1. queue times.


    the queue times seam to be off, waiting 12 minutes in queue with 1.4k 2s team, at peak hour is unrealistic.
    same for soloqueue, i waited a 17 min que and a 20 min que.
    there are currently 15 games going on in 2s and that is 30 teams queing and even more at queue waiting.

    what is wrong ? bring back the old mmr drop system from blackrock !!!

  2. I can confirm that, it's the same for 2s/3s/soloq and BG, all have unrealisticly long que time.
    Worst part is its a big problem even at 0 mmr (or1500).
    You create a team on a new char, 30+teams queing, and waiting as he said for 10+mins.
    Iplayed with a friend since the crossrealm. took me 1h30 for 10games 2s with no MMR. And btw, i didnt get any points yet...

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