the pages like they are made of glass"
    Edited: December 28, 2018

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    wowitemcreator.com stucks at step 1...
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  11. Tel'Anun, the Last Hope


    Tel'Anun, the Last Hope
    Binds when picked up
    Two-Hand Sword
    990 - 1245 Damage Speed 3.50
    (319.3 damage per second)
    +198 Strength
    +222 Stamina

    Red Socket
    Red Socket
    Red Socket
    Socket Bonus: + 15 Strength
    Durability 120 / 120
    Item level 284
    Races: Blood Elf
    Classes: Paladin
    Requires Level 80

    Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 144
    Equip: Increases your expertise rating by 110
    Equip: Double bonuses from your enchants and gems
    Use: Increase damage done to Demons and Undead by 25% for 30 seconds (2-minute cooldown).

    This quest chain requires you to complete the Quel'Delar quest chain first.
    The quest chain for this item starts at Lor'themar Theron. When Quel'Delar was being cleansed in the Sunwell, Theron had a vision of another sword, even more powerful then Quel'Delar, but he knew, he couldn't bear such power with clean intentions. You may come to him after aquiring Quel'Delar and speak to him about his vision.

    1. The trial of death
    The first quest requires you to prove your strength to wield such powerful weapon by slaining powerful enemies. Requirements:
    Sartharion slain
    Malygos slain
    Loatheb slain
    The Four Horsemen slain
    Thaddius slain
    Maexxna slain
    Kel'Thuzad slain
    XT-002 Deconstructor slain
    Auriaya slain
    Thorim slain
    Yogg-Saron slain
    Algalon the Observer slain

    2. Sanctification of the ruby
    The sword needs sanctified gems, to preserve such power in them. Requirements:
    36x [Cardinal Ruby]
    Reward: 12x [Sanctified Cardinal Ruby]

    3. The undead infusion
    You must now infuse the gems with shards of souls of the Lich King's servants. You must use the [Sanctified Cardinal Ruby] on remains of each boss in Icecrown Citadel except Lich King and bring them back to Theron. Requirements:
    [Lord Marrowgar's ruby]
    [Lady Deathwhisper's ruby]
    [Deathbringer Saurfang's ruby]
    [Festergut's ruby]
    [Rotface's ruby]
    [Professor Putricide's ruby]
    [Keleseth's ruby]
    [Taldaram's ruby]
    [Valanar's ruby]
    [Blood-Queen Lana'thel's ruby]
    [Valithria Dreamwalker's ruby]
    [Sindragosa's ruby]

    4. Gems are not enough
    To forge the sword you must bring the remaining materials. Requirements:
    20x [Primordial Saronite]
    10x [Titansteel Bar]
    40x [Gold Bar]

    5. Forging the Hope
    Such a powerful weapon cannot be made overnight, return in one week and pay the king's blacksmiths. Requirements:
    7 000 g
    Reward: [Tel'Anun, the Last Hope]

    6. The promise of a Saviour
    To use the sword, you must make a promise to never use it with evil intentions. Requirements:
    Kneel to Lor'themar Theron and say "I promise.". Any other sentences will conclude in failing the quest and inability to equip the sword.

  12. Borean Tundra, Coldarra

    Instructed by Krasus, Consort of the Lifebinder, the Hero makes their way into the Sanctum of the Spell--Weaver.
    It is there, that they shall confront the opposing leader of the Nexus War, Malygos the Spell-Weaver.
    "Return to me the Heart of Magic. Only a being a powerful being such as Malygos would possess such an artifact." That is the mission given by the Consort.
    And sure enough, the Madness incurred by Malygos would end, as the Hero, aided by the Red Dragonflight, defeats the Lord of Magic.
    "Oh dear brother... how I wish that this could have ended in some other way..."
    With the Aspect of the Blue Dragonflight slain, Alexstrasza extracts the Heart of Magic.
    But as a last whisper echoes through the Sanctum - "Why, Sister...?" - the Heart appears. Cracked, faded, yet still pulsating on the occasion.

