1. SoloQ - almost unplayable.

    Soloq is a joke now, can u guys do anything against this please?
    Let meg explain my opinion:

    1. Im in que average 7min with a dps (in alliance), horde side is totally dead. (i joined while 800ppl online)
    2. Even with healer, sometimes i have to wait 3min. (i joined while 800ppl online)
    2. Every 3th game doesnt start cuz someone leave out...
    3. Lot of spec is dead, cuz every in every game there is a warrior or dk ( or both, if ur rly lucky :) )

    Can u guys atleast allow the cross-fraction soloQ or idk, but this is so boring.....

    What are u think about this blackrock players?

  2. No queus (3v3 / soloQ), at peak time.
    I just wish they reverted this crossrealm bullshet.
    Blackrock was already in such a bad state before, idk how they can manage to **** it up even more, SHAMEFUL.
    What's the point of crossrealm, BG's queus takes way longer, soloQ barely pops, Horde is 99999% dead faction, when you get a queu for 3v3 you get matched against ICC noobs triple DPS with PvE green gear.


  3. I totally agree with both of you. Soloq matchmaking is completely ****ed up too. getting matched vs a whole +2k Team with one guy who is 0/5 and the other one 0/1.

    +you can't see how many people are in queue anymore

    +spectator is really bad

  4. Face it folks. They didn't plan at all before making these changes. They screwed transmog, soloq, spectator, cross faction, mmr. They just did, it failed, hard and thats all. Its like in Alien, the final message: crew expendable. Blackrock players are expendable... who cares.

  5. I agree that the realm gained like 0 benefits from the cross-realm, the bg queues are insanely long, the cross-faction is disabled, the commands to change race disabled aswell. The only pro I found is the possibility of reseting the SoloQ, in case you get extremely unlucky and you end up stuck at low rating with terrible stats (can happen to anyone even to best players).
    About SoloQ yes, it's slighty harder than it used to be. But I have 3x character above 1800, playing occasionally, so doing 2k/2k2 shouldnt be that hard if you know basics and you don't get matched with uncarriable randoms too often. Also I completed the first step of the SM quest, that one that asked me 1000 kills (which I was like "omg I will never do that", but I did it in 1 day).
    Overall I believe some fix is needed of course, so let's stay optimist, I think the realm will get better. Also Blackrock now has it own shop so it's not anymore an abandoned server without money entry, it's another "money machine" (excuse me the term, didn't meant it in a bad way), so that should motivate GM even more to work on it! Greetings.

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