1. The bracket is plenty balanced. Having lots of fun here playing every class :)

  2. No.Because many class missing important abilitys on lvl 39.Like war cb charge etc.That make 39 bracket unbalanced.
    i play both 39 and 79, i feel like 39 is more balanced tbh, but to each their own :)

  3. Idk what is this new bug but i queued ab today on lvl 39 got 2v2 skirmish message pop entered ab flags wasnt touchable and i was alone inside .... any1 else experied this bug?

  4. Hi, Im thinking of rolling out a 39 twink. How are the queue times?

  5. it pops everyday at 19:00 Server time, thats when we usualy get on, sometimes the pops starts ealier but its usually from 19:00 - ??
    and when bgs die we usualy do arenas

    hope that helps

  6. @Pova - this is the bug. The only fix right now is to start a 2nd wsg while the bugged one is happening. Then the bugged one dies. Once a day the 39 leadership has to force a pop.


    Btw, who is your 39?

  7. Lets do it boys download it tonight and play tomorrow.
    39 rogue warrior horde if you alliance I kill you

  8. 3 Weeks Ago  
    Before I lvl my 39 mage. Is it still active I havent gotten in a bg in about a year

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