1. Win 2 bg

    Can anyone explain to me what's the point of adding such restriction? xD

    if i had to guess i would say something like: now people have to play a bit alteast before queing sq!

    The thing is, if i create a char, not even enchant or gem/spec it, afk after a 30min que in 2 bg, randomly win them, ill be still able to troll? ? lel

    sorry but im confused.

    Why not a 1600 2s minimum personnal rating?

    Kindly, a frustrated client.

  2. "Can anyone explain to me what's the point of adding such restriction? xD"

    Can you explain to me what would be the point of removing this restriction?

    It is still better than having nothing, i like it.

  3. I posted a poll for SoloQ requirements before joining, the options were "/played 1 day" or "1750 rating in any bracket". Or both. (I voted for both)
    I didn't know it was against the rules posting a poll, so the admins deleted the topic and I got a warning :(
    So yea I think it's correct to implement some requirement to the SoloQ system, to avoid trolls, wintraders and other stuff. I think 2 battlegrounds won it's not exactly the final solution but hey it's a little step, as already said: better than nothing!

  4. "what's the point of adding such restriction?"
    Typical 70 IQ molten player...

    It's to prevent players from wintrading in soloQ (it won't solve it completely but it's a HUUUUUUUGE improovement).
    Also, to prevent fresh-made starter gear newbies that put zero effort on their chars (since they can just click on the template NPC) from queu'ing soloQ right away, with no experience on the class what so ever.

    So ye, this is a very welcome change, has been asked for ages and now it's been finally introduced!

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