    Atop the Wyrmrest Temple, the Hero returns to Krasus. After briefly mourning the loss of the Arcane Protector, his attention is drawn away by the Artifact.
    "Kalecgos-", he calls out without hesitation. The Ambassador of the now leaderless Blue Dragonflight steps closer, quickly realizing why he has been called upon..
    "The Heart of Magic! How could it end up in such condition? Only Malygos would have had the aptitude to cause such damage, but he would be the last one in Azeroth to desecrate such an immensely powerful and volatile Artifact of the Arcane. It shames me to see it in such deteriorated state. After all, this was one of my Master's most prized Artifacts. While I've disagreed with his ideals, I still respected him as an intelligent and adept Master of the Arcane. And perhaps this is a last chance to at least make amends for this war's tragic result.
    Hero, may you aid me in one last request?"
    Kalecgos stretches out his hand and focuses the Arcane energy surrounding him onto his palm, conjuring what appears to be a translucent Crystal. The shard resonantes and a faint stream of magic connects itself to the heart.
    "Take this Crystal and return to the Nexus. Within the Fortress, as you have already noticed, the redirected Ley Lines are causing tears within the world itself. And without Malygos to contain such rampaging rifts, we will need to return the flow of magic to its original state. The Crystal I is attuned to the Heart of Magic, or at least the faint residue that remains within. Use it to weaken the tampered Ley Lines. Once the source of power grows weak enough, the rifts should be closing up soon after. Unfortunately, the fleeting power of the Heart means that Crystal can only unleash its attunement every once in a while.
    However, each time you evoke its attunement, some of the Ley Lines powers will be absorbed into the Crystal.
    Once the stray Ley Lines are weakened enough, return to me. Perhaps the pure arcane energy you will collect inside the Crystal will be enough to restore Malygos' precious heart."

    Time flies by, days go by, weeks go by. Assisted by the Kirin Tor & the Wyrmrest Accord, the Hero has made plenty visits into the Icy Fortress within Coldarra. While Malygos' remaining forces provided some resistance at the start, without its leader their threat eventually subsided. In equal terms, the wild arcane elementals within the Nexus died out after the rifts closed shut one by one, with no Ley Lines strong enough to overload the fabric of magic.
    The task is complete, it was time to return to Kalecgos. The once translucent Crystal was now brimming with energy.

    The Ambassador welcomes the Hero: "My brethren have informed me that last rift within the Nexus has vanished. You have done an admirable job, mortal. Now that the most volatile Ley Lines have been stabilized, the remaining wounds of the world may heal, leaving behind a scar to remind us of our duty.
    As for the Crystal, may you hand it over?"
    Its purpose fulfilled, the Hero parts with the energized attuned Crystal.
    "Marvelous. I had my doubts if it would manage to hold enough power, but seeing it - feeling it within my hand assures me that the essence of magic itself courses within it. Perhaps this will allow us to mend Malygos' heart and prove to him that the mortals can bring good if allowed to wield magic. Now..."
    With a short hand gesture and a flash of arcane light, the cracked Heart of Magic appears. The glow within has grown even fainter after all this time.
    The other members of the Wyrmrest Accord observe eagerly if their ceased brethren would accept their amendment.
    Kalecgos firmly grasps the Crystal, arcane energy swirling around it. His concentration is as tense as the atmosphere itself. The culmination of pure arcane energy channels through it and into the the Heart. While the transfusion appeared smooth and gentle, like a small stream of water, Kalecgos hands were trembling, as if he was struggling to maintain the process.
    With each passing moment, the glowing balance of Crystal and Heart shift, the fine cracks across the Artifact slowly close up, and each pulsating beat is brighter than the previous one.
    All bystanders gazed in awe. Once in shambles, the heart was now restored to a bright shine and pristine surface. Cosmic streams of arcane energy can be observed within it.
    Kalecgos, exhausted from both tension and feat, gathers his strength: "The Heart of Magic - it is restored! Perhaps Malygos' spirit has accepted your effort of maintaining balance and stability of the Arcane. Hero, I am certain I speak for all Dragons when I say that we are truly grateful for your help and dedication. While we have lost one of our dearest kind, it is through your work, that he may rest in peace and that we can share a peace of mind."
    Queen Alexstrasza steps forward:"Let this day be known as the true end to the tragic Nexus War, and let us mourn everyone we have lost, all of those who have sacrificed their lives in it. Hero, please excuse us for a moment, as I call all present ambassadors into the Chamber of Aspects to briefly discuss an important matter. We shall return in due time to commemorate your admirable service."

    And with that, the representatives transform into their true form and make their way into the Chamber, taking the Heart of Magic with them.

