1. only 1 free faction change

    So i tried out to be horde today when i woke up to the news on the site that both outland and blackrock now have "free faction change"
    Just want everyone to know that it seems to be only free for !! 1 !! time and then it costs alot of points or alot of coins again to faction change again.
    Please just make it free for ever since that is what anyone who read the first page of your news section on the website would interpret it as.

    Im really screwd now if I ever want to do serious arena as a human again and not just try the horde side for the BGs or for fun.

    Do your best,

    Best Regards


  2. "Faction change is also available on Blackrock from Alliance to Horde for free"

    it clearly means it is free just from Ally to Horde

  3. ''do serious arena as a human'' - this actually sums up the whole problem with the servers Merge, 90% alliance pvp server merged into any other ''normally'' balanced server

    As for the other ... they never said its 2 way faction change, but I think thats obvious in first place

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