    True to her words, after mere minutes, the Lifebinder and her brethren returned to the pinnacle.
    "Hero, we have unanimously come to the agreement, that in regards to your service and determination, we would like to offer you a representative position for your mortal kind, serving as ambassador. You and your kind have done much to aid us in the past. And with your latest feat, we would like to reward you accordingly."
    Queen Alexstrasza presents the Hero with a staff:

    Spoiler: Show

    Spoiler: Show

    "While it is certain that you will not be able to use such power to its fullest potential, you have shown enough fortitude to turn it into a powerful catalyst nonetheless. More so is it a symbol and a memorial, for all who have fallen in this war. Alas, we ask of you to wield it with pride, and shoulder the hope of all those not with us anymore."

    Tiros'Archai, Bond of the Dragonflights
    Binds when picked up
    Two-Hand                 Staff
    377 - 666 Damage              Speed 2.10
    (248.3 damage per second)
    +153 Stamina
    +223 Intellect

    Yellow Socket
    Yellow Socket
    Yellow Socket
    Socket Bonus: 2% Increased Intellect

    Classes: Mage, Warlock, Priest
    Requires Level 80
    Item Level 284

    Equip: Increases haste rating by 141.
    Equip: Increases critical strike rating by 141.
    Equip: Increases spell power by 50% of Intellect.
    Use: Teleports the caster to Wyrmrest Temple.
    (30 Min Cooldown)

    "In memory of a dear brother, master,
    guardian and protector."

    Spoiler: Show
    The questline is only available to cloth casters (but could be extended to include Druids & Shamans, or perhaps be limited to Mages only). Upon defeating Malygos in the Eye of Eternity 25 the Heart of Magic object is spawned to be looted, but instead of being the objective of the existing quest, this questline requires it to instead drop either the intact HoM, or the cracked HoM, which both start a quest. The intact one is available to all non-cloth classes and would follow the questline that exists in the game already, where you just hand it in to Krasus and get a necklace, but the cracked HoM, whose quest can only be initiated as the correct class, will initiate the legendary questline. The task itself is simple, as it requires you to simply go through the HC Nexus & HC Oculus and use the Attuned Crystal near the respective Ley Line streams (can potentially be extended to Eye of Eternity too). Posessing the Attuned Crystal could cause stronger Arcane Elemental mobs to spawn inside the dungeons, who would either fight the remaining Blue Dragonflight enemies (who still believe in Malygos' ideal, even though he already perished), or just replace them from the get-go, similar to the special encounter of Quel'Delar inside the Halls of Reflection.
    This is not a quest about difficulty, but a quest about persistence. As it says in the story, it could take weeks, perhaps even months of clearing the two (or three) dungeons every day, fixing things bit by bit. Maybe it would require you something like 60 times to use, maybe more, maybe less. If the Arcane essence is gathered as an item, then the values could also be drastically randomized between 1-10 out of 300, or something like that.
    And when you do persist, and fix Malygos' mistakes, the Wyrmrest Accord will reward you accordingly.
    It is to be noted that the Heart of Magic is not Malygos' actual heart, but they way it behaves could be more than just metaphors. Whether the spirit of Malygos actually accepts you or not, nobody can be certain.

    Now the Staff's stats base on the Heart of Magic. The core mechanic, is that your Character would need to be mentally strong enough to effectively use it. Intelligence is supposed to be taken literally. If your Character's mind is too weak, as in low Intelligence, the Staff gives less Spellpower than it should for its itemlevel. Conversely though, if your Character has an incredibly high focus on intelligence, they will benefit greatly from the Staff (perhaps even too much, I have not crunched the numbers for a min-max build). The sockets further support this idea with additional scaling intellect and yellow Sockets instead of red (for yellow or orange int gems).

    Ironically, the item's lore and stats fit perfectly for who would use it lore-wise: an arcane mage.
    Since the arcane spec bases a lot around mana, or rather is quite mana hungry, having high intellect will not only increase damage, but also sustain that damage by increasing the mana pool, thus also increasing the efficiency of % mana regeneration such as Refreshment and Evocation. Arguably, the only con would be that a focus on Int gems would replace the focus on Haste gems which is vital for Arcane Mages.

    The crit gained from an intellect heavy build is what makes it viable for other classes too, so it doesn't just become a "Gnome Arcane mage BiS item".

    It's worth noting that I've not considered it for use within PvP, as such I don't know how balanced it would be considering Mana-Burn. In the end, I don't even know how balanced it is for a true min-maxed PvE build.

    And while the Heart of Magic is supposed to be an actual overpowered item, the mind of a mortal, however adept they may be, can only harness a fraction of its true strength.
    Edited: December 29, 2018

  13. Can we post our weapon on the 2nd of Jan, or it needs to be submitted before the 2nd?
    Edited: December 30, 2018

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